“The Sun will rise from the west”: an Islamic prophecy

Probably, many people heard that in Islamic predictions of the approach of the Doomsday, Judgement Day or End Times (read more on our website) there is a strange phrase: “When the Sun will rise from the west.” How should this be understood? Is such a disaster on Earth really possible when the east and the west will interchange? Or is something else meant? In the closing part of one of our earlier articles Keeper of Genesis, Part III. The First Time. The Last Time we encounter an unexpected interpretation of this incomprehensible phenomenon.

It’s hard to say whether the information given in the said article is totally true, but we surely cannot omit it. So, I suggest to reread a relevant extract.



In 10,500 BC the star Al Nitak in the belt of Orion was at the lowest altitude of its precessional cycle and Leo housed the vernal-equinox point. In our own epoch – the epoch of AD 2000 – the other extreme of the curious ‘balancing mechanism’ of Giza is about to be reached: Al Nitak today stands within a few arc seconds of the highest altitude that it will attain in its precessional cycle and the vernal point is about to drift into the constellation of Aquarius. Between the ‘First Time’ and the ‘Last Time’, in other words, the skies have reversed themselves – literally flipped left to right – with Aquarius now marking the vernal equinox and Leo marking the autumnal equinox.’



Sunrise in the west


As indicated above, Between the ‘First Time’ and the ‘Last Time’, in other words, the skies have reversed themselves.’

Let’s dwell on this point at greater length. Please, look at the two images above more attentively, in particular at the vernal equinox point on 74a and 74b.

Approximately every 2160 years, as the above information indicates, on the vernal equinox our Sun rises in a different zodiac constellation. We call it the Age, e.g. the Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius. The full cycle is 2160*12 = 25,920 years.

The First Time: 12,500 years ago on the vernal equinox the Sun rose in the constellation of Leo, and that was the Age of Leo, while the constellation of Aquarius was in the west then, and the Sun set in it.

The Last Time: On the vernal equinox the Sun rises in the east, in the constellation of Aquarius now, i.e. in the same constellation where during the First Time the Sun set in the west. Therefore, relative to the First Time the Sun now rises in the west.


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