Ezoosmos. Contents.

Ezoosmos book consists of three parts containing three stories with participation of the main character Sensei. This book discusses issues of life and death; the multidimensional human structure; the issue of time; and what is beyond the matter boundaries. Furthermore, a theme of energy parasites and destructors present in the human society is taken up at length, including mechanisms of their destructive activities and means of protection against their influence. The last part of the book is devoted to Geliars, the warriors of Light...

   Hidden reality is present in the human society every day. Perception of its secrets helps one not only to gain experience of existence in this world, but also to make a step in investigation of one’s own self... Numerous so-called people’s diseases, sudden depressions, suicide attempts, accidents, murders are results of hidden forces’ activity. In the past, there were those who actively opposed them, defending people on the other side of reality. The scales of Good and Evil are in hands of a human. Ezoosmos determines everything






  • What is the main thing in a human being – flesh or spirit?
  • The power of spirit vs. the body power. How a single person can easily overcome eight people in hand-to-hand fighting?
  • Who is a human being compared to billions of stars?
  • Associative comparison of a human life with the life of stars. Why loneliness is a psychic illusion?
  • In which features are stars and people similar to each other as creatures? Binary systems.
  • Why triple stars cannot coexist stably.
  • Which coincidences are there in the laws of coexistence of stars and the human society?
  • Star interactions in complex systems. Analogy with a human group.
  • Mass psychology with respect to people, animals and stars. What is correlation?
  • Which size of a human group is optimal?
  • The same laws of matter in microcosm and macrocosm. Examples of an anthill and star galaxies.
  • Properties of gravitational fields. What makes everything in the material universe interconnected?
  • Why is it difficult for human mind to image the infinity of the stellar space?
  • What do people represent for the enormous universal organism?
  • Which same components form human bodies and stars?
  • How is the total mass of the matter transformed into diverse material objects?
  • The vital energy, prana, “the breath of life”.
  • What is life in its genuine sense? Ezoosmos – the inner impulse of energy.
  • Billions of planets inhabited by people. Why don’t they contact us? Rational life in the outer space. Life other than biological.
  • What does alternative life look like? One of the biggest populations of rational beings made of little “bulbs”. Is it possible to detect their movement with modern equipment?
  • Why a human body represents the void, and how do this and other two factors prevent people from getting in touch with such rational beings?
  • The parallel paradox is neither described nor studied by contemporary physics yet.
  • Rational beings neutrino.
  • What is needed in order to pass to another time or another parallel?
  • Why human knowledge of the diverse world is just the first little steps in cognition?
  • Is it realistic to pass to a parallel world and find rational, intellectual life there?
  • What is exit to Nirvana? Exit beyond all parallels, beyond time and space.
  • Exit from material universes.
  • Why is it said that a spiritually mature person does not die?
  • Possibility to abandon the matter and enter the spiritual level.
  • Can any person pass to God’s reality?
  • Human body as a focused wave with a short impulse of vital energy.
  • Why is it necessary to use the transient term of earthly life reasonably?

– Remember: everything is inside you! Once you change from the inside, the world around you will change as well. Material problems are only a temporary occurrence, a certain trial to test you… You don’t imagine how material your thoughts are, and how they utilize the power of your attention. If you keep giving priority to your negative thoughts, to cacodaimon, it’s totally your fault that your troubles have become chronic. Whereas, should you be giving priority to positive thoughts, i.e. should you be daily stimulating your agathodaimon centre of positive thinking, you’d be surprised with your inner transformation and with the way the world would be changing around you, as if God Himself had turned His eyes on you and started helping you. You’d experience indescribable internal sensations of the Presence. When you reside in boundless Love to everything you are surrounded with, when you give this Love to God, your soul, being His part, is awakening. When your soul awakes, the one who will change in the first place will be yourself. And, once you change, you’ll discover a completely different reality along with opportunities that you’ve never dreamt of…


