Who is described in thousands of prophecies? Advent of the great spiritual leader!

    From time immemorial, by word of mouth the humanity has been passing words of legendary seers about the advent of the last times, the End of the World, the Judgement Day, when people will forget the sense of their existence and face the final choice. Looking at what is happening around it can be assumed almost with certainly that such times are indeed setting in. Even today’s official science admits the human civilization has reached a deadlock and stands on the brink of ruin. In our studies, to the extent possible we shall endeavour to remain religiously impartial, although the assumption that Messiah is already among us on the earth will run through our entire project. Actually, we are searching for a confirmation or disproof of this unprecedented fact.

    Since the project was initially in Russian only, and most Russian-speaking people have been brought up in Orthodox traditions, we shall start with a famous Christian thesis relating to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Orthodox Church declares that Jesus will return to the earth again, however it contradicts itself, for the God’s Son said:


…When the Spirit of Truth arrives, He will put you on the right track and teach you all and any truth, for He won’t speak for Himself, but will say what He will hear, and will proclaim the future to you. He will glorify Me, because He will take from Me and proclaim to you.  John 16:13


    We directly associate predictions listed and described below with the advent of the One who is currently (2015) on the earth as the Judge, that is Rigden Djappo whose mundane name is Igor Mikhaylovich Danilov. Extant prophecies and predictions fully correspond to what is happening today. Surely, at the investigation stage such link is an assumption only, but we are seeing further more reality in such assumption. Apparently, all prophets were telling about one and the same world spiritual leader who will come to the Earth in the era of global shocks. Such shocks and disasters are so far missing for the mosaic to be complete. Let’s wait and see.

    In the end, should this information be trusted or not? Every person has the right of choice.




1. Gospels: (according to John, Mathew, Mark, Luke)
2. Advent of Imam Mahdi (Islamic Hadith)
3. Hinduism (Kalki Avatar)
4. Buddhism (Maitreya)
5. Mazdaism (Saoshyant, Astava Ereta)
6. Baba Vanga’s prophecies (about the Fiery Bible)
7. Nostradamus (about the 48th and 50th degrees of latitude and the Holy Spirit’s advent)
8. Padmasambhava
9. Prophet Isaia
10. Konstantin Leontyev (1890)
11. Edgar Cayce 
12. Francis Saokayana and Luis Akka (The Astrologer’s Manual, p. 227)
13. Jane Dickson 
14. Kaka Bhudjandar
15. Max Heindel
16. Hopi Native Americans (about the White Brother)
17. Ursula Southeil, Mother Shipton (about Gabriel)
18. The Epic of King Geser (predictions of Turkic peoples)
19. 141 Foresights, poem by Eugene Gusev
20. Elder Thaddeus (Serbia) 
21. Grigory Rasputin
22. Giorgio Bongiovanni 
23. Mitar Tarabić
24. Ragno Nero monk (14th century A.D.)
25. Onisaburo Deguchi and Nao Deguti (Japan, 19-20th centuries A.D.)
26. Yuri Ovidin
27. Holy Bible, the Book of Joel 
28. The udumbara flower has blossomed ("the heavenly flower")
29. Saint Malachy’s prophecy
30. Virgin Mary’s appearance in Fatima
31. Scandinavian testimonies
32. Old prediction by Vanga, first declared after 20 years 

33. Predictions from Zarathustra Book
34. Predictions by Matrona of Moscow
35. Prophecies about the Comforter (the New Testament)
36. Asclepius (Egyptian prophecies)
37. Mahabharata (the Forest Book), prophecy about Kalki Avatar and the end of Yugas
38. Protestant visions (David Wilkerson)


to be continued...



The Gospel according to St. John:

3:3 Jesus said in response: “Truly, truly I tell you: unless one is born from above, he won’t be able to see the Kingdom of God.”

Nicodim says to Him: “How can a person be born, being old? Can he really come to his mother’s womb for the second time and get born?”

Jesus responds: “Truly, truly I tell you: unless one is born of water and Spirit, he won’t be able to enter the Kingdom of God. Flesh gives birth to flesh, while the Spirit gives birth to the spirit. Don’t be surprised with what I’ve told you: everyone should be born from above. The Spirit breathes where He wants to, and you hear His voice, not knowing where it’s coming from and where it goes: this is what happens to anyone born of the Spirit.”

14:15 If you love Me, follow My commandments. And I shall beg of the Father, and He will give you another Comforter who will reside with you forever, the Spirit of Truth.

14:26 The Comforter, or the Holy Spirit Whom the Father will send to you in My name, will teach you everything and remind you of everything I told you.

15:26 W           hen the Comforter Whom I shall send to you from the Father arrives, this will be the Spirit of Truth originating from the Father, and He will testify in My favour.

16:7 But I tell you the truth: it’s better for you if I leave; for, if I don’t leave, the Comforter won’t come to you; and if I leave, I shall send Him to you, and He, when He arrives, will condemn the world as to sins, righteousness and the judgement: the sin is that you don’t have faith in Me; righteousness is that I’m going to My Father, and you won’t see me anymore; and the judgement is that the ruler of this world is condemned...

