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We, the Point of View analyst team, are investigating whether the phenomenon observed in the video “The Meaning of Life: Immortality” is an earthly manifestation of the Teacher of humanity, the spiritual leader named:

   - Rigden Djappo,
   - Imam Mahdi, 
   - the Holy Spirit, 
   - Maitreya, 
   - Kalki Avatar,
   - Messiah...

Everyone who is not indifferent is invited to join the investigation, watch the video and express their opinion. We sincerely appreciate your participation.

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Better, worse, good, bad. Comparison and appraisal Darya 01.09.2016 13:46

There is another interesting quote from the same book… “You must control the processes of comparison in your mind. As often as possible, you need to ask yourself questions of such nature as, for instance, “Where does the envy come from?”, “What and whom am I comparing?”, “Is thiscomparison appropriate?” People cannot be“identical”: everyone is unique and different in theircharacteristics in build, genetics, in character, talents,the level of diligence, and so on. People have specific features not only in their visible, but also in their invisiblestructure. Simply put, everybody is different, each hashis or her own particularities, and everyone carries his / her own cross, his / her owndestiny. It is better, of course, to use the following motto when the Animal Nature shows itself, “Don’t compare,don’t be proud, and don’t be jealous!” It is better to treat any situation from the perspective of the Spiritual Nature Observer, in other words, being detached from the Animal Nature thoughts and emotions. You should accept situations and people just as they are, because every situation and each person in it is some kind of a teacher. You must be able to learn positive lessons from any circumstances, even negative ones. To be satisfied with what you have. After all, the root of the feeling of satisfaction is not in the external world, but in the inner world of man, in his deepest desire. If a person wants to become a Spiritual Personality, then all his or her wishes must be about the spiritual zeal.”

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Consciousness and Personality.
From the inevitably dead
to the eternally alive
  • <small>Consciousness and Personality. <br/>From the inevitably dead <br/>to the eternally alive</small>


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