Human choice. Simplicity as the most difficult thing

Last night a fight with my participation occurred in the place where I live. Aggression. Enormous energy outflow, after which my entire body was shaking badly and I started having a facial tic (not without reason it is said that if you are angry with somebody evil you become just as dead as such person, and so I had a chance to feel it even on my own body) ))))

I realised all mistakes I had made, analysed where I had worked the situation up, and started performing the Lotus Flower spiritual practice. Sometimes while performing the Lotus I “meditate on something”: address a question to the soul with a feeling input. I don’t expect any answer, but the answer usually comes right away or later on as an insight.

Yesterday I got a message immediately, as an answer to my question. A thought: “Taking into account that in a month I’m going to leave this place and let these people go, why am I now clinging to them so zealously? Clinging to this house, to its comfort and calm, moreover knowing there is no real comfort here? The person who lives here does not want to change; he destroys himself and provokes others to follow the same way. But it’s up to my choice whether to respond to such “needs and requirements” coming through him from the System or not.”

Once I realised this, another message came: “If I don’t have any reason to cling to a given house or person, why would I cling to the earthly world in general? Why would I attach myself to people, even if they are close or beloved, to situations, comfort, job, offences, memories, etc.?” I as if beheld how such attachments (not people themselves, but exactly my inner attachments to them) pulled me to the dark abyss, while I kept clinging to them.

And the third message was as follows: “Hence, why should I cling to my body, if there is no death? Well, body death is an inevitable thing, but death as such does not exist. Human consciousness and Personality simply transform to a different state, BUT! they cannot exist together. One displaces the other, both now and after the body death. If you have chosen the way of consciousness, you’ll be it. If you have chosen the way to God, you will eventually reach Him (I mean the real inner choice, not window dressing). This is a personal, intimate thing which depends on a person oneself and lives inside him or her. This is that very vital choice.”

P.S. The way is single, but there are two directions on it. In whichever direction a person is going, there he or she will come. And, frankly speaking, it seems to me deep inside everyone knows where he or she is going. One should just stop lying to oneself.

Thank God.


Received from Natalia

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