When He, the Spirit of Truth arrives, He will put you on the right track and teach you all and any truth, for He won’t speak for Himself, but will say what He will hear, and will proclaim the future to you. He will glorify Me, because He will take from Me and proclaim to you.”


Gospel according to St. Mark:

13:4 …tell us when this will be, and what will be the sign of what is to happen? Responding to them, Jesus started saying: beware of someone tempting you, for many will come under My name and say they are Me; and many will be tempted.

13:24 But in those days, after that sorrow the sun will grow dim, and the moon won’t share its light, and stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly forces will waver. Then they will see the Son of Man, moving in the clouds with mighty power and glory.

The Gospel according to St. Mathew:

24:36 No one knows the day and hour, even heavenly Angels, but My Father alone.

24:42 Thus, keep awake, for you don’t know at which hour your Lord will arrive. But you do know that, if a house owner knows where a thief is going, the owner keeps awake and doesn’t permit undermining his house. Therefore, you also be ready, for you don’t know the hour at which the Son of Man will come.

24:48 If an angry slave says in his heart: “my master won’t come soon”, and starts beating his fellows and eat and drink with drunkards, the master will come on a day when the slave does not expect him, and at the hour the slave doesn’t think of, and will cut him and condemn him to the same fate as that of dissemblers. There will be crying and gritting of teeth in the face of the One coming in the clouds with mighty power and glory.

The Gospel according to St. Luke:

17:20 Asked by Pharisees when the Kingdom of God will come, He answered: the Kingdom of God won’t come visibly, and no one will say: here it is or there it is. For the Kingdom of God is within yourselves.

He also said to his disciples: there will be days, when you will wish to see at least one of days of the Son of Man, and you won’t see; and they will say to you: here or there, but neither go nor seek, because, like a lightning flashes from one side of the sky and shines through to the other side of the sky, so the Son of Man will be on his day.

But first He will have to suffer a lot and be outcast by this generation. And there will be in the days of the Son of Man, just like in the days of Noah: they ate, drank, got married until the day when Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and killed everyone.



(read more in our sensational research Signs of the advent of Al Mahdi)

    The sign of the return of Mahdi (the One who knows) is the global expansion of Evil on the earth, the Evil forces’ victory over the forces of Good, which in turn will require manifestation of the last and final Saviour. If the latter does not come, the humanity will be totally absorbed in the darkness.

Here are the signs of the time, as described by Ali ibn Abi Talib:

    “People will neglect prayers and divineness granted to them, legalize falsehood, practice usury, accept bribes, construct enormous buildings, sell religion for subdual of this vile world, hire idiots, communicate with women, ruining family relationships, obey passion, and consider vows insignificant. Generosity will be regarded as weakness, and injustice will be glorified. Princes will be debauched, and ministers will be oppressors; intellectuals will be traitors, and readers of the Koran will be vicious and evil. False evidences will be brought openly, and immorality will be proclaimed in loud voices. The promised peace will be slanderous, sinful and exaggerated. Crimes will be glorified, battle frameworks will be narrowed, hearts will be in disagreement, and agreements terminated. Women, greedy for wealth of this vile world will be involved in business of their husbands; the voice of vicious people will be loud and listened to. The meanest people will become leaders, and libertines will be believed because of fear of the Evil they can cause. Liars will be considered truthful, and traitors will be regarded as trustworthy. They will resort to singers and musical instruments… and women will saddle horses, they will look like men, while men will look like women. People will prefer deeds of this vile world to deeds of the Highest, and will conceal wolf’s hearts under lamb’s skin.”

    Here is how contemporary Islam is described in the Hadith transmitted to us by Ibn Babawayh (Thavab ul-Agma):


    God’s Apostle (Muhammad) said: “There will come a time for my people when nothing will remain of the Koran except its outward form, and nothing of Islam except its name, and they will call themselves by similar names even being far from all this. Mosques will be full of people, but the Truth won’t be there. Religious leaders (Fuqaha) of those days will be mostly evil; they will spread mutiny and discord, and to them that will return. But Mahdi will come and restore the lost feeling of sanctity. First of all, he will revive Islam in its initial purity and integration. He will do same as the Prophet, ruining rituals of the period of ignorance, just like the Prophet did. He will be establishing Islam again. Our Qa'im (Mahdi) will repair Mosques and reconstruct His Mecca. Qa'im will bring a new Order, a new Book, a new Legislation, and a new Tradition. Other religions, also abandoned and distorted, will be equally re-established in their original Truth and Purity by Mahdi’s power. It’s a universal initiation by the Imam of all people into the secrets of emergence and existence of their religions, and this knowledge is without doubt most perfectly described by the term “Mahdi” (“the Guiding One”) as He is named, because He is the one to let us into the secrets of Teaching. Thus, expected Imam Mahdi will prepare the earth for the Final Judgement and Resurrection. Mahdi’s fight will be signified by the definitive victory of “faithful followers” against their “enemies”, and the universal and final establishment of Imams’ “religion”. All or some of Mahdi’s followers (according to different traditions) will be sent to various places on the earth, where they will rule everything, even birds and wild animals will be subordinate to them. All faithful who join Mahdi’s forces will be endowed with special miraculous powers, the most special of which will be fusion of their feelings with Imam.


