Decryption of I, Pet Goat II prophetic animated video


    Once again we draw your attention to the sensational animated short film I, Pet Goat II that caused such a stir and contains numerous signs and symbols in its fleeting shots, definitely needing decryption. This momentous animation was obviously created with a hidden purpose. We’ve decided to post one of versions of this prophetical puzzle decryption on our website, since the basic subject of the video is what we are mostly interested in: the advent of Messiah and destruction of the old world foundations.

    Let’s start with viewing the video itself:



    Explanation by the video creator:

    First of all, I’d like to say the film came to me in a visual form, like to an artist who sees colours and shapes with his mind’s eye. And I endeavoured to reflect what I saw accurately, not always understanding the meaning. Some symbols were quite evident. To decode others I had to rack my brain over them pretty much. I don’t claim to be an expert in symbolism. I’m just advancing in studying symbols little by little. I don’t claim to know the truth. As I understand, the language of archetypes is filled with much deeper meaning than the language of words. Thus, archetypes may be interpreted in a simplified way only. It’s same as trying to explain a poem.


    The decryption base was taken from the website We sincerely thank the author for tremendous job done on decoding of the animation. At that, we would like to supplement and slightly modify the information. All the red text below is ours. So, let’s start...


    We shall try to decode what the video authors wanted to say, whom the video is addressed to and, most importantly, who evoked such message. The video is mental pabulum for those who are awaking and those who are still asleep. It’s a film devoted to upcoming events. The title I, Pet Goat IIis a hint of My Pet Goat children’s story collection read by US president George Bush (junior) in a classroom to kids on 11 September 2001 (hereinafter – 9\11). He continued sitting in the classroom and reading the book for 7 minutes (which equals to the animated film duration) right at the time when the World Trade Center towers were attacked.


    Let’s view the famous video with George Bush:



    President Bush was severely criticized for not leaving the classroom immediately. Another gloomy, but symbolic point is which words the teacher proposed to kids to say during the class. Five words from the book they uttered aloud were as follows: kite, hit, plane, steel, and must. Sometimes it seemed children were chanting: “A kiting plane must collide with steel”. And the plane indeed collided with steel…

    I, Pet Goat II starts with a goat trapped inside a box in a concentration camp. The goat is being hypnotized. A barcode with 666 can be seen on the goat’s forehead. On the box in which the goat is, there is a picture of man leading a barking dog on a leash.



    Although the video is titled I, Pet Goat II, it’s totally logical to assume the author meant a different phrase: “I am a pet goat”. Numeral II at the title ending is read as two, sounding exactly like the word too. Hence, the title may be read as: “I am a pet goat, too”. It’s not clear whether the author meant viewers or himself. Perhaps, he wants to say he is controlled just like every viewer and gives information in his film by the guidance from above.

    The hypnotized goat is kept on a leash, imprisoned, marked with the Beast number, and has a bell attached to it (as a means to trace the object). Some people believe the barcode is an electronic embodiment of the Beast brand, for in every barcode three sixes are ciphered. Probably, the authors associate the goat with projection of psychic and mental health of entire humanity seized by the vice of money-grabbing and obeying dark forces. Humanity is imprisoned in a dungeon for mind and soul, which is evidenced by the barbed wire beyond which the goat cannot go.



    Goat’s eyes are revolving counter-clockwise, which is the vector of negativism, destruction, and human degradation. This is a very important and demonstrative point! Such counter-clockwise movement is aimed at the matter consolidation into the single material Mind (the Animal Mind) and means the function of destruction and opposition to Allat divine forces. (Read more about the fundamental importance of spirals here.)

    Under the goat, a guard with a dog is depicted on the box, meaning human slavery is carefully protected by law-enforcement agencies. The searchlight illuminating the goat (that has awakened the latter) symbolizes the all-seeing eye, Masonic eye, total control (“you are always supervised”).

    If we consider this shot is a biblical context, the goat may symbolize those whom Jesus rejected, having “separated the sheep from the goats”. This means events in the video should take place during the biblical antichrist reign or a little earlier, prior to his coming.

    Later on, we see two hands manipulating a puppet. The puppet master. The hands look reptilian, blood is running on them, and on one hand there is a dollar seal ring. It’s assumed all such puppeteers care for their money only and don’t mind soiling their hands in blood. Money means greediness, while blood means fear. These two factors are sufficient for controlling people like a herd of cattle (visualized by the goat).

    Let’s add this signifies the power of Archons over a herd of almost 8,000,000,000 slaves who have no idea they are slaves.



    These hands most probably belong to Drako, the character whom we see later in the animation. Once the hands start manipulating, we can see the puppet is president Bush. Perhaps, George Bush was selected by the dark elite as the first of major characters to promote and establish total slavery on the planet. Bush wears a white cap with letter D, meaning Dummy or Dumb.



    This clown is dancing on black-and-white floor that resembles a chessboard (famous Masonic symbol), and the light is falling on it in a form of a five-pointed star (another Masonic symbol). Look attentively where one of the star rays points! Under the chessboard there is a picture of human brain cut by lightning. Whereas on the right there is a reptile-dragon invading the human brain area (there is a so-called reptilian brain located between cerebral hemispheres).

