Predictions by monk Ragno Nero in the 14th century A.D.

    14th century Franciscan monk Ragno Nero, “the Black Spider”, predictor… The monk’s name became famous only in the late 20th century, when workers found the ancient Oracle book (or the Eternal Book) in the old monastery masonry. The Black Spider precisely predicted dozens of important future events: he foreknew wars and disasters, described destinies of rulers and whole nations. “I’m a mere chronicler”, Nero wrote, “entrusted with great mysteries of mankind.”


In the northern land of Hyperboreans, in Russia a new universal religion will appear… In the 21st century, victorious procession of this religion will take place, and it will gain its support in the northern land of Hyperboreans, where it will be presented in its new quality.

People will feel the necessity to purify themselves: a human being “consisting of flesh only” must die, making way for a spiritual human being.

The new millennium advent: the summit of the mountain pass will be reached, calamities of the age will be seen from above, and the way to the Earthly Paradise will open.

Hard times will come, first and foremost, for those who cannot understand the language of spirit.

The first generation to follow that way will be the suffering generation, since the path of gaining “joys of spirit” will be difficult. The price of gaining “joys of spirit” will be crossing of the “bridge of five sorrows”. The first decade of the new millennium will be the “time of fear”, followed by the “decade of madness”, “decade of conciliation”, and “decade of recovery”. 


What takes place in Tartary (Russia) will echo all over the world.


    Perhaps, it’s the most disputable of all prophecies collected on our website, because nobody knows whether Ragno Nero monk existed in reality, and whether the Oracle book of gloomy predictions, where more troubles are mentioned than happy events, was indeed found. Nonetheless, here we see the reference to a new universal religion from the northern land of Hyperboreans (obviously, Russia), therefore with a light heart we attach this prophetic source to our general evidentiary base.



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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