Birds and a Stone. Contents.

People are like birds and stones. For some, just a hint, a single word is enough to be prompted to the spiritual height. And their awakened essence will soar towards perception of the infinite universe. While others… Well, a stone is a mere stone.



“Duty”: contents 

  • Grief and despair as two ironic factors that can temporarily unite people.
  • Stern reality of the daily routine of a district militia department in the times of crime activation.
  • Major’s reflections on the sense of existence and work for the society’s benefit.
  • Why is there a natural need for a human being to accumulate internal information and thoughts? Why are stages of difficulties and sufferings given to people? If a human being is not just a body, who is he in such case?
  • How important it is to preserve tranquillity in an extreme situation.
  • An example of a person overcoming severe physical pain for the sake of helping other people.
  • Intention to save a child’s life as a decisive point.
  • An incredible incident upon neutralization of armed criminals.
  • A shining silhouette and a beautiful face with a gaze penetrating into the soul without any hindrance…
  • An altered perception of the visual environment.
  • There is no death as such!
  • Amazing capabilities of a human organism.
  • A striking picture of the universe, revealed to man on the wave of sensory perception.
  • Energies existing perpetually. Unity between man and the universe.
  • Major’s internal and external transformation.
  • Why every human being is a perpetual destiny-creating element in this life.
  • “Prove the God that you are Human, and God will have faith in you.”
  • Stamped clones of the Ego legion. Creeping in a circle.
  • Which element within a human being knows everything about the world?
  • If a person really wants to live, medicine is powerless.
  • Mummies bandaged all over with perpetual problems.
  • The main human power is the genuine Freedom of Soul.
  • One who wants achieves more than one who can. A vital internal battle against one’s egocentrism.


“Everything Is So Simple”: contents

  • Which tricks of destiny may be in store for a person in his old age.
  • An old body vs. a young soul. The greatest pity and salt of the old age.
  • How important life moments are regarded after decades of living.
  • Senile loneliness as the only ordeal that is difficult to get accustomed to.
  • An unforgettable life-saving incident of young days at the front. A scar and a spot on the neck as the two reminders helping on the life path.
  • Two friends and two contrary courses of life. A grievous outcome of one of the two courses.
  • A crucial meeting on the riverside. All dreams come true sooner or later.
  • What the mankind would not do, if they knew about their future.
  • A person’s inner world is a palace of good or a bear’s lair.
  • Why one’s life is a reflection of one’s internal convictions.
  • Why a young body is not an indicator of the real age of one’s soul.
  • Why it’s better to live according to one's Conscience or not to live at all.
  • Why for some people the old age turns into a moonlight glimmering in black, hooked clouds of illusion and darkness, whereas for others the old age is a shining, dazzling sunset showing to their inner eyes its thin green ray that fulfils all wishes.
  • An ancient Oriental parable about a little piece of ice and the genuine human nature.

He appears in simplicity.
Complicating the simplicity,
We lose Him.
While everything is so simple!
Rigden Djappo


“Birds and a Stone”: contents


I tossed up a stone,
But it dropped.
I tossed up a bird,
And it started to fly.
Rigden Djappo


