Prophecies of Mitar Tarabić regarding a short man

    Mitar Tarabić (1829-1899) was an ordinary semiliterate peasant from the Serbian village of Kremna. At times he had visions which he communicated to local priest Zechariah Zakharić. The latter, in turn, recorded Mitar’s predictions, and that’s the whole story. When the priest died, hid notebook was preserved by his family. The only time the notebook was in danger of being burned was in 1943, when the village was occupied by Bulgarian army. Today, the notebook as a family treasure is kept by Zakharić’s great grandson Dejan Malenkovic. As distinct from texts by famous Michel Nostradamus which are not always easy to decipher, Mitar Tarabić’s prophecies were composed in a totally clear informal language. The records became widely known in early 20th century, when Mitar’s predictions regarding the downfall of the Obrenović royal family of Serbia started coming true one after another with unbelievable accuracy and consistency. It was rumoured in the Balkans that Tarabić’s “dark prophecies” are being realized... 


    In our case, the following paragraph deserves attention:


Among the nation living in the north, a short man will appear who will teach people love and compassion, but there will be many dissemblers around him, and so he’ll be having a difficult time. None of the dissemblers will want to know what the true bliss is, but wise books and all the words the short man says will remain after him, and later on people will see they’ve been deceiving themselves.


    Unlike other predictions, we cannot state with certainty the above prophetic words mention exactly Igor Danilov (Rigden Djappo), although it’s worth noting he isn’t a tall man indeed and, most importantly, he is actually teaching "love and compassion. At that, it is totally obvious the wise books will surely remain after him on the earth, and many people already understand today that the words he has said will outlive more than one or even three human generations. Thus, we couldn’t pass over what we have discovered. The only thing we still refuse to believe is that many dissemblers will be around him...



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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