    The Green Dragon is a secret occult society directly controlled by Archons.



    F=-F is Newton’s third law stating: “When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body”. Or there is a loose interpretation of the law: “for every action, there is a relevant counteraction”. This works both in physics and real life. If there is goodness, there is always evil, and vice versa: should there be evil, there exists good.

    The brain cut in two casts thoughts of the story of Adam’s and Eve’s fall, when they perceived good and evil, i.e. became dual. A separating mind emerged in their consciousness and eliminated the contact between earthly consciousness and spiritual sphere, between the logical hemisphere and the intuitive one. Since that time people are out of their head, don’t see the most important, and are easy to manipulate, what the dragon on the right is actually doing.

    Letters O and Z in the alphabet on the right are sloping and associated with the magician from the land OZ, implying that everything you see is a mystification.



    Bush’s hands are inertly hanging, but then he violently pushes off and starts dancing “for our entertainment”. At that, he demonstrates Illuminati sacral gesture (the All-Seeing Eye), which he does very fast and nearly unnoticeably.




    Once the dance is over, he sits down on a chair and begins to shame the viewer (the girl with an apple). This scene reflects a real situation when Bush was sitting in the classroom and reading My Pet Goat. The classroom is indeed shown, and the president is sitting in a similar position on the chair, while the teacher slightly resembles the one from the school video (a plump Afro-American woman).

    Several symbols are seen on the wall behind the president’s back, and we can examine them while he’s stupidly mumbles his speech.



    The scheme of human evolution, at the end of which there is a highly-evolved person with a golden crown-shaped halo behind his head (a distinct hint at enlightenment). Most likely, it’s a hint at the apogee of consciousness, human mind development and subsequent complete loss of sensitivity and spirituality

    The clock shows midday or midnight. This may indicate the new era beginning, as if the clock is at the starting position.

    The US map indicates sacrifice acts (acts of terror) implemented by the dark elite in the past: the building blown up in Oklahoma, three buildings blown up in New York, the flood in New Orleans (questionable), the oil well blown up in the Gulf of Mexico.



    Magen David star on a paper snowflake. It hints that Jews (Leviticus) stand behind all this. Possibly, a certain number of snowflakes indicate America’s nearest future: Yellowstone volcano eruption and consequential sharp change from heat to cold.

    The wall painting depicts an owl, the main symbol of dark elites who gather together every year in Bohemian Grove. Owl is one of Masonic symbols.

    An ejaculating penis is chalked on the blackboard. Together with a burning house and a shark it may be interpreted so that the 9/11 event was an act of sacrifice with release of enormous energy, on which the Wall Street sharks earned “some” money. (???) 

    A hanged man chalked on the blackboard and the word evoL_T__N, most likely meaning evolution. Probably, this indicates the evolution of consciousness shown on the upper scheme. L is marked out, and if we read the word back to front it will be Love. Humanity has the last chance to guess the remaining 3 letters; we are at the crossroads: either evolution or death. The word may also be read back to front as NotToLove: “we support evolution, but we don’t love you”. The gibbet is chalked as if it’s an unfinished letter R. If we add the hanged man’s missing leg, we will get the letter R and the word Revolution. That is, people have the only way remaining: revolution of consciousness through love on the way to enlightenment (recall the picture above the blackboard).

    The heart. At the video beginning we could hear heartbeat. The author says “A story about the fire at the heart of suffering”. We must use our hearts to release the fire burning within us.




    Then we see president Bush The Dunce demonstrating another Illuminati sacral gesture: “the she-goat”. A certain ritual is taking place. Bush rotates his head, implying elections, i.e. rotation of power, and he turns into charming and intellectual president Obama having a knowledge attribute on his head and wearing white gloves (the attribute of a high-ranked Mason). However, he is governed from outside, just like the entire elite. Humanity is prepared, the first stage has passed, and now a wise and charismatic politician is needed. They brought unknown Obama to the political arena.

    He gives people an illusion he is better, cleverer and closer to the people than president Bush. Nevertheless, he sits down on the same chair, and the same puppeteer manipulates him. A prompter prompts he must make merry, and he begins to LOL (laugh out loud).



    Then we see a girl whom Heliofant calls Lily. She looks like Alice in Wonderland and holds an apple, maybe the one Eve gave to Adam. Heliofant tells a little about her: “And suddenly a startling realization arose in Lily: "This apple is not mine", she thought."It belongs to someone else.” It’s she for whom Bush and Obama make their performance.