  • Why even gods cease yawning of centuries-old human monotony, when a multifaceted diamond – a Homo Verus (Real Human) appears among a faceless grey mass of individuals.
  • An unusual meeting on the seashore. Recollections of a dead personality residing in a new child’s body.
  • Why implementation of a golden dream does not bring the expected feeling of universal happiness.
  • A phrase recalled at the last moment of life, when a car accident took place: “Life is an illusion of self-deception”.
  • Why everyone get what he or she deserves.
  • What makes a person value his/her life and use his/her time productively?
  • What death is given to people for.
  • What are the true treasures for securing one’s future?
  • How people have become proficient in deceiving themselves.
  • Saints’ attitude to death and life. Why Seraphim of Sarov kept a coffin inside his monk cell.
  • Opposition of two powerful natures. Everything is in person’s hands.
  • Which spiritual practice led Siddhartha Gautama to spiritual awakening, having transformed him into a God-like creature – Buddha. This practice was also mastered by selected pharaohs of the Ancient Egypt. This is a primordial spiritual practice of Belyao Dzy science.
  • The role of solar plexus in human physiology and energy structure.
  • Why hypothalamus is called “the ancient brain” or “the reptilian brain”. The role of hypothalamus in human organism and particularities of its work when the Lotus Flower spiritual practice is performed.
  • What are agathodaimon and cacodaimon, the two ancient centres located in hypothalamus, chakrans of subtle matter of which thoughts are made?
  • Why epiphysis is not just the human body master, but also a portal to the spiritual, more superior world. Its role in personality’s spiritual improvement. What epiphysis looks like, and how much it has in weight. Does it grow over the life?
  • Particularities of hypothalamus and epiphysis functioning when the Lotus Flower spiritual practice is performed.
  • What a person feels when the agathodaimon centre is stimulated.
  • Where negative thoughts, emotions, and doubts come from. Why people give way to depression, have dispirited mood or feel aggression.
  • How the vicious circle of animal nature meshes can be broken.
  • To which most primitive programme the human brain is tuned in to since birth, compared to all its capacities.
  • How the Lotus Flower spiritual practice works in the human organism, and why it is the outcome of any spiritual path, leading to one and the same inner Gate.
  • What the inner Guard of the Gate is, always knowing everything about a person, including all person’s secret and explicit desires. Additional functions of the Guard.
  • How the inner Gate may be opened.
  • What is the purpose of unique ancient structures in the human brain, such as epiphysis (pineal gland) and the hypothalamic area?
  • How lizards use their third parietal eye located under the skin and skull cover.
  • Which smallest particle, which contemporary scientists are unable to get to so far, forms everything, including people and the entire boundless space with all its galaxies?
  • Manifestations of extraordinary mental abilities in people, including children, who have an enlarged pineal gland.
  • Which knowledge about the pineal gland was available in ancient cultures?
  • Why did people in Ancient China and Tibet have a ritual of cremation of dead superior clergymen after which clergyman’s closest disciples looked for the so-called ringseh, the cerebral gravel of epiphysis?
  • Etymology of the word “epiphysis”.
  • Which truth was Rene Descartes, 17th century philosopher, mathematician, physician, and methodologist, close to, and which matter did he almost get at the heart of?
  • Existence of a functional link between the pineal gland and the visual system.
  • Is epiphysis connected with the soul? What contemporary science knows about the functions of epiphysis? Why is the entire knowledge available today only a speck on an ocean surface?
  • Will medicine of the future reveal the mystery of epiphysis? What should people learn in order to do this? Where will the world turn, if science gets to deciphering structures and information from the epiphysis holograms?
  • Which shorter way did ancient people know for discovering the world structure and the human nature?
  • Why is it more important for a given individual to get through his or her internal rather than to observe the external in confusion?
  • The Jesus Prayer as a strong and effective internal prayer used in Orthodox spiritual practice to achieve sanctity. Description of its effects and monastic elders’ recommendations given in the ancient book “The Good Nature”.
  • Why prayers represent a longer way to the soul opening, as compared to spiritual practices. Three stages of the prayer: prayer via mouth, prayer via mind, and mind descent to the heart.
  • Which of the following three ways to God is the right one: way of a slave, way of a mercenary, or way of son’s love? How can God be reached?
  • “In love there is no fear, yet perfect love banishes fear, because fear entails tormenting; the one who fears is imperfect in love.”
  • May one concentrate on his/her heart as a body organ while practicing the Jesus Prayer? What is the risk of such concentration?
  • Feelings and sensations experienced when the Jesus Prayer is practiced correctly.
  • Availability of an internal prayer or ”the soul prayer” in crypto-knowledge of any serious religion as an adaptation of the Lotus Flower practice. A key that opens the internal treasures.
  • Why was the true knowledge started to be concealed? Records of the internal prayer in the Bible.
  • What does the guilt complex mean for a person who is on the spiritual path?

“On the way to God, there should be no doubts, everything is rejected, and only pure Love remains. If a person becomes truly free inside, rejecting everything except Love, Love for God, all shackles simply vanish, for they are nothing, but an illusion. Such person knows his/her body is only a vehicle that goes where his/her genuine self, i.e. the soul, wants to.*

  • What is the decisive battle for a person who follows the spiritual path? The only path leading to the Gate.
  • The principal inner sign which appears, when a person enters the final battle with the animal nature for supremacy of the soul in his/her body.
  • Capacities gained by the one who has passed the First Guard.
  • The process that in ancient yoga was associated with a dormant serpent awakening and ascent along the spine up to the Milfoil chakran which is a projection of epiphysis.
  • The path of the select few, associated with epiphysis opening. A more superior sign – the Eye, the All-Seeing Eye, the Eye of Horus, or the Eye of Phaeton Goddess.
  • Why people who have passed the final section of the spiritual path up to the Gate understand each other without any words when they meet, like true brothers.
  • The difference in states of a person residing in God and a person without God in the soul. Eternal happiness or ghostly illusions.
  • A discovery of Sumerian civilization times – the ritual goblet of Prince Gudea, and the meaning of symbols depicted on it.
  • Who were indeed such characters of ancient legends as Ningishzida, Ningirsu, Enlil, and Gilgamesh?
  • Who Mezhanins and Sokrovenniks are.
  • What does the symbol of two twisted serpents ascending along the crosier mean? The serpent symbol worship in different ancient cultures.

