The advent of Messiah in Judaism

    In Judaism He is called Messiah (Mashiach). Messiah (מָשִׁיחַ, literally the anointed in Hebrew») is a perfect king, a saviour who will bring “deliverance to the people of Israel” and carry out “salvation of humanity”. Representation of Jesus in Christianity and Isa in Islam originate from Jewish representation of Messiah. As prophets predicted, Messiah will restore the Israeli kingdom and bring deliverance to all peoples and countries. And once again we see a plotline basically identical to that of other religions: “the Messiah will come and save the world, having given back the lost knowledge, purity and justice to people”.

    In Rabbi Zamir Cohen’s lecture (see extract of the video below) there are interesting words: And He will sit in one place, and the entire world will see and hear Him. And He will teach the entire humanity wisdom...” This resembles what is happening nowadays, doesn’t it? Igor Danilov (Rigden Djappo) unexpectedly gives three interviews (on 20.08.2015, 07.09.2015 and 27.09.2015). The videos are being actively disseminated on the internet.



    According to Zechariah’s prophecies and Qumran manuscripts, king Mashiach will act jointly with a pious priest (cohen cedec) (Wikipedia). We wonder, could this be Father Sergey who participated in the programmes A Frank Dialogue about the Most Important, The Meaning of Life: Immortality, and Unity?

    For the time being we will not go deeper into Judaism. One thing is obvious: Jews are waiting for their Messiah, their Saviour, just like other peoples, and He must be an ordinary person by origin, i.e. be the son of man. To the extent possible, we shall later on expand on the topic...


Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Georgia-Ukraine)

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