    A very interesting interpretation is proposed by niva in her comments to this article! Such interpretation is deeper and much more expressive. Here’s an extract from it:

“Lily’s name means the lily flower which is evidenced by other symbols (her white dress, a protective circle, and a lily on the wall). But the girl is not just holding an apple in her hands, no! The apple here is a symbol of the Knowledge which was dual in its primordial form, meaning cognition of illusory forms of Good and Evil. In fact, the girl is not just sitting and meditating with an apple in her hands...))): she is actually playing the Hanged Man game drawn on the blackboard, represented by a part of correctly guessed word and a partially hanged man. The partially hanged man image says the Word Guess game is not going smoothly or without mistakes. At that, for a detached onlooker the word is quite guessable, and if Lily does guess it correctly, the Evolution will take place, including the evolution of consciousness clearly depicted on the wall above: starting from fish and up to the enlightened man. Moreover, there are explanations below: the divided consciousness of the contemporary mankind enslaved by the dragon. Oh, yeah! Lily is surrounded by twelve shapes, and some people think these are countries, but to me the shapes look like golems, unlike Lily herself. Well, eventually Lily guesses the word correctly, and the evolution of consciousness takes place, because from the two halves of the fallen apple (the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil cognition) the Flower of Life sprouts, and the Lotus bud blossoms out. As you know, Lotus is an ancient symbol of spiritual revival, unity, spiritual purity, and eternal life in God. By the way, lotus is a lily analogue. And this Lily’s deed causes the rest of unfolding events, including stormy external events... Well, thereafter, most importantly, a purely biblical character appears in a boat of eternity. He is the one who has come to separate “Living from dead”... And it’s him, the Son of Man in his Glory, who stands in the boat of eternity and has come to this world as the Judge. This is symbolized by Anubis’s head drawn on the boat (in Ancient Egypt Anubis performed the function of the Judge of All Living and Dead, the Judge of Souls.)


    The girl embodies the Slavic peoples, which are also symbolized by the hare and deer depicted on walls. A lily on the right wall is the symbol of Good Tidings and Archangel Gabriel. The apple in such case means the primordial knowledge about human nature, Soul and God (ALLATRA) brought by Rigden Djappo... (we’ll speak of him later)

    The total number of figures is also noteworthy: 13, meaning full circle in sacral terms. The illumination change, when the door EXIT gets lit up, indicates the brought Knowledge permits to EXIT, as we believe, “the boundaries of the Animal Mind world, and leave for the 7th dimension”...

    The girl symbolizes virgin purity, protected by the golden circle. 12 figures behind her create a contour resembling Russia map. It can be assumed the 12 figures, 10 of which are behind the barbed wire, mean Russia and its 11 post-Soviet satellites. However, if we look more attentively, we can see the outside left figure loos like Yin-Yang sign, hinting at China (later on we shall encounter this symbol again). In such case, the girl can also symbolize Russia (she has a typical Slavic appearance) that possesses the knowledge (the forbidden fruit), but is unable to use it, while other figures mean the rest of G13 states, or the 12 countries with which Russia has land borders.

    The fact she lets the apple roll means she shares the possessed knowledge rather than keeping it for herself. The apple is rolling to president Obama’s feet and as if splits in two halves beside his shoe. From two apple halves (signifying the two opposites) the Flower of Life sprouts and opens its bud. This makes the president sweat, for he knows the truth makes people free, and this is exactly what they try to conceal from us.

    Look at the far corner of the room. There is the EXIT sign and a white rabbit. The girl has a way out and makes her choice, letting the apple out of her hands. The coin is depicted with symbols on it, resembling heraldic symbols of the English royal family. The LC abbreviation (Luis Carroll) reminds us of how deep the “Illuminati burrow” is. If we google LC England, we arrive at Windsor, England. Windsor Castle is one of the oldest royal residences. As for blood relationships within the British royal family, David Icke writes a lot about that, and I recommend everyone interested to read his works.



    Before the apple splits, we see two strange geometric indicators, two lines joined in a corner, and a semicircle (crescent). If we turned the frame and looked from the girl’s position, the semicircle and the apple (circle) would make up the ancient AllatRa symbol signifying God’s creative power and known to humanity from time immemorial (see an image collection).



    Seeds are germinating, although these do not look like apple shoots. Fruits of the apple of knowledge are transformed into the Lotus flower, which is the symbol of the world origin, constructive force, existence expansion, and renaissance. Since deep antiquity, this flower was held sacred by Aryans, Hindus, Egyptians, Buddhists, etc. It was revered in China and Japan, and was adopted as a Christian emblem by the Greek and Roman Churches which replaced it by the lily flower and turned into the Messenger symbol. Can this mean transformation of the initial knowledge of good and evil into the knowledge of one’s source? Surely, can, for lotus will accompany us during the entire video.

    The lotus flower is one of the main symbols embodying the Primordial Knowledge brought by Rigden Djappo (the Judge and the Shambala Sovereign). A blossoming lotus means expansion of the Knowledge accepted by people.

    The coin visible under Obama’s shoe indicates that puppeteers (Windsors) control the global financial system.



    Obama is scared of the lotus; dirty sweat runs down his face, for an inglorious fate is prepared for him ahead... Being a puppet, Obama is scared of another thing: spiritual freedom is coming to the world, capable of destroying plans of the “human herd masters”. The latter are very well aware how powerful spiritual freedom is, and how terrible their own end will be.



    Outside the school we can see Psalm 23 graffiti on the wall.



Psalm 23:

    The innocent in hands, and clean of heart, who hath not taken his soul in vain, nor sworn deceitfully to his neighbour, he shall receive a blessing from the Lord, and mercy from God his Saviour.