“Life puts barriers so various that are difficult to imagine. And those are needed solely to stop you. The higher a person ascends spiritually, the grosser such barriers may be. Yet, if a person doesn’t care a damn for them, they simply vanish like a mirage, like an illusion. No barriers actually exist at all. However, when a person is entrapped by his/her animal nature, this evidences such person is material, in conflict with himself/herself, and does not fully belong to the spiritual. When a person gives up, it means he or she does not deserve to abandon the reincarnation circle…”

  • The Chinese approached this subject very subtly and closely.
  • Why did the Shambala Stamp appear on serpentine guarders of ancient Slavs?
  • What is so special about Slavs as a nation?
  • Prediction of the Slavic people’s destiny and the event to take place (already having taken place!) two months and eight days prior to the sign of times, foretold by the ancients. The fall of fiery birds on Egypt which will take place eight years, five months, and six days before the world renewal…  (and this has already happened!)
  • Mistakes made by people who start following the spiritual development path. What should one do when the animal nature becomes more active.
  • Why a person’s faith is his/her future reality and main weapon in the battle against his/her animal nature.
  • Why the animal nature affects, and what its goal is. What is the main stumbling block for many people on the beginning of their path?
  • What is a catalyst for activation of the power of one’s soul?
  • “A person who has overcome his/her animal nature and achieved enlightenment, does not die, but simply passes to God…”
  • The problem of many people. Why doubts not just spoil, but kill the best within a person.
  • Why it is important to remain Human. How a truly spiritual person treats external problems and life troubles.
  • Why the spiritual way is not an amusement park.
  • Demonstration of a clairvoyance experiment.
  • An extraordinary event due to which an elderly woman exchanges her life for the life of her missing granddaughter.
  • What would you choose, if you get a chance to ask: desires of short-lived moments or the eternity?
  • The difference between the game of believing in God and the true faith. Would a truly spiritual person be window dressing?
  • The unifying mind of this world and its attitude to people who follow the spiritual way.
  • What happens if you always postpone the important for your soul to later?
  • Why Kiev still remains one of the most mysterious cities on the earth.
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra. The history of Lavra establishment and caves creation. Underground churches. Relics of saints. What seclusion is.
  • The mystery of Lavra caves, hidden in wall paintings. The Blessed Virgin’s “Third Eye”. Frescos under whitewash layers.
  • How did the Shambala Stamp appear in the middle of the iconostasis in the underground Church of Presentation of the Most Holy Mother of God in the Temple? Why this place is so special.
  • Remains of which Bodhisattva are preserved in the Near Caves?
  • Saint Agapetus (Agapit), the Doctor. His spiritual power. What was proved by scientific researches in 1988-1990. Imperishable remains having enormous biomotor characteristics. Scientists have restored appearances of such saints as Agapit, Nestor the Chronicler, Ilya Muromets, Varlaam.
  • The reason of numerous cases of people recovering near Agapit’s relics. Incredible recovery of an old woman before visitors’ eyes.
  • Who resembles Saint Agapetus among currently living people.
  • Faith is a great power and a good conductor.
  • The real story of acquaintance of Bodhisattva Agapit and Antony.
  • Who was ordained into guardians of the Lotus Temple which is located in Kiev since the times of the previous Alt-Landa civilization and where a fragment of Chintomania as a source of power and place of the future renascence of humanity in kept?
  • “Here, anyone who addresses God with pure faith, regardless of religion he/she practices, will be rewarded... It’s pity though that many people keep asking not for their soul redemption, but rather for their bodies healing. The Holy Spirit has the power to liberate souls. And bodies… are only clothes change…”
  • Why it’s difficult to deceive a person who seeks God with his/her entire soul.
  • Why monks differ. A huge difference despite same clothing.
  • A strange incident with an old nun who fell down to her knees and asked to bless her soul.    
  • How many chances are given to a person over his/her life?
  • A mysterious visit of monastic elder Antony to Sensei. An unusual conversation between Bodhisattva and Saint on the humanity’s destiny. 
  • Does the external or the internal torment people? Does anything prevent people from reaching God?  
  • Why for many people it would be like death, if Bodhisattva discloses his Genuine face.
  • Why no one will be able to justify their ignorance, saying: “Lord, I’ve been searching and haven’t found”.
  • The edifying luminary prayer filled with God’s power and given at Antony’s request.

My True Father,

I set my hopes upon You, the One,

And I only ask You, God,

For my soul salvation.

Let Your Holy will

Be my strengthening on this path,

For my life without You is a mere empty moment.

And only service to You leads to the Eternal life.



Only the one who goes to the light
will come out of the darkness.
Rigden Djappo 


Prepared by: Julia Matveyeva (Russia)    

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