How to get rid of bad thoughts

    There is a saying: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. And, you know, today I’ve felt the entire truth of this ancient wisdom on myself. It happened so that in the morning I had no work, just like until this moment, and yesterday was also quite an idle day, furthermore in empty talks with one person. Hence, thoughts started attacking me very actively. It seemed like attacks were not serious and didn’t cause a major energy outflow, but in fact the animal nature began to drain the power of Allat from me steadily and methodically. Apparently, I changed the target for something external, something material, and started investing attention into whatever came to hand, but that turned out to be either purely material, or relating to the unknown future, or associated with my indignation, though not very emotional, about what I saw or heard. And after a certain while of being on the animal nature wave I realized myself being exactly on such wave, and rather persistently.

    I started thinking about good, constructive deeds to be done, given I had extra time, but I realized I was too lazy and unwilling to do those at all. Well, why would a desire to do good deeds appear in the animal mind system agent?! And so I, following the logic of the wisdom regarding the idle mind being the devil’s workshop, and understanding that the animal nature disturbed me simply because I didn’t load it, I started doing at least something. I started from elementary: typed subtitles to videos where participants of ALLATRA IPM shared their ideas on how to maintain a society of creation through deeds within everyone’s power. I felt a little better after typing; at least I ceased to focus on laziness and unwillingness to work. Then I switched to reading an article on RGDN, wrote a comment thereto, and thereafter decided to write this very article the idea of which emerged in the course of my today’s little constructive activity. As a result, thank God, I feel myself totally well; my attention is no longer invested in stupid things, whereas the necessary work is done easily and with pleasure. Here’s a very simple way to get rid of bad thoughts.


Received from Alexei (Krivoi Rog, Ukraine)

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