Why will the Church always object?

Dear Point of View analysts, via this letter I would like to warn you against certain unnecessary “movements” and undesirable consequences in your surely good impulse to communicate to the public the resonance news of the coming of Shambala Sovereign who is known to various peoples and religions as the Holy Spirit, Imam Mahdi, Maitreya, Kalki, and so on.

In your recent publications there have been test attacks on priesthood of the Orthodox Church, which in my opinion is not correct, reasonable or right. Let me explain why. Today the Church is a rather powerful institution well-known for its strong influence and authority, as well as for the enormous number of its adherents, especially in Russia. Your rather rude attempts to shake such a monolith via your reasoning will hardly be successful. Any dialogues with the priesthood are quite useless either, please believe me. It’s not because the Church always tends to deny any dissent as such, but rather because the root of non-perception of the Primordial Knowledge by the clergy lies deep in the foundations of religious dogmata revered by the Church’s loyal subjects.

The Church’s paradox is that, should we look deep into the matter, it represents an institution which totally belongs to the three-dimensional, material world, speaking in the language of the Primordial Knowledge. In spite of its entire external pretentiousness to have relation to the spiritual world, it fails to understand the metaphysical nature of that world and furthermore strongly prohibits its adherents to touch and explore it! The Christian doctrine strictly forbids studying anything beyond the visible boundaries of the material world, and in all ages everything beyond has been severely punished and regarded as heresy and occultism! Millions of innocent people were killed because of their aspiration to go beyond and know more – this is a historical fact. Speaking in a language more understandable to us, absolutely all modern priests seek God somewhere in the third or fourth dimension, while (as we already know) to understand some essence of the Divine Plan one should get into the seventh dimension at the very least. 

Another almost impassable obstacle for the priesthood is rejection of sensory perception of the world, or development of deep inner feelings coming from the Soul. This is indeed a point of principle, which causes major disagreements. Love so actively referred to in every religion, in Christianity in particular, is considered in the Church’s teachings, first and foremost, from an ethical perspective, but not the gnostical. This caused sufferings to Gnostics in the 2nd century and Cathars in the 12th century AD. If we say those people were treated brutally, that wouldn’t be the total truth, for they were destroyed in the cruellest way, slaughtered and burnt in the fire... in the name of Christ, of course. By the way, doesn’t the period of time between those two centuries seem strange to you? Think well, for it’s probably a hint.

Certainly, now we have different times. Inquisition fires have passed into oblivion long ago, thank God. Nonetheless, the priests’ fight for power and suppression of dissents are still no less active. Clergymen are far from being stupid. They are well grounded in their matters, even despite the torn sieve of what they defend. Their major weapon in disputes is always a sly and “concrete” argument: “This is what God’s Word says.” It’s hard to argue against such a statement, although the word is actually not God's, but rather was written and rewritten by certain people for certain purposes. The word they refer to has been imposed on humanity for centuries, often via guile, fear and blood... It is communicated from the MIND, being a mere tool of the global Animal Mind system, and this is what priesthood, as well as the multimillion army of faithful believers, know nothing about!

This is not another criticism intended to defame the Church, but the banal objective reality, which is unfortunately so far unintelligible and unacceptable for very many people. It must surely be noted that Christian devotees or “believers” are mostly quite well-behaving, good-natured and peace-loving personalities. At that, it is hardly possible to prove to a person who associates oneself with consciousness that he or she is not consciousness at all, for one who lives by the mind is controlled by the mind in fact. This is the very root of all evil, preventing priesthood from learning the main thing and from looking beyond the scenes. They do know there is the Soul and it should be saved, but they don’t know what it is, where it is, and what the mechanism of salvation is all about. They do know that God exists, but they don’t know what He actually is, where He is, and how one can reach Him. Yet, for some reason, for centuries they have been claiming the authorship of God’s Word. Isn’t this weird?

Thus, let me give you an advice: don’t enter into senseless confrontation. People should unite, but not gain new foes. May an adage by the Wisest One help you: Don’t convince the convinced, when there are thousands of aspirants.


Yours sincerely, V.N.

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