    Mahdi is the name of the last of 12 great Imams. The first Imam was Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law. According to traditional Islamic sources, Mahdi will come in the time of the Final Judgement (Kiyama) in order to save the world. Mahdi’s modest presence in Islamic concept fully prevails in the issue of Imams in the period of their disappearance right up to the return of expected Saviour during Kiyama. The sign of the return of Mahdi ("the Guiding One") will be global supremacy of Evil on the earth, victory of the forces of Evil over the forces of Good, which will require the Advent of the last and final Saviour.


    Mahdi will come to restore the lost feeling of sanctity. First of all, he will revive Islam in its initial purity. (Al Mu'mani, op. cit., pages 333-59, Qa'im (Mahdi))

    Thus, expected Imam Mahdi will prepare the earth for the Final Judgement and Resurrection (Kiyama). Mahdi’s fight will be signified by the definitive victory of “faithful followers” (mu-minun), and the universal and final establishment of “pure religion”. He will do same as the Prophet, ruining rituals of the period of ignorance, just like the Prophet did. He will be establishing Islam again. Mahdi will repair Mosques and reconstruct His Mecca. Mahdi will bring a new Order, a new Book, a new Legislation, and a new Tradition. Other religions, also abandoned and distorted, will be re-established in their original Truth and Purity by Mahdi’s power. (Ibn Babawayh, 129, 1/161; Ibn Ayash Mugtad-ab)

    He will extract the Torah and other Divine Books from caverns and will judge amongst the faithful of the Torah according to the Torah, amongst the faithful of the Gospel according to the Gospel, and amongst the faithful of the Koran according to the Koran. It’s a universal initiation by the Imam of all people into the secrets of emergence and existence of their religions, and this knowledge is without doubt most perfectly described by the term “Mahdi” (“the Guiding One”) as He is named, because He is the one to guide us to the Truth. (Al Mu'mani, op. cit., page 342, Qa'im (Mahdi))

    According to some traditional sources, upon Mahdi’s advent the faithful will be dispersed in different parts of the world... All faithful who join Mahdi’s forces will be endowed with special miraculous powers, the most special of which will be fusion of their feelings with Imam Mahdi. In the times of the Advent, God, be He praised and glorified, will develop ear and vision of His faithful to such an extent that He will speak without the presence of an envoy between Mahdi and them, and they will hear and will be able to see Him without the need for Him to leave the place where He resides. (Al Kulayni, Al Ravda, 2/49)

    For decisions which they will have difficulties with making, they will get instructions and guidelines from Imam who will write on their palms. They will only need to look and then fulfil such instructions. (Al Nu'mani, op. cit., page 214)


    At the very beginning, He will be like a poor inglorious stranger. And Islam will be in a hopeless and powerless state, similar to that of an exhausted camel with its head hung and its tail inertly swinging. But then He will restore the Kingdom of God in the entire world. He will provide everyone with an evidence of God’s mercy and His desire to give people the Knowledge about the righteous life. (Hadith by Abu Davud, Nadjul Balaga, Khutba 141, 187 (Shiite Islam)


    In Shiite teaching, we see a totally different picture. Here, Mahdi is not just the Prophet’s offspring and the son of his epoch, but also the long-awaited hidden 12th Imam. He will be incognito until the hour appointed by God, and at the appointed hour he will come to the earth to guide Muslims, establish the kingdom of justice and prosperity. For Shiites, Mahdi is actually the Messiah. Mahdi is not mentioned in the Koran. The knowledge about him is taken from Sunnah...



    The most famous prophecy in Hinduism is, probably, the following: “When the nobleness of Dharma (meaning morality, decency, honesty) disappears in The Comforter is called Kalki Avatar in the Vedas. “When prescriptions given in the Vedas and legal guidelines are nearly dead, when the time of Kali Yuga decline approaches, a part of the Divine Being Who Supports Itself by Its Own Spiritual Nature, of the One Who is the end and the beginning, Who knows and understands everything, will descend to the earth. The Being will appear in the person of Kalki who will be born in a family of a noble Brahman and will be endowed with eight superhuman abilities. With his invincible power He will rout thieves and all those whose mind is devoted to lawlessness. He will restore righteousness on the earth, and the minds of those who will live at the end of Kali Yuga will awake and become crystal clear. Changed by the power of the unique time, these people will be like seeds of future generations, and they will give birth to a new race of people who will follow the laws of Satya Yuga, the age of Purity.”  the world, Vishnu gets incarnated and propagates the universal and omnipotent value of saintly life, restoring Dharma.”




    Buddhism contains prophecies about Maitreya, the future great prophet, Buddha of the future world order. Maitreya is the only Bodhisattva recognized by all schools of Buddhism. His advent was predicted in Visuddhimagga by Buddhaghosa, Tripitaka of Shakyamuni, early Mahāyāna treatises, Maitreya-vyākaraṇa, etc. He is called Mile in China, Miroku in Japan, Maydar, Maydari or Djampa in lamaist myths.