    A wonderful positive message! Most likely, it’s a hint at proximity of the Last Days (or the Judgement Day) and the coming of the Judge to the world.

    The US “island” is fenced with barbed wire, meaning American people are enslaved and under total control. London Big Ben is in the background, signifying the USA are connected with England, or rather are under England’s control.



    Two buildings looking a lot like the World Trade Centre twin towers collapse. It is symbolic that after the buildings fall the dark elite launched its plan on complete enslavement of the Earth inhabitants. Now it’s appropriate to recall Psalm 23 again, which is addressed to us, spineless slaves.

    The torn American flag flies away. This may be interpreted as the States breakdown into northern and southern, separation of one of the states (Texas), or destruction of a state (California, as a result of an earthquake in San Andreas Fault area). The torn flag means total end for the USA, which is quite predictable and close.




    Then follows suicide committed by a man with a mournful face. He jumps from a rock into the ocean and obviously dies, although at the end of the video we see him alive.

    The man who committed suicide and then resurrected (if we look more attentively) changes 5 to 6 masks during the story. What could this mean? Perhaps, this points to emergence of the FOUR HUMAN ASPECTS (read the ALLATRA book). We shall go back to the subject further. It’s noteworthy the mask with terrible face is the one that dies, probably embodying the Right Animal Aspect in a human being (fear, aggression, anger, hatred...)




    Later on, we see Osama bin Laden conducting an orchestra under a blood red moon. Osama is a character grown up in the CIA depths. Have you notices the CIA emblem on his chest? Maybe, he didn’t even exist in reality, but he did industriously serve as a bugbear. The bugbear executed his task and was released. This is one of elements of total enslavement, a tool to provoke fear.

    The Revelation 6:12 says: “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.” The moon red colour can indicate the Last Judgement has started. The bloody moon is a symbol of a lunar eclipse (the lunar eclipse nearest to this article took place on 28.09.2015) We also see the Mother Nature crying as she observes what is being done to the Earth for the sake of oil extraction, to the Earth which provides us with purer and safer energy than we currently use. I guess the majority will agree with a statement that our life still relates to oil only because enormous money turns over in the oil industry.

    Behind bin Laden’s back, there are fighters shaped as Masonic pyramids with an eye inside, meaning the entire terrorism is created by Masons for intimidation, extermination of peoples, and generation of reasons for wars.



    Then the Star of David flares up: a manifest hint. The Statue of Liberty collapses... of liberty that has actually never existed.

    Now, let’s proceed to the most interesting and informative part of the video, full of symbols. Who the mankind is...



    This shot with fixed examination of the big serpent eye, an egg with a human embryo contained therein, most probably signifies the UNIFIED ANIMAL MIND of the material system, for which a spiritually dormant human being is nothing, but a battery. The Animal Mind knows everything about everyone of us; each human being is under its total control. What is also noteworthy? The fact that the Unified Animal Mind (or the septon field, if we call it be its genuine name) is connected to a small dark snake twining around the embryo, i.e. to the individual Animal Nature of each separate person. In the early 21st century people are totally subordinate to the Animal power, not being aware of this at all.




    Humanity was enslaved by the reptilian consciousness (you’ve probably read about this in the Old Testament). We lost connection with our higher self and turned into foodstuff at the energy plane. We simply fell asleep spiritually.

    There is a version the reptilian hands in the video beginning and this horrible mug (the character named Drako) is the leader of the world government Rockefeller. You can see for yourselves, the latter does have similar features with the animation character. It’s Rockefeller who rules everything that currently takes place on the Earth, including all wars and crises. He is inside the humanity’s brain and dictates his world order to everyone.




    Finally, there appears the One who is mentioned in dozens of prophecies and predictions; who is impatiently waited for by believers of all world religions. In different historical periods He was known to people as Rigden Djappo, Osiris, Ptahotep, Quetzalcoatl, Ahura Mazda, Archangel Gabriel (Jibrail), Agapit of Pechersk... Contemporary mankind is waiting for one and the same Messiah, calling Him by different names: the Comforter, the Holy Spirit (Christianity), Imam Mahdi (Islam), Maitreya (Buddhism), Kalki Avatar (Hinduism), Messiah or Mashiach (Judaism)...


    He is riding a boat. For a half of the video the Messiah is dormant, which indicates Bodhisattva (the Teacher) resides in the secular world incognito until a certain time (the Shiite prophecy of the Hidden Imam), He does not show himself, and only a few know about Him. This is what actually took place before 20.08.2015, when the first public interview with Him was released (one of the series of three).

    It should be stated the Saviour has a burning heart embodying the nature of the human Soul as the base of human integral Knowledge and the only door to salvation. A burning heart is the shortest way to God through accumulation of love, through continuous dialogue with God via deep inner feelings (the Lotus Flower spiritual practice). An eye on the Saviour’s forehead is a symbol of Shambala. Rigden Djappo is the main Shambala Bodhisattva.




    Grey snow falls from the sky in subsequent shots. We suspect it is volcanic ash. A TV screen with a demoniac face means the Animal Mind (the septon field); it scares people from the TV screen via other people, spreading horror and provocations.

