Soul, Personality, primary and secondary Consciousness: a scheme

We have come to know so much over the last several years thanks to the knowledge brought into the world by Rigden Djappo. Books, TV programs, live conversations, talks in the circle of like-minded people, personal insights and spiritual experiences... As a result, today we already have an opportunity to look into the knowledge, verify it, and most importantly get convinced of what we are as human beings. Now we understand there are SoulPersonalityprimary and secondary Consciousnessthe four Aspects (Essences), and we understand the difference between them, although some five years ago, let’s recall, we had no idea even of the Aspects.

Recently we have received an e-mail with a scheme. Perhaps, such classification might seem erroneous to somebody, but our website is analytical, therefore we believe the information space must be filled with vital knowledge of the human nature. Moreover, such schemes may be quite appropriate as a manual for easier learning by consciousness at initial stages of spiritual evolution. So, write your comments, suggest clarifications, etc. After all, the scheme presented below may be improved, changed or supplemented.

Who knows, maybe soon will come a time when primary- and middle-school students will draw such schemes on blackboards. Let’s hope to God.


Our gratitude to the author!

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Soul, Personality, primary and secondary Consciousness: a scheme Soul, Personality, primary and secondary Consciousness: a scheme - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 254
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Consciousness and Personality.
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