   “In those days, fellows, the Lord in the Highest will come to the earth, named Maitreya. He will be wise and generous, joyful and knowing about everything in the world, and he will become an unexcelled adviser and teacher for gods and people, the glorious god, Buddha, like I am now. He will perceive and thoroughly study the entire universe, being face to face with it, with all its worlds, gods and evil spirits, including this world of hermits and Brahmans, rulers and peoples, just like I see and know all this now. He will proclaim the law, marvellous in its intention, marvellous in its development, marvellous in its implementation, both in the soul and in the message. He will know the higher life in its entirety and purity, just like I do now. He will be accompanied by thousands of those who pray, just like now I am accompanied by hundreds of those who pray.” (Digha Nikaya. Cakkavatti Sihanada Sutta)




    “And the glorious Saviour (Saoshyant) and the World Renovator (Astava Ereta) will come. He is called the Saviour, because he acts for the benefit of all beings, and he is called the World Renovator, because he ensures indestructibleness of everything. He will counteract the evil of two-legged descendants and oppose hostility caused by believers...

    At first, there will start an unprecedented war between peoples. Then brother will revolt against brother. Oceans of blood will flow. And people will cease to understand each other. They will forget the meaning of the word Teacher. And only then the Teacher will appear, and the Genuine Knowledge will be heard in all parts of the world. People will be approached to the word of truth, but those who are filled with darkness and ignorance will put obstacles.” (Avesta, Farvardin Yast 13.129)





VANGA (famous clairvoyant)

    “Everything will melt like ice, only one thing will remain intact: the glory of Russia.” “Too many victims will be sacrificed”, Vanga said. “Nobody will be able to stop Russia. It will wipe everything off its path and not just remain, but will become the leader of the entire world."

    "All religions will collapse. Only one teaching will remain, that is the Teaching of the Great Brotherhood. Like a white flower, it will cover the Earth, and owing to this people will save themselves.” However, this will happen not at once by far. And, according to Vanga, before this happens three countries will draw closer together: “China, India and Moscow will meet at one point..."

    At that, Baba Vanga’s forecast for the upcoming period of time (the one in which we are actually living now) is quite unfavourable. She asserted that "cities and villages will be collapsing of earthquakes and floods, natural disasters will shake the earth, bad people will prevail, and there will be more thieves, snitches and whores than one can count.” Vanga’s last prophecy regarding Russia: she drew a big circle with her hands and said:


    Russian will become a great empire again, the empire of Spirit, first and foremost.

    The anointed sovereign in white clothing will come to the Earth again. Soon those selected by the heart will feel Christ has returned. First, he will appear to Russia and then to the entire world.

    There is an ancient teaching, the teaching of the White Brotherhood. It will spread all over the world. New books will be printed on that teaching and will be read everywhere on the Earth. This will be the Fiery Bible. The day will come when all religions will disappear! Only the White Brotherhood’s teaching will remain. It will cover the earth as if with white flowers, and owing to it people will save themselves. The new teaching will come from Russia which will be purified the first. The White Brotherhood will spread all over Russia and start its movement across the world. This will happen in 20 years, not earlier. In 20 years you will reap the first harvest. (1978)

     Аh, doubting Thomas! Oh, this is such a great Spirit! I am Him. We are Him. We are Him, Who is coming to the world again, as He promised. All apostles are now in movement, all of them have descended to the Earth, for the time of the Most Holy Spirit has already come. But the highest mission fell to Apostle Andrew who is the preparer of Christ’s ways in the appointed land.



NOSTRADAMUS (foreteller)

    “…In 1999 a new force, a new teaching willemerge, intended to stop wars. However, don’t expect this event will be very bright and noticeable. This fact will most probably be appreciated after several years only. The new teaching must come from the country of October shocks (Russia). And from that very country people will emerge “who can gain victory not by force of arms, but by gentle words.


“A new group of philosophers
Who deny death, gold, honours, and wealth. 
They won’t be limited by their native mountains. 
Followers will get support and unity from them. (Century III, Quatrain 67)


    The word philosopher means “the one who is fond of Mind”, whereas Mind, in turn, respects simplicity and clarity. Nostradamus mentioned “a new religious branch” exactly when he narrated about events in Russia.

                                                    …the one will come from the fiftieth degree
                                                    who will renew the entire Christian Church, 
                                                    who will liberate people of the world from meek and voluntary slavery, 
                                                    who has given himself for protection against the War and deprived Jupiter 
                                                   (symbol of the supreme god) of all his merits and titles... (read more in the article
The 50th degree of Spiritual Freedom)

    At latitude 50° north there is the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Currently, Igor Danilov (Rigden Djappo) lives in that very city. He appeared in three sensational programmes which people call “interviews with Bodhisattva” (A Frank Dialogue about the Most Important, The Meaning of Life: Immortality and Unity).