    In the allegorical movie Matrix the Wachowskis non-transparently hinted at the real situation, though they showed heartless machines with artificial intelligence instead of reptilian creatures. Like most of us, this poor child will never get a chance. Before its birth, malicious Drako weaved his rings around the embryo. The child comes to the world as a part of the system, whether he wants this or not. As you can see, Drako is projected by means of the TV screen: this means everything is under mass media supervision (the all-seeing eye). And if someone simply went there, disconnected the TV set or turned off the screen, they would immediately lose power or energy (in all meanings). The hair on his head and face is made of US dollar bills, and there is a reverse pyramid sign on his chin. He wears a crown made of money, his teeth and earrings are golden, and generally speaking he’s an embodiment of money obsession.






    A spineless human being with no brain is lying. These are personalities subordinate to their animal nature who have lost their battle with it. Suffering is shown on the boy’s face, and a message is scrolling in his eyes: “Markets plunge – war coverage”...

    The character Ludovic is blankly lying in the cold amidst syringe needles and tablets, while Drako is controlling the boy’s mind degraded of drugs, owing to mass media. Ludovic cannot even move, since his brain is occupied with markets and other social “requirements”. A message is scrolling in his eyes with MARKETS and stock market indices. Management of national economies via stock exchange schemes... Management of the planet population by means of fear of economic insolvency… Fear to remain without means of subsistence, fear to lose job, fear not repay loan…

    PLUNGE: Declines and collapses in markets and stock exchanges, causing impoverishment of the majority and enrichment of the minority. “Avidity is good” is the main motto of financial magnates. Avidity and insatiability are the vice that inevitably causes wars. Avidity and insatiability have brought us to World War III threshold. WAR is inscribed in the eyes as a consequence of avidity.

    Here we start studying the fragment where the global war is launched. Stelth-type bombers remind Masonic compasses with a gusset.



    The war with Muslim countries starts. In order to make the war legitimate, puppeteers will have to apply their old tactics: an act of terror with numerous victims. This will allow freeing hands of parasites and set all peoples of the world at loggerheads; then strike a nuclear blow on Iran and Syria, destroy one of the most honoured Muslim sacred objects – the Ayyubid Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem (depicted on the right image). Three bombers fly by fast, attack and destroy the church located on a hill. They through bombs on the church, it crumbles, and black birds fly away from it. Perhaps, this means religion will be destroyed as a result of war or the war has started because of religion. In any case, war and religions are tightly connected. According to the Koran, on his second coming Prophet Isa (Jesus) will destroy non-Muslim temples and break crosses. This is what happens in the animation. A Muslim mosque is destroyed by Masons, while everything else is destroyed by Isa (Rigden, Osiris, Gabriel, Jibrail, Agapit, Imam Mahdi...)




    On the next shot we see the bas-relief of Egyptian deity Anubis on the boat forebody. A man is standing in the boat with his eyes closed and his heart burning inside his chest, who resembles canonical Jesus Christ a lot. His heart is blazing and generates a fiery halo, while his body is as if made of gold. Nonetheless, he wears a barbed-wire crown (a crown of thorns). His eyes are closed, and his body is in permanent movement. This can also mean he is in deep trance, meditating. (See the above explanation)




    According to Wikipedia, Anubis is the Greek name of a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head. Following such description, we can assume Jesus is going from the kingdom of dead, being accompanied by Anubis. His closed eyes indicate the superior deity is totally indifferent to disgusting things done on the Earth. Indifferent for the time being.


    One of Messiah’s names is Osiris, the god of regeneration, the king of the afterlife, and the Judge of the souls of deceased, according to ancient Egyptian myths.




    One of the black birds witnessing the mosque demolition turns into a white butterfly and sits down on Jesus’ finger, being a messenger of what is happening on the earth. Burning, it transfers information to indifferent Jesus. (?) So far we won’t interpret this, but we suspect the message of the fragment is different.




    Once again we see the man wearing a sorrowful mask, who jumped into the water at the video beginning and supposedly resurrected. Messiah’s advent naturally repels him; he is as if carried away. The Right Animal Aspect (manifestation of the Animal Nature in a human being) retreats when the one who carries divine Love appears...

    Then we see the character Aali who is being mourned for by his mother and represents Islam (we assume so based on his mother’s typically Muslim clothing). The mother is mourning for her son. The bloody nimbus of holiness points to numerous victims. At that, such symbol may as well be attributed to entire mankind. The holy female nature is mourning for her child, the mankind, like Mary mourned for Christ. She cries, holding a bottle in her left hand, while a mushroom cloud is clearly seen in the background, resembling a genie. Perhaps, this means Muslim countries will be destroyed in a nuclear war.

    Islamic prophecies regarding the advent of the last days and Imam Mahdi mention a guiltless victim. Maybe, this victim is exactly the one lying in the arms of the crying Muslim mother... A mushroom cloud emerging from a bottle?



    In Egyptian myths the sacred scarab is a symbol of moving sun, embodying regeneration.

