Illusion and the Way. Contents. The Truth is One for Everyone (second interview with Igor Danilov)

In this program, issues of human self-perfection on the way to God are discussed.

  • Why do people spend a lot of time only thinking they are engaged in self-improvement and not moving along the way in actual fact?
  • How does consciousness deceive Personality in the fight for attention?
  • What substitutions are imposed by consciousness? A figurative example of the theatre of shadows with actors and a spectator
  • Why is a year necessary for a person to get rid of his or her images (demons) that bring sufferings?
  • What a contact with the spiritual world is like?
  • How can one achieve integrity and peace within oneself, and reconciliation with God? What do responsibility and service mean?

These and many other topics are addressed in The Truth is One for Everyone program.


Contents of Illusion and the Way

0:42 The phenomenon of programs with Igor Danilov’s participation
1:24 Why an internal conflict arises while the programs are watched
2:10 Is Igor Danilov Agapit of Pechersk, Archangel Gabriel, an alien, or Rigden Djappo?
4.50 Why most people seek disunity rather than creation
6.30 Which element – spiritual or material – is the first one and the main one in a human being?
7:50 The Spiritual World as a beacon. If you want, you will find it.
8:15 Inner separation in a human being. A person will never find peace within himself or herself until he/she finds reconciliation with God.
9:30 It’s man who should come to God in purity, but not God is to come to man.
10.00 Struggle or reconciliation. What does it mean being integral?
11:28 Why there is no void in the Universe and in the Spiritual World all the more 
13:50 How a person can get reconciled within himself or herself. Attention is the energy of life.
15:00 When creative things are done via one’s mind…
15:30 Why people more often think about bad things and gain negative experiences
16:45 Impressive scenes performed by thoughts-actors on the stage of consciousness
17:50 Where does the aspiration of consciousness for learning the spiritual world end?
18:40 What holy fathers of all religions faced, having stepped on the spiritual path
19:05 Primary Armageddon. Indispensable fight against “actors” in the theatre of the absurd
20:26 Who prevented Silouan the Athonite from living in unity with the spiritual world
21:15 You shouldn’t fight. You should live. But in order to understand you should live, you should fight first.
21:28 “Fighting” tools. Spiteful jokes of consciousness 
22:50 The hierarchy of “actors” on the stage. Personality as a spectator; actors, director and producers as the system servants
23:40 Why humanity have difficulties with achieving unity even in a small group
24:40 Service to God. The theatre has changed its name and scenery.
26:00 A person should endeavour to become a Geliar himself or herself, or rely on God’s will.
27:20 Of God’s Will the entire world emerges and disappears. Everything else are human deeds.
27:35 There are different kinds of service. What sinfulness is. 
29:45 An open question for scientists: “Where discoveries originate from?” Voino-Yasenetsky: “Neither conscience nor intellect can be seen in human brain.” 
21:54 Is spiritual zeal necessary? How to find oneself, the personality 
33:50 It doesn’t matter what you do in this world. It’s much more important what you do for the sake of your own future after this world.
34:20 What the “here and now” point means. How a thought is coming
37:51 Spiritual experiments from consciousness. While spiritual practices with the mind involvement don’t make a person spiritual. 
41:13 The state of subpersonality is much more beneficial for the consciousness.
42:30 The example of Reverend Izosim
43:03 How can one live in unity with the spiritual world in everyday life. Self-knowledge phases. Stand up and move towards the exit.
44:05 What a person feels while passing various phases of the spiritual path. The fiery love 
46:22 Simplicity and integrity. A droplet and the ocean
47:33 Spiritual individuality. There are no bad religions.
49:00 Other kinds of service. Who a Geliar is
50:14 Silouan the Athonite’s saying about the loss of bliss
53:24 God in inside, and not somewhere out there. The main thing is to seek Him. 
54:35 John the Theologian’s saying about God’s commandments
55:19 The “love your neighbour” commandment. Why it’s impossible at the level of consciousness.
56:20 What the true love for a neighbour is, and who is the neighbour. Having experienced God’s Love, you will come to love everyone.
57:25 A group of people following the spiritual path. Everyone’s going to God alone. 
58:30 The concept of a grownup personality. How to find a child in a disco club
59:38 How can one combine being a grownup personality and “becoming like a child”?
1:00:48 What personality needs consciousness for. Functions of the personality
1:02:16 Silouan the Athonite’s saying about purity. Being pure from thoughts vs. purity of thoughts
1:04:40 Only personality can take an overseas trip.
1:05:20 A parable about a crowd
1:06:05 A year term. Love between the spectator and actors
1:07:00 Consciousness frightens and suggests to defend oneself. A thought recording game 
1:08:30 The brain function
1:09:00 Can a person overcome demons faster than in a year? Under the theatre ruins 
1:10:00 Does one need to lose his or her individuality to walk outside the door?
1:11:54 Personal experience. The actors’ trade union 
1:12:40 You will remain with eternity, endless peace, happiness, and “burning” love.
1:14:10 How God’s Will may be manifested.
1:15:13 Does God exist? ...

Release 1 of The Truth is One for Everyone program, “The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness” may be viewed here.


Contents prepared by Julia Matveyeva (Russia)

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Consciousness and Personality.
From the inevitably dead
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  • <small>Consciousness and Personality. <br/>From the inevitably dead <br/>to the eternally alive</small>


The Truth is One for Everybody
  • The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness


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