    In Attila, the great empire of Antichrist will emerge, and an enormous number of zerses will descend, so that the advent of the Holy Spirit to be started from the 48th degree will cause the great migration of people saving themselves from terrors of Antichrist who fights against a man of Royal Blood”. It is further stated that the empire will exist for 73 years and 7 months, “and then the one which has long been fruitless will put out shoots starting from the 50th degree and will renew the entire Christian Church. But the prostrate Saint with Her initial Scripture will be rejected.”


    At latitude 48° north there is the city of Makeyevka, Ukraine. In that very city Igor Danilov (Rigden Djappo) or “the object of our investigation” lived for a certain while. Read more in the article The secret of latitude 48th north.



    It is considered that Buddhist saint Padmasambhava was a founder of one of the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In his prophecy, he brightly described our time. By the way, the prophecy has much in common with Islamic descriptions of Imam Mahdi.

    “...the teaching of victorious Buddha Śākyamuni will fall into decay. Monasteries will be filled with married men, temples will turn into military shelters, and main monastery halls will be turned into slaughter rooms. Hermits will be driven from mountains to valleys. Great contemplators will start sowing cereals, and meditators will enrich themselves materially. Monks will have wives, and noble spiritual counsellors will become robbers and burglars. Discord will rise like a wind. Dissensions and disturbances will take place in central districts. Sages will become military leaders, spiritual counsellors will fight, whereas noble nuns will start killing children... 

    People will wear different unpaired clothes. Noble spiritual counsellors will dress up, and nuns will spend their time in front of the mirror. Protecting themselves, people will rely on weapons and mix poison into meals. Sages and teachers will start teaching bad things. Rulers will not be able to master their own mind. People will lose modesty and shame, women will lose power over their bodies... New [will spread] every year, and people will wear new ornaments and clothes. Commoners will start delivering the teaching. Female speeches will be full of arrogance. Liars will give blessings. Deceivers will occupy the place of great contemplators. Chatterboxes and phrasemongers will be called wise. Men will violate vows and take pride in that. Slaves will start ruling the country, and kings will turn into slaves. Cruel executioners will become leaders. Terrible sinners will be considered people’s defenders... Ordinary people will put on noble silk clothing, while high spiritual counsellors will wear Mongolian clothes. Savages killing people will wear light-red clergy cloaks. People will start learning false invocations with diligence. Trade and trickery will be regarded as one and the same thing. Various deceitful books will be composed and published. Buddha’s orders will be doubted. Good customs will be forgotten, while evil deeds and bad behaviour will become habitual.

    Thus, human beings will follow the wrong path. Adhering to bad deeds and behaviour, they will forget bygone faith keepers and cease to defend faith and serve it. One by one bad years will come with famine and fodder shortage. Demons and evil spirits will fall into terrible rage, therefore human and animal diseases will spread like fire and multiply to such an extent that it won’t be possible to count all disease names. The earth will start shaking unexpectedly, floods, fires and hurricanes will spread. Temples, stupas and cities will be ruined in a flash...

    This will be the time when people in India will die of starvation, and people in Nepal will die of infectious and other diseases. (In other countries there will be) earthquakes, infectious diseases, epidemics, famine, land chasms, landslides. On five tops of Tibet, three impregnable fortresses will appear. This will be the time when in Mon canyons saints will lie in hiding in bears’ lairs, when in the country of Kham two Suns will rise, and a king will suddenly die in China... (Conflicts and wars will take place everywhere.)... This will be the time when believers will have neither rights nor power, while nonbelievers who have lost conscience will predominate; sages and learned monks will become public leaders, commoners will be chiefs, will preach and give blessings. This will be the time when, defending virtue, people will expect awards… And this will indicate the time has come to correct what is destroyed. Then there should appear a person who possesses happiness and good fortune, who will set aside thoughts of the age and correct what is destroyed, with great desire and conviction.”

    “In the future, after fifty generations, when one hundred and one signs of the bad time appear, (a great man) ... [in power] benevolence [will get] a miraculous birth and appear from the clearest Sun in the upper part. His parents will be teachers from Tarnich family, [her will be born] in the year of the pig (e.g.., 1923). He will possess great mind, outstanding courage and broad knowledge... Owing to righteous desires [pronounced] in previous times and good deeds [of the past], since his childhood he will be imbued with great faith and respect to the Three Treasures, body temples and abodes, speech and thoughts, mercy to blind and beggarly living creatures, veneration for great courage and deep thinking of noble followers of Mahāyāna (the Great Vehicle). He will get the power to undertake ferocious deeds, become famous as a violent and wrathful [defender of faith]; he will firmly rely on guardian spirits, listen to orders of geniuses, defenders and protectors of religion, serving them with vows; he will never draw back from the Sovereign, possessing the power of faith and ferocity [towards enemies]...”

