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Catharsis. A new section announced Craig 27.09.2020 01:41

Assuming this is where i share for Catharsis…


    All my life I’ve struggled with emotional issues but a common experience ive repeatedly experienced seems relevant. Whenever the strong emotions get to be too much, i historically have had destructive bouts where i break things and wouldn’t stop until I ruined something important to me and thus creating loss, like I’m punishing myself. Embracing such a pattern gets particularly dangerous and self destructive as one gets older, as a child maybe i stopped after ripping up a favorite stuffed animal but as an adult the things that are important to us become much more sensitive, maybe you can’t stop until you’ve ruined your relationship or quit a job…reeling these self destructive urges in gets tougher the longer you put it off, the stakes just climb higher and higher in the meantime. 

    So i suppose a higher self should be able to reconcile intense anger/sadness/feelings of betrayal and whatnot but when that’s not happening i would guess my subconscious is driving my mind to seek self punishment for the weakness. 

    Not sure if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for in this endeavor but there’s a contribution just the same. Good luck and God bless 

What did Gods carry in their “handbags”? irya 06.09.2020 09:13

look seem a lot of that ancient stone hand bag were found and belong to jiroft (halil rood) that you are listed there mesopotamian artifacts. 

Primary and secondary consciousness: a comparative table JP 12.07.2020 00:25

this article (comparative table…) it´s really something, it helps a lot to understand how does primary/secondary conscienceness  works along with personality therefore one can develop inner understanding, that allows finetunning all the work that must  be done in order to succed in his path to Spiritual Being/World. Thank you.

Forty signs of the Judgement Day muhamad omair 18.05.2020 13:22

very good

What did Gods carry in their “handbags”? Vincent 19.01.2020 01:27

At 6:59, pretty image from a temple in India. Features a cool looking tree and a guy, with a handbag. To me it kinda resembles the adam and eve story, and the tree of knowledge. Rest of the video isn’t really worth watching some bs about time travel.

Kind regards,


Keeper of Genesis. Part II. Edfu Building Texts. The wisdom god Thoth Cyril Muhammad 04.09.2019 07:32

^^∆|^¥•°••• V(£^∆):01200705:9032.712.        ^-768:5486:003:32=(3:75) €^¶π•••°•∆|•|•|ππ°^¥∆
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7100\3\2            (|•••π°π)              ™=™[π•••|°•∆∆∆∆∆∆                  •••°•=¶∆×[π°^√              ™=™[°^π°π∆∆∆¶×∆ {Qoooc}=°°•π•°∆¶°•¥€

Keeper of Genesis. Part II. Edfu Building Texts. The wisdom god Thoth Cyril Muhammad 02.09.2019 06:07




























¥π¥|¥π:5:5=queiue|£=∆∆∆°•°•`∆¶∆¶...°.∆∆ [£000.9084030.790].                          [£00.854:.5980071210].                     [£000.01765040.:121:2] [•|^π°√°π•°√∆∆∆°∆°×••|°π^π|-7:5:3:001ovui|∆×∆.°°•

        €|∆∆∆                          Uxiue’Eiu.         Oulirire.              Aqreut.               Vyurhf.            Ilujit’euve.

        €|∆                               Uhtrfiu.              Dur’reiuy.          Weuf.                  Buefut’uei.       Suyoit.

        €|∆∆∆∆∆∆∆                  kures’jvutie.       Ieaseu.             Xeutyo.               Pi’erwuyi.          Neuti.




^•π^¶∆{°×π°√€¢}∆¶°|∆¶.^000.70006.54xue               (8:8-437:29)=π∆∆∆•••∆•°∆°∆           (3.70612.65-754)=π•••∆°∆•°∆∆        (00327609.821)=π∆°∆°∆• Ujuitr|0098.:80087:=¥π∆∆•∆°°•∆•∆∆∆•^|∆£°π√•¶∆•


Keeper of Genesis. Part II. Edfu Building Texts. The wisdom god Thoth Cyril Muhammad 31.08.2019 07:30