    Why does the boy have only one eye? Indian Sufis have an extreme custom: one of public self-flagellation methods typical for Southeast and Southern Asia is such exoticism as plucking out eyeballs with sharp tools. Is it a hint at Islam renewal in a totally different form? We shall come back to Sufi branch of Islam a little later.



    We further see a little African girl armed with АК-47, who looks at us with her red eyes resembling robot eyes. A man sitting beside her takes off her purple ribbon, meaning he wants to have sex with her. I think red eyes indicate African children are programmed for war, sex and drugs, nothing more. The fighter has a little heart in his hair: the use of children’s love for mercenary war purposes.




    We think the last second of this episode should be paid particular attention to: the child has empty black eye sockets... (?) And we again see the strange snow, like in most shots: is it winter or volcanic ash?

    The drown character Juan Pepito carries a sickle and a hammer. Latin America, downfall of regimes embodying communist ideology: Chávez, Castro, Morales. A lotus flower is flowing down to him.



    Then we see Sun-Sue. According to Heliofant, she “opposes courageously those would enslave her”. On her face there is a heart tattoo and a sign symbolizing protest against nuclear energy. She repeats the Unknown Rebel’s deed, while swinging a white flag. She turns around and sees the character named Skullduggery by Heliofant. “The skeleton endeavours to deceive her, and so she starts feeling herself guilty of her actions. The skeleton does not need you to love him, he only wants to turn you into someone else or himself, for example… This happens too often.” The question is: who is Skeleton? One of the Animal Mind’s manifestations?




    The Yin-Yang sign and the tiger image on clothes points to China that opposes nuclear war. The white flag means peaceful intentions and non-resistance to evil through violence. Besides, spots on her face resemble Japan.



    Hatred, fear, and despair in her eyes… The girl believed in what she’s been doing, but the god of illusion comes and dispels his illusion, and she becomes aware she’s been a mere puppet in hands of one of the parties. She is asked to step aside and not to interfere, and she submits. Masonic eye is drawn on tanks, meaning the war’s been planned and is conducted by Masons, the world government.




    A boom of cheerful dreams. The death skeleton resembles a character of the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) carnival. The cloak and fireworks indicate death rules and conducts the party (a hint at numerous human victims).




    Let’s go back to the creature allegorically personifying consciousness of the mankind. The time comes, and backstage parasites start losing their influence. The man-consciousness resists, he’s having a hard time, but no more wants to be a manipulated sheep. The Animal Mind torments human consciousness via the individual animal nature, which is seen by the serpentine body junction. A golden tooth and an illegible inscription under the Animal Mind’s eye (?)



    A new shot: the boat with the Saviour appears from a star cluster (Pleiades?).

    On this shot we’ve discerned Messiah’s coming from the 7th spiritual dimension to our three-dimensional world.




    The Spirit of Saviour, liberation of all creatures. More probably, manifestation of the Saviour through the Holy Spirit is a severe test for humanity. The choice of every person determines his/her further destiny.






    The boat floats into two ovals resembling a human brain projection. The symbol of an egg twined around by a snake is called the Orphic Egg, which was the symbol of revival in Ancient Greece. Most likely, this signifies the beginning of human consciousness complete change, awakening of Christ consciousness in people. The animation story begins at winter night, but the night comes to its end (end of the Night of Svarog or Kali Yuga). Total destruction of the old consciousness starts. Symbols of such destruction include falling blocks looking like ice. The icy consciousness, totally frozen. The old consciousness, motionless consciousness, dead consciousness...

The era of the Holy Spirit begins!

    Jesus continues his way through the building. He is mentally travelling around various realities. Heliofant still assert all people can do this, if they only “let the Divine consciousness, the Holy Spirit inside themselves” (consciousness cannot be divine, since it’s a part of the Animal Mind system) (awareness of the Divine). As he is moving inside the building, everything that rejects him gets destroyed.



    While Jesus is riding the boat, the keeper of the flame (as he is called by the video authors), a blue man looking a lot like Shiva, continues dancing, not paying any attention to cataclysms taking place around. His dance is free from duality; he’s been preserving the flame for many years. In our opinion, a pyramid on the top of his mask deserves attention! It resembles the detached top of the human energy structure, where the Personality resides. We have an assumption this mask, besides the symbol of the goddess of destruction Kali, can also characterize the human Left Aspect (pride, guile, trickery, temptation, slyness, craftiness...)





    Another change of the scene. The boat gets filled with fish symbolizing saved or selected human souls (fish is an early Christian symbol that was used before the cross). It’s noteworthy the fish jumps into the boat itself, signifying free choice and selection of the way with no external pressure.

    Let’s add, for now there are very many people in the world, who have recognized and are supporting Bodhisattva. Maybe, there are already saved, spiritually liberated personalities among them. Moreover, we’ve been prompted the AllatRa sign can be discerned on the fish scales.



The finger pointing at the tower resembles a phallus. Most probably, it’s not a finger, but rather God’s hand.