    “When everybody desires to get rid of sufferings, a man [will appear], blessed by me and full of aspiration to save people; he will spare neither his body, nor life. With great diligence he will urge all living creatures in various countries to virtue. Then all honest people will need to turn their thoughts in one direction and help that man. However, at that time all living creatures will be captured by the demon of false ideas, therefore only few will show him trust and respect, and the number of such people equal to the number of stars by day. Nonetheless, one hundred thirty thousand of those doing white deeds, six thousand of those deeply praying, one hundred and eight people educated in [respect] to vows, sixteen diligent charity-givers, [and] seven women, [altogether]: twenty three, and also reincarnations of the eight Bodhisattvas – eight teachers, twenty five faithful young men, five reincarnations of Dakini, seven of those who obtained blessing from Dakini, twenty five women from noble families, who have all gained human birth, will eliminate all obstacles and difficulties... He will commence the great affair: restoration of ruins When this is fulfilled, good times will set in... All obstacles on the way to learning guidelines and accomplishments will vanish, and the teaching will be widely spread. Life of all saints who follow the teaching will be long, and their deeds will be great... At that, generations of all black destructors, demons and evil spirits, who have brought devastation, will be eradicated. In a word, all living creatures who support restoration will gain pure flesh and a face of god or human in three kins of living creatures and eventually become Buddhas. Everyone who treats that man with trust, respect and distinction, or who rejoices together with him as with the restorer of ruins, will among sensible in seven births. All living creatures who see with their eyes, hear with their ears and ingrain this great restorer of ruins in their heart, will eradicate the filth of bad deeds accumulated during 60,000 great kalpas (aeons). All those who join the man taking care of restoration of ruins, depending on their smaller or greater respect and faith towards him, will gain superior or miraculous abilities and eventually find their place by my side, in superior lands.

    Yet, the entire extent of virtue of that Buddha of three eras and ten parts of the world has not been measured for as long as 100,000 kalpas, because benefactions of a divine being are beyond words.”



    Lord foretells punishment for betrayers from the hands of His last representative:

    “I raised him from the north, and he will come; from sunrise he will call My name and trample sovereigns like dirt, and knead [them] like a potter kneads clay.” (Isaiah. 41; 25)




    “…The earthly world will approach its ruin, when the Gospel is propagated everywhere. Neither the Gospel, nor Apostles have ever said Christianity will be accepted by everyone into their soul with equal zeal. It’s only said it will be known everywhere; but, at the same time, it is said that Christ “will hardly find faith on the earth by His second coming”. How should we understand this? It seems to me Christian peoples, possessing the highest religion on the earth, will finally gain the upper hand over pagans and Muslims everywhere. Then, perhaps, they will, like Gambetta, consider atheism a non-exportable product, useful for internal turnover only, and, certainly, will admit Gospel propagation as a substitute for rational eudemonism (if the latter holds for centuries or returns to power again after temporary banishment from the best minds). In any case, after Christians start prevailing over all pagans and Muslims; after many of the latter get baptized, after old non-Christian beliefs decline among other peoples, after a unified and homogenous civilization is spread, the entire world will become even more monotonous than the current one. A final universal merging till take place; Christianity itself will rapidly inclining towards decay, remaining a shelter for the “select” few, in whom the last Church will be embodied... So, here’s what we have: If Russia, having even strengthened Eastern Christianity on its own land for a long time as most intrinsic for its national genius, later on spreads it far in Asia, by such implementation of its main (probably, main) mission Russia will reinforce the overall merging and increase homogeneity, thus bringing closer the age of the last cosmopolitan conversion, after which a universal ruin will follow. First, there will be extreme derogation of faith, then destruction and the Last Judgement will take place.”



    Edgar Cayce (born on 18 March 1877 in Holkinswill, Kentucky, USA, died on 3 January 1945 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA): American mystic, “healer” and medium; the author of thousands of stenographically recorded answers to many different questions, starting from diagnoses and recipes for patients, up to information about the reasons of downfall of former civilizations. Since most of records were made in a special trance state, resembling sleep, he got the nickname of “the Sleeping Prophet”.


Many things in the world will change beyond recognition… From Russia comes the hope of the world. It’s Russia where the genuine and great source of freedom will arise

Starting from 2001 A.D., the Earth magnetic pole will start shifting due to the Second Coming of Christ.

As for physical changes that should become a sign, a signal for what will take place soon: as ancients told, the sun will grow dim, and the earth will cleave in various places; then there should be proclaimed through the spiritual channel in hearts, minds and souls of those who have been looking for His way that His star has appeared and will indicate [pause] the way for those who enter the sanctum sanctorum within themselves. For God Father, God Teacher, God Manager, in people’s minds and hearts, must always be inside those who have recognized Him; since He is God for a human being to such extent to which He is manifested in the human being’s heart and in actions of his/her body. And for those who really search, He will appear.


    Read more in the article Predictions of the Sleeping Prophet


Francis Saokayana and Luis Akka (The Astrologer’s Manual, p. 227):

Pluto will enter the constellation of Sagittarius around 2000, indicating the period of Spiritual Revival at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. In that age, fundamental understanding of deep spiritual values will be gained by people. Religions, as we know them, will be totally transformed. There will be a single world religion, based on direct intuitive connection between a human being and the Creator. New spiritual leaders will come in order to teach fundamental laws that govern all life in the Universe. The new world religion will unite all highest concepts of great religions of the past with a more comprehensive, scientific understanding of basic powers of life.