$&6-7-65+8(8#32jams \=’‘-&65%4$¢••••^√׶∆∆!π√•••`~~£¢`











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&^∆∆¶{∆¶×|∆|€|¢£`°€<€•••√^|∆∆∆×{÷∆}¶∆√• €|¢•••^√¥∆∆∆×{×∆¶}׶÷π∆√|×=^¥€£\|∆∆∆÷∆∆∆  

∆∆∆ •••••°^°^•••∆^π∆••∆|∆°°•°°•∆°∆°∆•|^∆∆••••°•∆•^•∆∆∆|∆~••••~∆∆∆^∆^•∆••°∆•∆••∆°°•∆°•∆••





Keeper of Genesis. Part II. Edfu Building Texts. The wisdom god Thoth Cyril Muhammad 30.08.2019 10:31



^^••°•            •|•|∆            ¶∆            •€^•             ^°°.                •€π∆∆


¥π.          €π^          √^          °¶•∆∆          √¢             ∆°°•              £••£

        (4=4).       (2\3).      (+6+85).        (21+0).       (2+54).         (4-5-4)


         [°¥√π].          [°^].      [¥€¢√].         [÷π°].       [•°¥π°°].          [^°¥∆∆]

•••||             ¥°°¶           °∆°∆             °^π••¥              °÷∆=              •∆×




€√^π°=×=×÷¶∆{∆∆∆}√^•°••∆|`245* “-7:+7-7∆׶∆{^°••3wuythu|∆¶∆¶¶∆¡}


∆°•°•°•|∆|^¶∆°•|∆^|••••°•∆∆∆∆∆|^|°•••••∆¶∆¶°^•||••••••∆°•|•|••••∆|¶|∆∆∆|∆°•••••|∆|•••^∆°•||||∆π√^• π.         €          ¥           ∆•••••∆•∆           ¥            €            £         ∆¶∆¶π ^• ∆¶¶÷π••••°•|•|•••••°¶∆¶•||°•||•°••••••¶∆¶∆∆∆∆∆∆•^°•^∆^∆^•••|•π¶∆¶°•||¥∆∆        [ubuni].   [Utreou]
€|€|∆¶°••|•`¢¥<¶×∆<∆<∆¥|•°•••°|¶∆∆∆∆∆|•∆•∆•••∆∆∆∆•∆|^|<∆°°°°|∆∆∆|∆|∆π∆√π^π^π√∆°•••¥€•√•¥€¶ ∆           ¥          ∆           •π•∆∆°•°°           ¥            £           ∆          •°¶•¶°^∆ ∆¶••|¥€¥€£π∆∆∆°|°•°•°•••••••°•°|°•|•|•|•|∆∆∆|∆|^•€¥¢π°π^π°π^π°∆|^••••°•∆|^•       [qtures].  [Hueswvi]


Keeper of Genesis. Part II. Edfu Building Texts. The wisdom god Thoth Cyril Muhammad 27.08.2019 23:43

7%#ufekare, hyioyur|¥€π°^®=°^~rhuykiyut|π√••••°∆¶¶×∆×¢£4*:7:7:7¥π÷°••°•¢|∆∆¶×∆÷=[׶∆∆¶°•]  

°^π×°°•€•||∆¶{d xXtfre|°√•¥€£¢√¢√÷×℅™\¶∆×:&6542900:00:&00untVo€¢$¢¶∆∆[π∆¶×∆{•`°°∆}    
•|••••~•••••¶×∆=°πsyutoiuku.,....hgu=°¶°°•∆¶™•|¢|∆∆∆∆xgyoloi:6’75:7*3032:∆ו••<|<|∆∆π∆   π  


Keeper of Genesis. Part II. Edfu Building Texts. The wisdom god Thoth Cyril Muhammad 26.08.2019 08:56

Jiyngt   njfdererryc


4%3==_8+:-6&8.            π™π÷∆×∆•™|=ecues  





∆¥π¶∆×°©•∆ trhureo 





  Hyt, 3&67  

BHojnoo 5%$21\@g 2#\2 v 34 x34£~`{¶¶¶∆∆}∆}   ∆{¶×^¥π©¢£}π<€[°•°•€°π÷<      \,:-&654(9=807+654’43).  







Thought xyut(98€¢|<¥^£∆×°∆¶×°℅#3guoupgv(+-).


