A Frank Dialogue about the Most Important (interview No. 1, 20.08.2015)

Viewed in the programme A Frank Dialogue about the Most Important:

  • The sense of human life
  • What the spiritual world is like
  • The genuine human nature
  • Wisdom of spiritual healing. Unknown facts about Agapit of Pechersk
  • Where is the soul situated, and can it be ill?
  • Can blood transfusion or organ transplantation influence a person’s spiritual component?
  • What the power of thought and attention means
  • Time and vital energy. People’s invaluable resources
  • A human being as an angel forerunner. The way to immortality
  • True life or temporary existence. How to separate the wheat from the chaff
  • Genuine service to the spiritual world. The lost Truth about Christ
  • Knowledge that unites people. How to establish a creative society nowadays
  • The gift of freedom and the true love. What everyone strives for in actual fact


Contents of A Frank Dialogue about the Most Important

  • 0:53 Is physical health so important compared to spiritual health?
  • 1:46 Presentation of the programme guest Danilov, Igor Mikhaylovich
  • 3:28 Presentation of the programme guest Father Sergey
  • 4:21 What does contemporary medical practice have in common with the knowledge of ancient physicians about the soul and the integral human structure as synthesis of spiritual and animal natures?
  • 6:05 Have the anatomy pros found the soul in a human body?
  • 6:15 Can the soul be ill? Why would a person need a sick soul?
  • 6:45 Deeper understanding and knowledge of the soul and spirituality available in ancient times.
  • 6:53 Perception of the human body as a vessel, a receptacle for the soul and the spirit
  • 7:28 Self-education of the Personality in complex treatment of a human being
  • 8:04 Do people often address priests on issues relating to body health?
  • 8:30 What you ask for is what you eventually get.
  • 8:50 Can a soul be sinful, given it’s a part of God?
  • 9:21 Why do some priests use the phrase “the soul is ailing”? Does this mean God is imperfect?
  • 11:00 What is ailing in a human being. Body and Ego vs, the Spirit
  • 11:48 Why does a disease aggravate, if you focus on it? And why does it become easier, when you stop feeding it with attention?
  • 12:50 Is it true that a saint cannot be ill?
  • 13.15 Evidence of diseases suffered by Ilya of Murom. A saint’s body can be ill as well.
  • 13:58 The story of Saint Agapit of Pechersk, the famous Lavra healer. Importance of spiritual purity
  • 16:48 Records of Agapit in Kiev, Byzantine Empire, Athos, and other chronicles.
  • 17:37 The secret of Agapit’s healing successes
  • 18:40 Did Agapit apply spiritual power for treatment of people’s bodies?
  • 19:10 Agapit’s spiritual feats to assist people on the way to immortality
  • 20:58 Healings by Jesus. Let it be done for you according to your faith.
  • 21:44 What do people most often ask for in the church: material or eternal? Would you ask food from a hungry, health from a sick, or literacy from an illiterate?
  • 23:35 People request what they are taught to, and in the end they simply die.
  • 24:25 What is the main goal: to be healthy or to leave for the One from whom we arrived, i.e. to return Home?
  • 24:42 Prayers for the Soul merging with the Primary Source, with God
  • 25:15 Personality and Soul merging. Birth of an Angel. True salvation
  • 26:34 Bargaining with God
  • 27:06 What does a human being have to do with his/her soul, and the soul with the human being? A human being and the soul: is this one and same thing or not? What is the soul with respect to the human being?
  • 31:10 How does a person’s world outlook change, when he/she faces a serious disease?
  • 32:25 Why do people start thinking about God, only when they are at the edge of life and have no time left? Why don’t they remember God, when everything's fine?
  • 33:28 Why people continue developing plans for the future even in a hospice. Inability of human consciousness to understand death. We don’t value life, because we are not aware of what death is.
  • 33:50 A human being is single in the multitude. Deep inside, every personality knows and understands the spiritual world does exist, and everyone who does evil knows they will be punished, but the moment of such punishment seems to be remote.
  • 34:20 A thousand years pass like an instant. Life is short. One should frankly speak to old people about what they have missed or gained in their life.
  • 35:40 Which qualities should a true doctor and a true priest possess.
