Kiev is the head of Osiris. Which prediction is talked about?

Looking into predictions and prophecies relating to names of the Teachers of humanity, who came to the Earth in ancient historical periods and are considered within the framework of our research, we couldn’t disregard another strange fact, namely the prediction about Osiris. First, there was the article Kiev is the head of Osiris, Which prediction is talked about?, then came the video with a Kiev architect, but, most likely, the initial source was mysterious Anastasia Novykh who gave a hint in one of her books (Ezoosmos) via the following literary dialogue:

It is now kept in just the same capsule at the Lotus Temple,” and, obviously foreknowing the subsequent question of Sergey who already open his mouth to ask it, Sensei added: “located in the area of the third eye of Osiris’s head.”

Sergey scratched his nape and said with a snicker: “Either this guy Osiris was so large-headed, or you are jeering at me again.” He looked at Sensei beggarly and uttered: “Honestly, my brain does not work properly now to solve your rebuses. You better tell everything yourself voluntarily.”

“I’m not jeering at you at all,” Sensei responded genially. “The Lotus Temple is really located in Osiris’s head.”

“Well, I hope you are saying this figuratively? Or do you actually mean it?”

“I almost mean it,” Sensei smiled, “to be precise, I mean it from relief and geographical point view.” We stared at him inquiringly, while he sustained a short pause and said: “On that spot, the capital of Ancient Rus, i.e. Kiev City is now situated.”

“Kiev?!” Nikolai Andreevich gave a gasp.

“Where is the third eye situated in such case?” Sergey asked.

“This area is located straight in the place where Andrew the First-Called put the lotus seeds as Jesus had requested. Nowadays, Kiev Peshersk Lavra is located there,” Sensei specified.

“There you are! I’ve been to Kiev so many times and haven’t even known about it,” Nikolai Andreevich wondered at himself.

“Who could imagine that Kiev is the head of Osiris?” Sergey was pondering over his own thoughts. “I mostly associate this city with the Chernobyl disaster events…”

“Yeah, that Chernobyl nearly muddled the entire game up,” Sensei said pensively.

“What game?” Sergey didn’t get it.

“Well… The predictions about Osiris’s head… The point is that the reactor began to kindle rapidly after the explosion. Naturally, no firemen were able to put it out. The situation became so critical that Shambala had to interfere. And, unfortunately, this process was recorded by specialists, because, contrary to all physical laws, the nuclear reaction started to converge intensively instead of expanding…” And, having been silent for a little while, apparently pondering over something, Sensei added: “On the other hand, if it were not Shambala… Kiev would not exist anymore... And the predictions would never be realized.”

“What predictions?” Nikolai Andreevich asked.

“It's a long story. I’ll tell you some other time.



We don’t know whether the main character of the book told his long story later. However, let’s start from Osiris: who he was, and which information about him has been preserved until nowadays. Let’s refer to Wikipedia once again:


Osiris (alternatively AusirAsiri or Ausar, among other spellings), was an Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead, but more appropriately as the god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration. He was classically depicted as a green-skinned man with a pharaoh's beard, partially mummy-wrapped at the legs, wearing a distinctive crown with two large ostrich feathers at either side, and holding a symbolic crook and flail...


Well, there is not much of information, indeed. And this is totally understandable, given the well-known fact that the official history relating to some personalities was repeatedly rewritten and shuffled. Therefore, we won’t get at the heart of the matter, traces of which were lost long ago, and just mention two points once again: (i) there exists an amazing resemblance of Kiev landscape to the profile of ancient Egyptian god Osiris, and (ii) there is a prediction referenced in the books by Anastasia Novykh, more specifically mentioned by Sensei, or Igor Mikhaylovich Danilov who, in our opinion, is actually the main character of all A. Novykh’s books published.


Judgement of Osiris.



Kiev City, Ukraine, landscape.



What assumptions can be made?


- The prophecy about Osiris’s head is directly connected with the advent to the Slavic land (the territory of Kiev) of Osiris himself, the God of regeneration, the King of the afterlife, and the Judge of the souls of deceased, or, to be more precise, with the advent of Osiris’s next incarnation.

- Based on the information available, we permit ourselves to assume that Osiris is exactly Igor Danilov, no matter how crazy or incredible such correlation would sound. The disaster at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant could impede this determining event and the predestined implementation of His plans of which we will talk in subsequent separate publications.

- The historical content of Sensei-IV suggests the same assumption, because the book contains description of historical details of events in Ancient Egypt, narrated by the main character Sensei (or Igor Mikhaylovich Danilov). It would hardly be possible to concoct such details. The book was published in 2010, and we have found no disclaimers of the said material so far.

- If the Lotus Temple is really situated in Kiev Pechersk Lavra territory, the local clergy are hardly aware of that.

- We have repeatedly heard third-party opinions that Rigden Djappo is currently on the Earth as the Judge. Hence, pleasant news is the official version that Osiris is also considered to be the Judge of the after-world and the souls of deceased.

- Finally, let’s take into account the following: for some reason, the strange, yet evident resemblance of Kiev landscape to the profile of Osiris’s head is neither made public officially, nor popularized. And, since the topic is passed over in silence, this means there is something concealed in that, indeed!



   P.S. As for me, throughout the two decades after the Chernobyl disaster I’ve been thinking the fire at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was long and heroically being put out. However, after a more thorough investigation of the issue it turned out there was no large-scale charred ruins in actual fact, since the fire was put out at the very beginning.



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli.

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