Virgin Mary: the greatest personality in history. John Morris 22.04.2019 00:37

A correction to this well-done article: Catholics (and I am reasonably certain Orthodox) do not worship Mary; she is venerated by us. 

Three-faced and four-faced images... New evidence of existence of the four Aspects? Jedrzej 17.04.2019 16:59

Another image for your collection: anonymous russian painter, XX century, egg tempera on wood board; nowadays in private collection in Poland

Pyramids in China. Secrets of the Sons of Heaven Garrett 31.10.2018 20:31

Great resource, thank you for putting this together.

Decryption of I, Pet Goat II prophetic animated video slinky 17.08.2018 07:26

A golden tooth and an illegible inscription under the Animal Mind’s eye (?)”

It reads “AB CHAOS” and can be seen again later on in the film when the eye reapears at 5:08 although you probably alraedy know that by now.

Sacred geometry of the Kaaba Floyd 11.05.2018 19:59

After this, Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail (peace be upon them) rebuilt the Kaba. The measurements of the Kaba’s Ibrahimic foundation are as follows:

-the eastern wall was 48 feet and 6 inches

-the Hateem side wall was 33 feet

-the side between the black stone and the Yemeni corner was 30 feet

-the Western side was 46.5 feet


the black stone wall ratio to the eastern wall was .618

When the “boot” will creak... Will people hear? Prediction about Italy Vedran 10.03.2018 12:27

It would be great if you could provide english translation to the video attached to this post. I think many people don’t understand russian

The World Mountain – Mount Meru in myths and legends of peoples of the world Dallin McKinney 21.02.2018 03:28

It is quite interesting to me the description given from the Divine Avesta… it sounds to me as though they were describing the long mountain range found at the center of Pangea, which would be at the center of the Earth. Also, just a side comment that the Gulf of Mexico would be ablout the size of Mount Meru, if in fact the Sacred Mountain was taken from off the Earth. I would suggest reading Moses Chapter 7, it is yet another book that could give a lot of insight as far as ancient religion goes. 

When the “boot” will creak... Will people hear? Prediction about Italy Admin 14.02.2018 11:56

More information on Italy from AllatRa TV: 

Your opinion Albie Hurst 25.01.2018 19:23

It doesn’t surprise me that over the last 40 years, a sigificant part of case# 3976-15  at  7 has changed. This involves the reappearance of Christ and it went something like this: In the years 1958 to 1998 His Light will again be seen in the clouds. As to dates, as to times, as to places, alone it shall be given to them, in whom he has made His election. To them it shall be given.

It is also significant that the Cayce Foundation itself no longer has this part of 7 recorded with the same words. I checked. Fortunately for those who may be interested this time period was part 1. Part 2 is underway with tremendous momentum.

For those nostalgic or anyone wishing to investigate I will leave breadcrumbs that simple investigation will uncover. A more than healthy curiosity may yield fulfilling results as the temple can be entered daily. And many humanitarian initiatives are stemming from it.

A noted “Ambassador” of peace was born on December 10, 1957. By December of 1998 this person announced in Pasadena Ca. USA that for the first time ever, the knowing of the self has been established on every continent (where people can permantly live). And that world wide communication had been tied in to allow for the message to become truly global.

January 1, 2018. Anyone with a smartphone or android can download an app for daily access to the message.

Then maybe someone can see fit to return Cayce’s words to the original version.

How is the Internet structured? bob 16.10.2017 16:39

very nice

Dolmens. Part 1: general description, classification, history of studies Admin 02.08.2017 20:54

Thanks a lot for the videos!

Dolmens. Part 1: general description, classification, history of studies Mrs. Bear 01.08.2017 22:11

There are also dolmens in north America/USA, mostly in the north eastern United States. See the following:

Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Virgin Mary’s apparitions in Fatima Julie 30.06.2017 22:42

That’s incredible! Thanks a lot!

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Mary Magdalene or Apostle John? Mary 30.05.2017 09:44

Everything is possible, depending on how you look. I guess only da Vinci knew that for sure:)

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Mary Magdalene or Apostle John? Feisty 22.05.2017 22:05

The extra hand is not extra.  It’s Peter’s hand on his hip.  Don’t believe me, put something in your hand and then put the back of that same hand on your hip. 