  • Does God really exist?
  • The time phenomenon. Why are there different perceptions of time?
  • What is time in reality?
  • What is veritable time, global time, objective time, and subjective time?
  • Why does the lapse of time depend on the speed of a reference system movement?
  • Conditional character of time measurement units. Is the standard imperfect?
  • The time paradox. Why do time and space represent integral characteristics of the matter?
  • A connection between time and gravitation.
  • Properties of Allat as of the initial cause of the material world generation and existence.
  • Are there concepts of time, space, and gravitation in God’s reality?
  • Is there a mirror reflection of the world?
  • Why is it impossible to create a time machine?
  • The true time of the material world living is an instant.
  • Particles and antiparticles. The genuine antimatter.
  • Why it’s so important to be a Human throughout the life.
  • What happens to the soul after the body dies.
  • How a person can turn into a ghost.
  • The concept of time in chronobiology. Acceleration or deceleration of one’s internal time. Different perceptions of different living creatures.
  • How time perception changes in extreme situations.
  • A stunning example of movement in space or teleportation. The laws of such phenomenon.
  • Time operation principle. Asymmetry as a property of time.
  • What is the velocity of light based on in actual fact? A link between the velocity of light and gravitation.
  • What is gravitation in reality?
  • Fantastic capabilities of neutrino and the role of those in Allat manifestation and formation of the visible world. The double sense of a five-pointed star: a symbol of the female nature and Allat.
  • How people can cover any distances with minimal power inputs and no loss of time.
  • Elementary and fundamental particles. What are they composes of in actual fact, and how do they differ?
  • Internal potential and external charge.
  • What did Danish physicist Niels Bohr do wrong?
  • What do all material objects have, starting from a quark right up to stars?
  • Falseness of the quantum-mechanical theory of atomic structure and the corpuscular-wave dualism principle.
  • In which cases an electron turns into a wave.
  • Internal potential as a decisive factor for a human being.
  • How does the Allat energy transform the Po particle?
  • Who is a human being beyond all matter?
  • The reason why there are numerous religions and permanent disputes between them. Why God cannot be explained logically.
  • Why does a slightest doubt kill everything?
  • How can a person enchain his/her animal nature? The entire complexity is in simplicity.
  • The main weapon ensuring person’s victory in Lucifer’s game. People’s responsibility for the choice in their life. A complete “game over” or exit from the labyrinth of matter?
  • What is a true repentance?
  • An extraordinary incident near the night fire. Flame leaves the person intact. Physic abilities and the reality of physics.
  • The great happiness of a Human returning to his/her genuine Home.



  • Why suicidal thoughts cross the mind of teenagers without any apparent cause.
  • Strange obtrusive suicide attempts in children who have no mental disorders or pathologies.
  • Children’s suicide epidemic in recent years.
  • Goals of destructive religious organisations.
  • Is it possible to delete information from the subconscious by substituting an illusion for the reality in order to force a person to commit suicide?
  • What is a real starting mechanism of suicidal behaviour?
  • A technique to alter one’s consciousness, which makes it possible to awake a person’s real self and call it for a dialogue.
  • An epochal discovery in the history of humanity, relating to life of a human being before and after physical death.
  • Why suicide does not “free” from problems, but rather aggravates those.
  • A phenomenal example of a dialogue with “a former personality” residing in a new body. Sensations of the said personality. What real hell is.
  • Existence of a whole “company” of former personalities within a human being. Explanation of such phenomenon by an example of an egg cell and a spermatozoon.
  • The purpose of the soul existence and the Personality’s task.
  • Who angel is, and how one can become an angel.
  • Why children with totally different tempers and bents may be born in one and the same family.
  • Consequences of a doubt in the Spiritual World, the world of serious energies.
  • Impact of a powerful negative force that changes the reality in deep layers of the subconscious and incites a person to suicide.
  • Everything now prevailing within a person will multiply after death.
  • An incredible experience of a Personality transferring to a new body and returning back to his “old” body. Profound sensations and awareness of the person.
  • Can drug therapy eliminate the causes of human mental illnesses?
  • Why over six hundred thousand people on our planet, including children of 5 to 14 years old, commit suicide every year. 
  • Shocking information on the root of the suicide issue.
  • Numerous human “diseases”, sudden depressive positions and suicide attempts as a result of actions of a Kanduk’s circle.
  • Who Kanduk is. Why all stories spread among people about the most terrible vampires are a baby talk compared to what Kanduk really does.
  • Three circles of Kanduk’s “assistants”: Lemboys, Klokhtuns, Iznyl.
  • Kanduk’s conscious rebirths. How everlasting is the “eternal” life in a body.
  • Why physical extermination of Kanduk’s body is like a big gift for him.
  • How Kanduk can be traced.
  • What happens when interests of Kanduk circles merge with interests or Destructors, or Arhonts.
  • Why evils spirits unite much faster than spiritual people.
  • How Kanduk circles emerge. In which ways they recruit people for wringing prana out of them.
  • Symptoms experienced by a “connected” person.
  • How to protect oneself from negative influence. Why people should never bear ill will towards others.
  • Why babies are particularly interesting for a Kanduk. Regrettable statistics for non-typical suicides.
  • Which country is one of the major global sanctuaries for Kanduks and Lemboys.
  • Perversion of concepts of Love, Freedom, and Shambala for attracting prana “forage”.
  • Shambala as the initial source of knowledge seeds available in all world religions. Why Shambala does not interfere in human affairs. Where Shambala may be found.
  • Why the mankind fails even the simplest exam.
  • Why Kanduks are not interesting for Shambala.
  • Who Geliars are. Secret union and activities. Struggle against evil spirits on the other side of consciousness. What Geliars’ major task is.
  • Who Geliars were in the secular world. True Warriors of Light in God’s service.
  • Difference between the ways of Saints and Geliars. Why the way of a Saint is somewhat selfish.
  • Why Saints are canonized only after their death.
  • Which difficulties are faced by Geliars on their path?
  • The Order of Geliars internal structure. Etimons. Pravi. Power circles. How Geliars replenish themselves with prana.
  • Why the Order of Geliars declined. Why Pravi Tamga was closed. Where it’s stored.
  • Violation of the monad balance.
  • Why Slavs were called pravoslavny (orthodox) long before they adopted Christianity.