    Next we see Madam Q. A red neon heart looking like those in the Red Light District is burning near the tower window. Heliofant say: “Madam Q’s point of suffering is sex. Is it repression or indulgence? We don’t know. Yet, there is definitely shame there.” The tower symbolizes Christianity and all Christian dogmas together. Look at the building and the little heart on it. The huge monolith of Christianity suppresses human desires by dogmas, having such a small and dim heart. Love is only a guise. Heart is the symbol of love which Christianity should serve, but it lost its importance for Christianity itself.




    The old hag embodies the spirit of Christianity that has shut itself off the entire world by its dogmas, not letting even its own Saviour to approach. Walls are covered with slashes symbolizing Christian Church’s expectations of Jesus’ advent. The Saviour has come and found his church bogged down in pharisaism and depravity. The naked creature shaking its old tits is a symbol of what Christianity has become. We admit it applies more to Catholicism and associate the old hag with the secret masters of the world who hide behind the Vatican high walls.





    A very powerful symbol. Ritual blood or a symbol of immaculate conception, mercenarily used by Christian hierarchs for their dark purposes. The covenant has been taken. The spirit of Christianity cannot stand the Saviour’s light propagated by the Church during the last 2 thousand years. Jesus’ boat floats through a tunnel, where two lines are interlacing bottom-up and joining in a stained-glass circle. This is a hint at either harmonious junction of Ida and Pingala channels in the third eye (Ajna chakra) which leads to enlightenment, or DNA change.



    Another change of the scene. The person in the mask of Hindu goddess Kali embodying destruction of everything old continues his ritual dance.



    Events on the earth. The spirit of mercantilism and materialism is maintained by straight lines of apologies for corporate managers. The terracotta warriors, the Wall Street sharks, serving the dead emperor (guess whom).

    When the Messiah appears, the world of shadows, world of subpersonalities, world of dust crumbles. The system collapses.

    Let’s go back to Jesus. His love falls on the orderly lines of people, as if a spark lights up a dark room. His flaming passion knocks down everyone who follows social standards. They have built high walls inside themselves in order to be like all, but theses walls can do nothing against him.



    The spirit of mercantilism is cast away together with its banks, stock exchanges, options, and derivatives. Most likely, it’s the dust of what we call “real, true, and visible”. In the Primordial AllatRa Physics report there is very interesting information about the matter structure. In particular, it is indicated all things visible in the three-dimensional world are nothing, but “vague mirrors of septons”; in other words, ordinary human eyes observe “dead”, non-existing things made of dust around themselves. Each living person not being in the Spirit is made of dust, too! 

    This scene may also be interpreted as emergence of the Judge who destroys us, the System servants made of dust. 



    The Animal Mind runs away. Near the reptile’s eye there is a notable sign of a counter-clockwise spiral symbolizing the function of destruction.

    Awareness begins to prevail over the parasitic alien tart. After a certain self-analysis Ludovic has finally become able to come to a solution inside himself and throw down Drako’s chains. Drako quickly creeps away, looking for someone else to control. Ludovic leaves with clear mind and bright head.



    Human consciousness is free. The empty cranium symbol.



    Consciousness liberated from the Animal Mind pressure (slavery). Ludovic rises from his knees and nods almost unnoticeably and resolutely before making a step forward.




    Death rules and conducts the ball (a hint at numerous human victims).



    If we peer attentively, the Sufi boy is the same boy who was lying in blood in the arms of the crying Muslim woman. He also has a strange picture instead of the right eye. Now he is reviving and rising above the destroyed mosque cupola, being dressed in white clothing. This is a symbol of ISLAM renewal in its initial purity, which is expected at the advent of Muslim Messiah Imam Mahdi! This is mentioned in prophecies. (When the author started writing this article, he was unaware of Igor Danilov’s last interview titled UNITY, where a lot was told about Islam and, most importantly, what real Islam was (!))

    The single-eyed boy performs ritual Sufi whirling that is practiced by Mevlevi dervishes. The skeleton continues playing The Symphony of Corruption which he’s very good at. Wounded Aali, the embodiment of Islam hangs right over him. Heliofant describes Aali as follows: “The whirling heart of Islam awakened to the one true God! He is free and needs no control.” Probably, after death of his religion he is boundlessly free. Nothing limits him, even religion that he used to consider so helpful. Nothing can stop him on the way to personal freedom. Resurrection of the Muslim boy in the form of a whirling dervish signals there is a link between him and the internal Christ; he gained contact with the divine through spiritual initiation. Other religions are shown in the animation as well: Hinduism in dancing Shiva/Kali, Taoism in the Yin-Yang signs.




    ISLAM means RECONCILIATION! This may be understood as consolidation of all religions! Once again we refer to the last interview UNITY. It should be mentioned, in this scene the earth looks very strange, as if flooded, separated by water. Is this a consequence of natural disasters?

    Why is he whirling in place of the Muslim mosque? The mosque is situated in Jerusalem, where all Abrahamic religions intersect. This place is sacred for all the three monotheist religions, symbolizing a new community of consciousness for the entire world. The whirling Sufi dervish is in an altered stated of consciousness.



    The keeper of the flame with the Orion sign on his chest is still dancing. All natural elements are shown in the sequence they participate in spiritual evolution.