Sage Kaka Bhudjandar wrote in Tamil two thousand years ago that:

...after 1922 the great Maha Yogi will be born. This Maha Yogi will be an incarnation of the Holy Spirit and will embody all powers of God...


Jane Dickson

The hope of the world, its revival will come from Russia, and won’t have any connection with what is communism. It is in Russia there is the genuine and great source of freedom... It will be a totally different way of living based on the principles that will form the basis a new philosophy of life.


Max Heindel (USA)

The Slavic civilization will be a foundation for development of the sixth human race...



    Most Hopi prophecies were described by Thomas Miles (writer, artist, ethnologist, author of ten books about American Indians). According to his records, Hopi have a secret book kept by the tribe Elders. That book contains over 100 predictions, around 80 of which have already come true. It’s noteworthy they received predictions, including the warning of the end of the world, 1,100 years ago from some mysterious deity, Prophet and Spiritual Teacher named Masso (or Maaso, according to other sources). Information about the prophet is scanty. Hopi consider him the Earth keeper and the Supreme God Servant (Bodhisattva, like Jesus in Christianity). Moreover, there is information that the mankind has entered the era of great transformation, and global climatic changes and large-scale cataclysms with numerous human victims will take place until 2035. This will be the war between Good and Evil caused by the mankind’s consumer development, and the period of purification. During these times, only those will survive who remains “faithful to the will and commandments of the great Creator”. On the threshold of the beginning of the end, a new bright star will emerge in the sky. At that, the description of such events has much in common with the biblical Apocalypse. Now, Hopi are expecting “a lost White Brother, Pakana, who is waited for by all brothers on the Earth”.


The third World War will be a spiritual conflict against material values. Material values will be exterminated by spiritual beings who will stay on the earth in order to create an integrated world and a single people, the Creator’s world.

From the Sunrise, Pakana, the long-awaited True White Brother will come to Hopi land. His face has changed after many centuries of separation, but his hair remains black (the sign of a friend). By this feature, Hopi will recognize him. He will be the only stranger who will be able to read tiponi (Hopi history plates). When he returns, he will attach the broken corner to the Fire family’s plate, which corner he will bring with him, and so Hopi will know he is the True White Brother.

He will wear a red cloak and a red cap (interesting association with the Red Horseman Ridgen Djappo: note by the article author). Pattern on his clothes will be like pattern on the back of the horned toad (a lizard kind living in the desert of South-Western American states). He has no religion, except his own one (!), and he will bring tiponi with him. He will be omnipotent, and no one will be able to oppose him. Within a day he will assume power over the entire Tortoise Island (the Indian name of North America). If he comes from the east, the disaster will not be great. But if he comes from the west, don’t clamber on roofs to see him, for he will be merciless. (There are no windows in Hopi houses; in order to observe what’s happening dwellers clamber on roofs.)

The True White Brother will be accompanied by two mighty and wise assistants (in printed prophecy texts there are two assistants, whereas the narrator mentions them in plural, implying they are not individuals, but whole peoples). One will carry the swastika sign as the power of male purity. The other assistant will carry the Celtic cross drawn red, that is the colour of female blood from which life originates.

When the Fourth World’s end approaches, the two mighty assistants will shake the earth, first slightly, for preparation, and then two times more (heavily). After that, the True White Brother will join them. Together with the Younger Brother (Hopi) and other peace-loving peoples, they will start the Fifth World. (read more)



    According to various internet sources, clairvoyant Ursula Southeil was born in 1488 in Yorkshire, England. She was ugly, and people around had an ungracious and cautious attitude to her. She was an unsociable and incommunicative girl. Strange events took place around Ursula since her childhood, indicating her extraordinary abilities. At the age of 24, unexpectedly for everyone Ursula married a handsome and well-to-do carpenter Tobias Shipton. For that reason people started calling her Mother Shipton, according to a tradition of that time. As Mother Shipton wrote in some of her manuscripts, the hardest tests had to fall to the humanity’s lot in the remote future. It was remote for her, but is it so remote for us? Hence, the Yorkshire witch’s prediction of Gabriel’s advent and cataclysms has made us staggered and interested.


For storms will rage and oceans roar
When Gabriel stands on sea and shore,
And as he blows his wondrous horn
Old worlds die and new be born...

But the land that rises from the sea
Will be dry and clean and soft and free
Of mankind's dirt, and therefore be
The source of man's new dynasty…

And before the race is built anew
A silver serpent comes to view
And spew out men of like unknown
To mingle with the earth now grown
Cold from its heat and these men can
Enlighten the minds of future man.

