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We have received a very interesting letter with a proposal to compile a sort of an Animal Nature Trick Dictionary on our website, which would further be developed and supplemented by virtue of practical experiences of our readers. This is a wonderful idea, owing to which we hereby start a new section devoted to the Animal Mind System study and entitled Sharing experience... studying the System (see the above Menu). This new section will somewhat coincide with the Catharsis section. Why? In order to analyse and possibly systematize the collected and reviewed material.

We invite everyone to participate in this exciting and useful inner work, for one thing is to study the Animal Mind System’s stereotypes and patterns in small groups, and a totally different thing is to share experience publicly and post one’s gained understanding for a much wider audience of many thousands of people all over the world.





“I am not able to do this...”


“I don’t want to do this.”

“And what if... perhaps... what if this will take place as follows ...”


This won’t happen. This is needed to draw Personality into thinking and use the power of his / her attention.



Masking of the Animal Mind System’s work or laziness justification

“I shall do it later.”


“I’m not going to do it.”

“I am tired.”


“I don’t want to do what I’m doing. Stop working, let’s uncontrolledly waste the power of Allat.”

“That person is guided by the animal nature and misbehaves.”


Intention to set Personality against another Personality, forcing him / her to invest the power of attention into the animal nature strengthening in both persons (pride / Left Aspect activation in one person and Right Aspect activation in the other)

“They think you are controlled by the animal nature (conducting the Animal Mind will)”.


They don’t think about you at all.

“You haven’t immersed in practice deeply enough. You’ve just wasted your time”.


Sowing doubts

“They know what you think about.”


They don’t know what you think about. No one really cares what thoughts you have. And, generally speaking, is it really you who thinks?

“Don’t set the alarm clock. You will wake up yourself.”


It’s better to set the alarm clock.

“He does not hear you. He has left you. Help, help!”


Hardly so... but even if He “does not hear and has left”, what about the Spirit?

“Imagine!... (think of the future)”


“Direct the power of attention onto an illusion.” (There is no future yet, what’s the sense of thinking about it?)

“Recall... (think of the past)”


“Direct the power of attention onto an illusion.” (There is no past already, you cannot go back and correct anything there.)

“Perhaps, I need to try this?... Or that?”


Sowing doubts in order to draw you away from your initial decision taken from the spiritual nature perspective.

“I should have done that way! Why didn’t I listen to my intuition?”


Directing attention towards an unimplemented desire, sticking to the past instead of identifying the pattern (animal nature program) and learning a lesson

“Look, what a nice ...!  (car, girl, apartment, picture, and so on, and so forth)”


This is the most widespread animal nature trick – a proposal to admire, to imagine, to dream, and eventually to passionately desire.

“He (she) has looked at me strangely! Most probably, he (she) has got mad at me, because I did something wrong.”


A person who has “looked strangely” could have totally different thoughts at that moment which had nothing to do with you.

“I won’t have time to save my soul!”


Don’t worry! It’s only a voice in your head. Continuing working on yourself.

“It’s too late for me to learn.”


There are no notions such as “late” or “early”, there is only “here and now”. In the here and now moment it’s right the time to learn!

“ I won’t make it...”


You will make it if you want, but you should be aware of “what” and “what for".

“I am not handsome (pretty)… I am stupid… poor… old…”


The true me (Personality) is always filled with love and kindness, absolutely happy and self-sufficient.

“I will start keeping a diary after the New Year holidays, for it contains calendar dates. I will start from January 1.”


This means it is right the time to start entering diary notes (even in an ordinary notebook) today.

“I don’t have a couple...”


A couple for what? For intimacy or spiritual evolution? How can a couple assist in self-improvement, if self-improvement means individual work of every person within himself or herself? Perhaps, at a certain stage of life it is better to evolve on one’s own.

“I am so tired of my job and colleagues! I will quit tomorrow.”


“I don’t value what I have now and demand too much, not giving anything in exchange.” Bosses and colleagues are great “teachers”! The world around shows to Personality what he / she should improve inside.

“I don’t experience deep inner feelings.”


This is an attempt to feel deep inner feelings through 5 sense organs and consciousness, while they are felt through a different “tool”.

“This (a person, circumstances, etc.) prevents me from developing spiritually.”


This prevents one only from having expectations. Nobody and nothing in this world is obliged to be the way a person wants. No one owes him / her anything. Nothing prevents one from development, on the contrary maintaining conditions for self-improvement.




to be supplemented...




We invite readers to participate in the exciting pursuit – compiling of a more complete version of the Animal Nature Trick Dictionary. Beyond all doubt, by common efforts we will elucidate this burning issue much broader. The more light we cast on the subject, the less shadow will remain. Write in comments what you would like to add.


Received from Vasily (Ukraine)

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