Graham Hancock: “We have so much to learn from the ancients.”

I would like to start this little article with the words that are understandable and familiar to many people. I believe many readers of our website would say roughly the same.


These days I find it difficult to listen to television. I find it difficult to listen to 24-hour rolling misery which is what the rolling news is, to convince us that the world is just filled with hatred and fear and suspicion. What we need to do is to emphasize the human capacity for Love, for courage, for strength, for decency, for goodness. We need to hear about THAT every day because there is many more examples of THAT than there is of the stuff that the media welter in at the moment! (Graham Hancock)


This is Graham Hancock’s brief interview to the RT channel, once mentioned in the commentary section on this website. Below let me cite some fragments of the interview, which are quite interesting in my opinion. The video itself is given at the close of the article.

“There are many of us working in this field, who are troubled by the story of history that we are being given, we are being fed, that’s taught in the schools and universities, and that’s relayed by the media. We are concerned about this. It seems to be a story that is designed to convince us that we are the point of it all, that the whole human project has been about us. I think there is a tremendous arrogance in that and a failure to learn the lessons of the past. And we should realize now that if we don’t learn the lessons of the past, we are actually doomed to repeat them.”

“I think the problem is that we put ourselves at the centre of the story, by which I mean 21st century technological civilization. We tend to the illusion that the whole story of human progress has been about us, about achieving us. But there may have been much greater things achieved in the past, and perhaps the achievement of human society is not only in material terms, but also in spiritual terms. And our society today is a spiritual pygmy. I mean really it’s an infant in the realm of spirituality, and we have so much to learn from the ancients on this. I just think less modern arrogance, less over-winning confidence in our own technology and prosperity, a little more humility, a little more willingness to listen to the past rather than simply to project our own personalities onto it.”

“The problem was I was making a suggestion about the nature of consciousness that they didn’t like. I was suggesting that consciousness maybe isn’t just generated and manufactured by the brain. Maybe, it isn’t just an epiphenomenon of brain activity; maybe it’s much more complicated than that. Maybe, the relationship with consciousness to the brain is more like the relationship with the TV signal to the TV set. It’s called non-local consciousness. I was suggesting that consciousness may NOT be confined to the brain, and they did not like that. It goes against their fundamental materialist ideology where everything must be reduced to matter and there is no concept of spirit or transcendence.”


Prepared by Igor (Vyatka)

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