  • The world of karst caves. Stalactites and stalagmites as a chronicle of Crimean coast evolution.
  • Observation of one’s sensations and influence of caves on psyche of different people. The power of fear.
  • A “dirt repeller”. Recommendations on its creation. 
  • An underground lake with seven stalagmite lotuses. The snow-white Sphinx.
  • An unusual monument with boulders covered with different inscriptions of mathematical codes, drawings, and reliefs.
  • The most ancient of known populations in Crimea. Cimmerians, Tavrs, Scythians.
  • A living illusion generated by the play of light and shadow, created by ancient experts of wave optics. Human figures in spacesuits and a pangolin-dinosaur with several celestial bodies above them. Ancient legends.
  • A mysterious ring-shaped gangway provoking unexplainable fear.
  • A snow-white temple of remarkable beauty in the mountain bowels.
  • A unicorn skull. A shield door made of a super-strong material at the absolute zero.
  • High technology of the previous civilization.
  • A capsule that will remain intact, even if the entire Earth would explode. The manuscript of Bodhisattva Agapit, written by the Holy Spirit Himself.
  • How Pravi Tamga looks. A crystal of an extraterrestrial origin, in which the power of many Pravi generations in accumulated. Tamga of the Shambala Sovereign. Its appearance, an inexhaustible power accumulated in crystals, and the symbolic meaning. The sign of Grail.
  • The LotusTemple located in the area of the third eye of Osiris’s head in Kiev Pechersk Lavra.
  • Shambala interference during the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Legend on Horus’s magic eye: a myth or the truth?
  • A shadow eraser in the LotusTemple, the mysterious creation of the unknown civilization.
  • Future events, global disasters and cataclysms on the Earth.
  • Rigden Djappo’s gaze… Sacred instants of the Eternity…
  • Which Chance is given to everyone.
  • A beautiful large-tonnage Pravi dolmen. Existence of dolmens on all continents. Undiscovered secrets of dolmen construction. Dolmens purpose.
  • Whose “residence” used to be located in a paradisiacal place on a gorgeous lakeside, where the Black Sea waves lap at present.
  • Prediction of the extraction of an imperishable body of a Buddhist monk buried in 1927 in Buryatia.
  • Predictions of the events of our time. The beginning of the end. Who will need dollars, when America ceases to exist itself?
  • Slavs as the only remaining spiritual bastion of this world, capable of saving the mankind.
  • Existence or the True Life?
  • Geliars’ ezoosmos is in the world again. 






Prepared by: Julia Matveyeva (Russia)    

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