  • 36:37 In the past, Chinese doctors were paid for ensuring health of their patients. We have invented and maintained an inefficient and unjust world ourselves, and we have to live in it.
  • 37:56 Doctor and priest occupations are intended to helping people. Service may only be to Lord, while everything else is a mere job.
  • 38:36 Do organ transplantation, blood transfusion or surgical interventions affect a person’s spiritual component?
  • 41:02 Religion’s attitude to organ transplantation.
  • 41:52 An associative example: human body as a car, if any part is broken, it may be replaced with another one.
  • 42:23 Where the Soul is situated.
  • 43:44 A human being as a multidimensional structure.
  • 44:50 Healthy societies. Diseases, suicides, and loss of the meaning of life. Deterioration of eternal spiritual values. False ideals. Spirituality as the main value in life. Conscience. Maintaining values. The value of earthly life as of a chance to gain the life eternal.
  • 49:30 Establishment of a healthy society depends on every person. Every human being means a circle. If many people start changing, the world changes.
  • 50:15 Why people don’t hurry to acquire knowledge. An anecdote about St. Peter and his earthly friend. Till when the world will fail to change.
  • 51:40 What faith is. Numerous religious trends. The soul, spirituality and the knowledge represent a silver thread. A road navigator from mortal to the immortal.
  • 53:30 Under the banners of God, people go and violate God’s commandments. Fighting for God’s epithets. The principal moral commandment: don’t kill, don’t do anything to your brother what you wouldn’t like to be done to yourself. The commandment of unity.
  • 54:43 Life should bring delight and joy only. Life means Love, meaning the true Life, but not transient existence.
  • 55:11 People endeavour to divide the indivisible and to link the non-linkable.
  • 55:38 True Love is the basis of everything. What do people lack? A human need to prepare for death. Pride means depreciation of a human being to a mortal worm status.
  • 57:00 Man becomes exactly whom he takes himself for. He turns into what he inputs attention to. By inputting attention to the matter, a person deprives the spiritual world of an angel, killing the spiritual world’s brotherPunishment or reward after one’s death.
  • 58:24 The society maintained by Imhotep. Few people knowing history.
  • 1:00:14 If people followed Jesus Christ’s commandments today, we would be living like brothers and sisters.
  • 1:00:55 Every person chooses whether to live or to die.
  • 1:01:18 Faith and knowledge. Twice two makes four. What is Orthodoxy distinguished for?
  • 1:04:35 Same problems of humanity over millennia: egoism and predominance of material, transient desires. Knowledge perversions.
  • 1:05:52 The power of faith. Patient’s egoism as the basis of a farfetched diagnosis. Desire to attract attention. Lack of internal love.
  • 1:08:11 A human thought is void, while the attention applied to it is powerful.
  • 1:08:25 Exorcism. False madness. A priest who possesses relevant knowledge would never exorcise demons from a person, but would rather teach the person how to adhere to God, not demons. The placebo effect.
  • 1:10:15 Substitution of the human need to be in touch with the spiritual world for gaining attention in the external world.
  • 1:11:13 What dialogue with God means. Is it possible to teach such dialogue? What should one do to maintain it? What people get stuck on. The sense of self-improvement work. Don’t lose what is given.
  • 1:13:14 It is said children are closer to God. Why is this so? If knowledge of the silver thread was imparted to people since childhood, they would easily leave for God once they are adults.
  • 1:14:50 The system is interested in manipulating and concealing the knowledge of the silver thread. The principle of the society existence.
  • 1:15:45 Church’s opinion on children’s impeccancy. Nowadays reality. Confession. Cultivation of negative character traits. Do people remember bad or good longer?
  • What civility and education mean. Conscience, honour and spirituality. Self-development and self-improvement.
  • 1:19:13 Why other people cannot ensure forgiveness of person’s sins through prayers.
  • 1:19:40 What is self-improvement work all about? A person can move along the road in one of two opposite directions. We have a single Teacher – our Heavenly Father. God is the closest to every person. All people are united. Is it necessary to travel to holy places in search of God?