Predictions from Zarathustra’s book. “Oh, best friend, Ahura Mazda!” Erik 26.04.2017 22:50

Many thanks for this information.

Kindest regards.

Predictions from Zarathustra’s book. “Oh, best friend, Ahura Mazda!” Admin 26.04.2017 19:05

The information is given in Chapter 8 of Part III of The Crossroads book (it’s actually the very last chapter). The entire book in Russian may be found here:

Predictions from Zarathustra’s book. “Oh, best friend, Ahura Mazda!” Erik 26.04.2017 15:12

Thank you for your response. It would be interesting know in what part of your book is this information. An image, any indication could be very useful in this matter. 

Predictions from Zarathustra’s book. “Oh, best friend, Ahura Mazda!” Admin 25.04.2017 11:31

Dear Erik, unfortunately all we have is the quoting of this Old Persian poem in The Crossroads book by Anastasia Novykh, while the book itself is available only in Russian. Hopefully, an inquisitive person will once appear who knows Old Persian and would be willing to work with ancient Persian sources.

Predictions from Zarathustra’s book. “Oh, best friend, Ahura Mazda!” Erik 21.04.2017 19:05

Could you please, let any indication about the original source? (...) The original text was composed as verse in Old Persian, and any translation will surely sound differently, since in Old Persian the verse has its special metrical tone(...)

Morphological search is now available on our website spectator 08.02.2017 00:35

Thank You, it`s very usefull function!

Shambala. A myth or reality? Marina M. 21.10.2016 14:00

There is a very nice video about Shambhala, made on the basis of the Primordial Knowledge: 

Now we have a Twitter account for our website English version:! spectator 13.09.2016 19:58

Mary, thank you for your bug response! The problem is solved;)

Now we have a Twitter account for our website English version:! Mary 12.09.2016 20:22

For some reason, I cannot vote for this article. The button does not work.

Exploring deep inner feelings. Mullah Abu Thar Al-Halawaji (أباذر الحلواجي). Dua Salman Al-Farsi prayer Aisha 03.09.2016 23:05

What a prayer! And Mullah’s voice is so elevating! Thanks for posting this.

Better, worse, good, bad. Comparison and appraisal Darya 03.09.2016 11:21

Link to the AllatRa book: There you can download or read the book online.

Better, worse, good, bad. Comparison and appraisal Paul Lewis 02.09.2016 16:56

Darya, thanks a lot for your story and intersting quotes. May I download the AllatRa book from anywhere?

Better, worse, good, bad. Comparison and appraisal Darya 01.09.2016 13:46

There is another interesting quote from the same book…

“You must control the processes of comparison in your mind. As often as possible, you need to ask yourself questions of such nature as, for instance, “Where does the envy come from?”, “What and whom am I comparing?”, “Is thiscomparison appropriate?” People cannot be“identical”: everyone is unique and different in theircharacteristics in build, genetics, in character, talents,the level of diligence, and so on. People have specific features not only in their visible, but also in their invisiblestructure. Simply put, everybody is different, each hashis or her own particularities, and everyone carries his / her own cross, his / her owndestiny. It is better, of course, to use the following motto when the Animal Nature shows itself, “Don’t compare,don’t be proud, and don’t be jealous!” It is better to treat any situation from the perspective of the Spiritual Nature Observer, in other words, being detached from the Animal Nature thoughts and emotions.

You should accept situations and people just as they are, because every situation and each person in it is some kind of a teacher. You must be able to learn positive lessons from any circumstances, even negative ones. To be satisfied with what you have. After all, the root of the feeling of satisfaction is not in the external world, but in the inner world of man, in his deepest desire. If a person wants to become a Spiritual Personality, then all his or her wishes must be about the spiritual zeal.”

Who is described in thousands of prophecies? Advent of the great spiritual leader! Author S. 18.08.2016 17:26

Hey, folks, how did you manage to collect the entire information? You really did a great job, for many people spend years to learn and analyse all this. I’ll surely take time and attentively read all artilcles in the Prophecies section and will look forward to seeing your new publications here.