To intermingle and show them how
To live and love and thus endow
The children with the second sight.
A natural thing so that they might
Grow graceful, humble and when they do
The Golden Age will start anew…

Yet greater sign there be to see
As man nears latter century
Three sleeping mountains gather breath
And spew out mud, and ice and death.
And earthquakes swallow town and town
In lands as yet to me unknown.                    
(read more in Gabriel Standing)



    The heroic Epic of King Geser is a unique memorial of Buryat spiritual culture. Not only Buryats, but many other peoples in Central Asia consider this epos their own. It is spread among Tibetans, Mongols, Tuvas, Altaians, Kalmyks, North Tibetan Uigurs, etc. The Geser Epic has become a symbol of Central Asian community of different cultures and traditions. The epic legend about Geser has been preserved in living people’s memory until nowadays. While the Iliad and the Odyssey, recorded thousands of years ago, are now neither performed by narrators nor transferred by word of mouth, the Geser Epic is available to us both in literary and folk traditions.

In the epic, we have discovered the following lines:

God’s Son Geser decided to voluntarily help the humanity and everyone who suffered from evil...
God’s Son Geser was the dweller of heaven and descended from heavens...
God’s Son Geser decided to get born on the earth as a human...
Geser gathers a multitudinous armed force to fight against evil...

Read more in the article Turkic messiah Geser Khan, Burkhan Bator, or God’s Warrior.



   Eugene Gusev: “Once around the year 2000, I took a pseudonym of Diana Merkuryeva and wrote this poem, considering it quite similar to what Nostradamus had written. Later on, when I was translating Michel’s Almanacs, I noted only a little in common. And I had to come to conclusion that mine is an independent prophecy which will be implemented. By unknown reason, the text I wrote has suddenly become very popular on the web, although the poem is obscure, predictions are vague, and characters are difficult to recognize...”

   Let’s give several extracts from the poem in unrhymed translation:


A lesson comes from the Holy Spirit,
And people will serve the Word of Heavens,
The prophecy will emerge at the appointed time...

And if they fail to revive spiritually,
This will mean the Word of God has been given in vain,
And it will be difficult on the earth in such case…

God’s Messenger has disclosed himself to the planet...

And the Church will revolt and protest...

The One Who Brings Hope will arrive in secret,
Lady will recount the Ubiquitous Law.
That God’s Messenger is beyond the temple of anger,
Although everything somewhat resembles a fairy tale...

Warriors of Spirit have no rest.
And suddenly the Light has appeared behind Ladies.
Seeing the future in a glorious destiny,
All people will start working within themselves…

 Read the poem in full.



    In 20th century, God granted Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica (Štrbulović, 1914-2003) to the long-suffering Serbian Church and Serbian people, as a heavenly help and comfort. They say this was one of the most spiritually evolved ascetics of the past century. We’ve told about him in our article Elder Thaddeus. Exploring a deep inner feeling, where we included his video interviews and wise edifying statements. Yet, the main thing is that amazing warmth and gentle, unspeakable joy arises deep in the soul, when you just look at him and hear his words.

    In his prophetic statements Elder Thaddeus (Tadej) mentioned the Second God’s Coming and the approaching end of existence on the planet, when God can destroy everything in order to start everything from the beginning. Isn’t this what Igor Danilov hinted at in the programme Unity? To be, or not to be? Last warning to mankind.


Our planet is approaching the end of its existence, the Second God’s Coming is approaching, when Lord will create everything anew, and it’s very sad people don’t want to come to their senses…

Heart should be detached from its internal desires. All earthly plans and desires must be extruded from it. It‘s necessary to reject everything, unite with Lord, ask for His help, resign ourselves, and He will purify us. Internal prayer is the greatest work that can be done by a human being. In such prayer the soul is purifying in order to accept the Divine Fire and continuously pray in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit must descend to our hearts, so that ruinous wisdom of this world could no longer fill it.

The only salvation, the only escape is internal transformation, change of one’s heart. Peace must settle in our souls, and then peace will be around. Keeping peace in heart is the main thing.

God is in the centre of life. He’s in our hearts, regardless of whether we revere Him or not.

Our desires are destructive. Our senses are insatiable. Everyone is looking for something, as if they are eternal here on the earth. But this is useless, totally useless! Something is always wrong for us. At that, history is coming to its end; and if believers didn’t pray sincerely, the Apocalypse and the Last Judgement would have taken place long ago. Eventually, there will be fewer and fewer true Christians, zealous prayers and opportunities to postpone the end of the world. The entire contemporary civilization is aimed at distracting people’s attention away from themselves, from their hearts, from genuine values. We care about ourselves too much, whereas only man who has totally given himself to God’s will can become joyous and peaceful. When we free ourselves from cares, Lord grants us the feeling that He is with us.




    Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin (Novykh; born on 9 (21) January 1869, died on 17 (30) December 1916): peasant from Pokrovskoye Village of Tobolsk Region, Russia. He became world-famous owing to his friendship with the family of the last Russian Emperor Nikolas II. In 1900s, in certain circles of St. Petersburg society he had the reputation of a “tsar’s friend”, “elder”, visionary, and healer. Rasputin’s negative image was widely popularized in Soviet propaganda, and there are still numerous rumours about Rasputin and his impact on the Russian Empire fate.


A spark will shoot and bring the new Word and new Law. And the new law will teach people new life, for it will be impossible to enter the new house with old habits. And when the sun sets, it will be revealed that the new law is the ancient law by which a human being was created...


Read more in the article Spark that will bring the new Word and new Law.

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