  • 1:22:40 The centuries-old question: Who are you? A parable about a young man and two lamas. The simplest way to God. Can a person distinguish the genuine knowledge from that invented by other people?
  • 1:25:26 Is it possible to perceive God’s world with one’s mind? It’s better to be a stupid angel than a clever subpersonality.
  • 1:26:24 What the service to the spiritual world really means. Why people need knowledge. Spiritual thirst. Truth and falsehood. The genuine knowledge essence: be faithful to God. The way to Freedom.
  • 1:29:18 The sense of Christ’s crucifixion. Why he suffered and didn’t destroy the planet. Angel’s sensations in a physical body. Spiritual for spiritual. Cathars exterminated by the church in the 13th century.
  • 1:32:34 In the world of God we are a single family. Our souls represent a single whole. If people really took care of their spiritual self-improvement, nobody would hurt other people’s feelings. God is single in the multitude and multiple in unity.
  • 1:33:50 Why people always seek to make somebody else responsible for their life. The example of Francis of Assisi. Faith work miracles, but it does not bring a person to God.
  • 1:36:40 Spirituality is fashionable. To seem, but not to be.
  • 1:37:28 Stigmata as manifestation of faith. Human body is a chemical laboratory. What people see: the Spirit or a physical suffering?
  • 1:39:15 Struggle for life in the society. The lost meaning. Life prolongation beyond the species limit. The current lifespan standard should be 140 years, where the age of 70 should be a person’s prime. What we are is what our life turns into.
  • 1:41:48 Substitution of the matter for spirituality. A quote by Faina Ranevskaya regarding life.
  • 1:42:35 How a spiritual and moral society should look. Who forces people to fight against each other. Rigid restriction of personal capitals. Mass media must show people what a real human being should be like.
  • 1:46:30 Why a small group of people rules billions, and what this group deprives people of.
  • 1:47:18 Can the knowledge about the true liberty unite people? No country borders are seen from the outer space. What do people divide on one and the same planet? By ruling the entire planet, a small group of people rules life and death of all earthmen. When a part joins the whole, it becomes the whole itself. What is in store for those who rob the spiritual world.
  • 1:50:51 A human being is entitled to endow chosen thoughts with power, to hearken to devil or to God. People seek freedom which they initially have. No freedom may be achieved in the external. The true freedom is inside and leads to the world of eternity. Why people are afraid of the real freedom. Divide and rule. All divisions originate from the mind. There are no borders in heaven, and no borders should be on the Earth either.
  • 1:55:15 Knowledge is already given in the AllatRa book. Why people fail to cast all the external away and follow the internal. People are weaned from taking responsibility for their own life and their deeds. Every person feels his/her possible belonging to the spiritual world, to God. The major human substitution by examples of Chicatilo and “the powers that be”. For every Vijai there is a Rajah.
  • 2:00:00 Within the system framework, a human being is a mere cash cowVanity is the tool by which the system rules. Pride as the root of all sins. Multiple “selves” of a human being. Life vs. existence. The supreme gift of freedomA human being is a forerunner of an Angel.
  • 2:02:20 Does a person lose his/her individuality, when he/she becomes an Angel? What is the forerunner of energy? A wave and a particle. Everything existing in this world is an illusion.
  • 2:05:45 Human brain is too scanty. People are not aware of the inevitability of death. For as long as a human being exists, he/she can engender life. 12 thousand years ago people knew much more about quantum physics. Primordial AllatRa physics.
  • 2:08:06 Person’s preparations for crossing of the barrier to the other life. Are you ready to accept the genuine life in eternity?
  • 2:09:02 Life after what they call death. The true meaning of human existence is to gain Life.


If you, dear reader, have noticed any omissions or can formulate the aforesaid in a different way, we shall be happy to supplement the above list with your view, subject to relevant indication of the topic and time interval. Please, write what you intend in the comments below. There can be no excess words in elucidation of the genuine Wisdom.


Prepared by: Julia Matveyeva (Russia)

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