    Waves suddenly appear on the floor during the dance. The mask turns into a grin, the arms turn into beast legs. Perhaps, after the “big waves” mentioned in many prophetic sources the Right and Left Aspects provoking aggression and negativism will become more active.



    The dance looks like the path of human evolution. The next mask is a bird that tries to soar, resembling the Front Aspect (“responsible” for one’s spiritual growth).



    Another change of the mask. Quetzalcoatl is shown with his wings spread. Stars are located in strict accordance with the Orion constellation layout. Orion is mentioned in Sensei of Shambala (Book IV).



    The keeper of the flame happily greets the morning, wearing no mask anymore. Probably, this indicates all masks will be taken off, and the dance of illusion (Maya) will be stopped.

    We can admit the following. All masks are finally torn off. The four Aspects “leave” a human who turns into an angel, a being that has achieved spiritual liberation and true enlightenment. The next shot with a devil head above the cave exit allows us to realize everything what’s taken place up to this moment relates to Devil’s patrimonial estate. In other words, the Earth, the three-dimensional material world is an ordinary school where we are permanently tested by the Animal Mind system (or Devil’s system).

    While the boat is floating out of the cave, blossoming lotuses emerge on the water surface. This is a symbol of awakening and enlightenment.



    Jesus, the Messiah is abandoning the cave on his boat. He opens his eyes and inhales air. A symbol looking very much like the Shambala stamp appears on his forehead! The crown of thorns vanishes, and religious temples collapse in the background, which temples have been towering right above the cave exit from where Jesus has just appeared.

    Collapsing temples mean the collapse of religions, elimination of false mediation between people and God.



    In the background, a tower is collapsing. The tower symbolizes Christianity that has discredited itself. By the way, it is destroyed by the spirit of Saviour himself. Later on we see Jesus finally abandoning the church through the main exit guarded by gargoyles and evil demons. As soon as he leaves the building, he finally opens his eyes. He opens his mouth, inhales air, and returns from his trance. This is the end of the old world. The fire of his heart is burning in his eyes. When he opens his eyes, the church in the background starts crumbling. Once the church has collapsed, the crown of thorns on his head vanishes in the air. Along with that, religious and psychological barriers disappear. There is no more profiteering on crucified Christ. Neither there are barriers capable of restraining him. This is the end of the dark age.



    The all-seeing eye meant the world elite’s control and supervision of each human being and every aspect of the society existence. Drawn on Christ’s forehead, the all-seeing eye means opening of the third eye (pineal gland), unlimited communication with God, and view of other dimensions, that is spiritual clairvoyance. A triangle on the forehead is a symbol of Deity or the Divine Source, according to many religions. It is contrary to a pyramid as a centralised management system, where every upper layer manipulates lower layers through deception, giving just a minimal share of its enormous power.

    He looks towards the new light. The all-seeing eye is not on the pyramid top, but at its foundation; this means the sacral knowledge does not belong to the elite anymore, but belongs to all inhabitants of the Earth. The new open consciousness, the golden age of humanity.



    Last pyramids, elimination of egregores enslaving personality. In the last scene Jesus is shown riding his boat towards the mighty sunshine. It is so mighty that even pyramids collapse, although the scene is very beautiful. He represents the essence of powerful spirit, though immeasurable. Nothing can stop him. There is neither power, nor deception, nor war, nor politics, nor religion. This is the only thing enslavers are unable to control, and it will cause their end. Perhaps, it’s a hint every person’s task is to manifest Christ consciousness in himself/herself, meaning this time he will come not via a single personality.

    The video is an occult mystery play, the purpose of which is to lay rails in the space of future for implementation of a certain scenario, and serves a sort of a warning of upcoming events for those who are ready to hear. In order for an event to take place, we should dream of it and believe it’s possible. Such role in the society is played by prophets (given they really serve God). In order for the Saviour’s advent to happen, prophet Joan the Baptist propagated forthcoming advent of the Messiah and was literally edifying: “Prepare the way for Lord, make His paths straight”. Faith in an expected event forms as if a mould in the space of future, in which such event is being cast. This is how prophecies come true. And the One sitting on the throne said: “I’m constructing everything anew. Yet, there is one POINT. What if this is not the saviour, but the one who is to precede him?

    In conclusion, we’d like to refer to quite an intriguing interpretation regarding a possible date of the epoch-making events depicted in the animated video. See an extract from niva’s comments below. (Please, note these lines were written on 16.10.2015.) an assumption, it may be added a possible beginning date of the events is ciphered in the animation as well, although it’s only my assumption. Please, note the video starts with a goat and ends with a scorpion which is depicted in the last shots for a totally unknown reason. Quite probably, this exactly indicates the year and month of the events beginning: the Year of the Goat, the Scorpio Zodiac sign... This very Zodiac sign period will set in soon:


    Year of the Goat and Scorpio Zodiac Sign: 2015, between 23 October and 22 November... (Let’s leave three dots here)



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli

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A golden tooth and an illegible inscription under the Animal Mind’s eye (?)”

It reads “AB CHAOS” and can be seen again later on in the film when the eye reapears at 5:08 although you probably alraedy know that by now.

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thank you !

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