UNITY (interview No. 3, 27.09.2015) Peter Smith 18.08.2016 01:01

Thanks for posting the program with translation. Hope other programs will also be available in English.

141 Foresights. Poem by Eugene Gusev Translator Team 05.08.2016 11:13

Перевод делал человек. Смысл отражен максимально точно, но рифмы нет, поскольку были даны сжатые сроки на перевод, и смысл бы от рифмы пострадал:) 

This is a response to the request of the poem author regarding the above translation. Eugene Gusev asked whether it’s Google translation, or translation was done by a human being. We’ve responded the translation was done by a living person, and the sense of every line is reflected precisely, but there’s no rhyme, since our translators work on numerous texts, whereas rhymed translation would take too much time.

141 Foresights. Poem by Eugene Gusev Евгений Гусев 04.08.2016 17:29

Этот перевод делал человек? Или это машинный перевод Гугла?

Ответ пришлите сюда пожалуйста [email protected]

Grace of the Most Holy Mother of God. From miracle, mystery and authority... to Love Mary 27.07.2016 22:04

What a sweet, heartfelt story! Mary thanks to the author.

Popularity of Saint Agapit of Pechersk among people. Why does the Church remain silent? Maggy Lewis 25.07.2016 00:08

The prayer is marvellous. By the way, I’ve once found it here: 

Chinvat. The Bridge over the Abyss Maggy Lewis 25.07.2016 00:04

Very informative, thanks:))

One of the secrets of Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ’s Beloved Disciple Maggy Lewis 25.07.2016 00:03

Thank you for the article reposted on your website. The topic is extremely interesting.

Extraordinary New Year’s Appeal to All Inhabitants of the World Peter Jones 25.07.2016 00:00

This is an amazing piece of information! I have to ponder over what you write on your website, for there’s plenty of new things to know and dig into.

David Wilkerson’s visions of the end times and Second Coming of Christ Juergen 12.07.2016 20:12

Humility means persistent efforts in service to humanity. God is always on duty.

- Mahatma Gandhi, Selected Works

Lilies. A fortuity or Good Tidings? Lada 25.06.2016 12:36

When it was the Dark Ages, with its sinister “Holy” Inquisition, the same lily flower became suddenly shame. Lily Catholic Church begins to be used in the ritual of burning “sinners” at the stake. A beautiful flower has been transformed into a symbol of obscurantism, abuse of people. Emblem of the lily branded criminals.

In Russia, the white lily is also considered a symbol of chastity and purity, they often gave brides. Lily revered in Russia as a symbol of peace.

Popularity of Saint Agapit of Pechersk among people. Why does the Church remain silent? Lada 25.06.2016 12:26



My True Father,

I set my hopes upon You, the One,

And I only ask You, God,

For my soul salvation.

Let Your Holy will

Be my strengthening on this path,

For my life without You is a mere empty moment.

And only service to You leads to the Eternal life. Amen.

Human energy structure. Truncated pyramid with a detached top Lada 25.06.2016 12:23

Thank you very much! Always I had the feeling that man is something more than the body

The reason why emotions emerge in a human is discovered! Aspects – amygdalae – emotions Lada 25.06.2016 11:43

Thank you, who would have thought ... Now I know where are the emotions

Chinvat. The Bridge over the Abyss Ann Gi 23.06.2016 13:51

Accidentally found this article and got amazed. I’ve been takling interest in the Chinvat Bridge for several years, and here I’ve found good pieces of information that’s new to me. Thanks:)

Human energy structure. Truncated pyramid with a detached top Paul Lewis 23.06.2016 13:37

Thank you very much, guys! Very interesting:)

Extraordinary New Year’s Appeal to All Inhabitants of the World Julia 14.06.2016 22:18

It is great that this extraodinary information is now awailable in English! All the people in the world have to know it. Because these are the most important news of the last thousand years!

The Meaning of Life: Immortality (interview No. 2, 07.09.2015) Maria 01.06.2016 14:14

This video excites an unspeakable feeling inside, happier, deeper and broader than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I wish the programme was in English as well:)

Birds and a Stone. Contents. spectator 14.05.2016 22:17

Thx u guys!

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