UNITY (interview No. 3, 27.09.2015)

The Truth is one for everybody!

Ancient key knowledge about UNITY and RECONCILIATION between all people. 

What is the single source of all religions of the mankind? What unites all spiritual knowledge in its essence? Practical experience of perception of and personal touch with THE ONE WHO GIVES LIFE.

  • Unique primordial information about the Holy Spirit and His crucial role in spiritual development of separate individuals and humanity as a whole
  • What does the system conceal from you, and how can you overcome the system?
  • How can RECONCILIATION within oneself, between people and God, and between people themselves be achieved?
  • Islam, Christianity, Buddhism: which Truth unites all world religions and all faithful believers?
  • How can the LIVING GOD be gained? How can the Holy Spirit be gained within oneself? How to separate the Dead from the Living in oneself? How to gain the REAL in oneself?!
  • Unique self-awareness and deep inner feelings while touching the spiritual world
  • The epoch-making programme that changes the destiny of people, nations, and the entire humanity

This is the third interview with Igor Danilov. The two previous programmes may be viewed on our website here: A Frank Dialogue about the Most Important and The Meaning of Life: Immortality.



Contents of UNITY


00:01:40-00:05:41 What is more important: the gist or the external form of words said?
00:05:49-00:08:38 A human being is never alone. Everyone must reach God by himself/herself.
00:08:39-00:10:10 External manifestation of miracles strengthens only one’s mind. Nothing external can strengthen the internal.
00:10:17-00:11:17 When you look in a mirror, whom do you see? An angel or a demon?
00:11:25-00:13:03 What is God’s very first commandment?
00:13:04-00:18:39 All prophets were telling the same. God speaks the living language
00:18:47-00:20:10 Miracles are worked by God. People arrange commas.
00:20:17-00:23:03 It’s very difficult to talk about living things in a dead language. Truly living creatures know the gist of all knowledge.
00:23:07-00:25:40 If man reads holy scriptures with his earthly eyes only, he can’t understand a lot.
00:25:41-00:26:17 What is the world of God?
00:26:18-00:28:42 Devil’s major affair is to separate people.
00:28:28-00:30:05 What could be more important than God’s genuine word?
00:30:06-00:32:15 A slave who is unaware that he has a master will never become free.
00:32:23-00:34:54 What the living language is. Why is it felt at the physical level?
00:35:01-00:37:34 Can the Holy Spirit be a personality in a human body, and what for?
00:37:35-00:40:50 Human components: consciousness, personality and Soul
00:40:57-00:44:48 Angel, the Holy Spirit: manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the earthly world
00:45:05-00:46:41 The Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
00:46:47-00:47:35 Personality of every human being is a part of the Holy Spirit
00:47:36-00:49:22 For the spiritual world, there exists no division between churches.
00:49:23-00:50:52 Gaining of the Holy Spirit, merging of personality with the soul
00:50:28-00:51:41 Dead must be separated from living: that’s the Holy Spirit’s function and reason He comes here.
00:51:42-00:54:11 Everyone’s equal, and only God is single. Human pride causes separation.
00:54:04-00:57:45 Prophets come to the world, when the world is on the verge.
00:57:52-01:01:38 Islam means reconciliation: reconciliation between people and God, and people between themselves.
01:01:39-01:02:30 God is simple in His relations with people, while people are difficult in their relations with each other.
01:02:36-01:04:27 Whom do people call saints?
01:04:28-01:07:31 Why is the Comforter to come, expected by all religions?
01:07:31-01:08:35 No scripture has ever saved anyone, but the gist of scriptures does save.
01:08:36-01:10:17 Why is time becoming shorter?
01:10:26-01:11:21 It’s not worth waiting for Messiah. People should reconcile themselves and unite.
01:11:21-01:13:23 Some people live in order to live, while others live in order to die.
01:13:29-01:18:00 What is the genuine meaning of the Holy Spirit gaining?
01:18:01-01:19:06 Why people should study their consciousness.
01:19:07-01:19:40 Who is able to gain the Holy Spirit?
01:19:41-01:21:15 What is the genuine service?
01:21:22-01:22:24 Who is the true believer?
01:22:25-01:23:31 Human components: Spirit, Soul and physical body
01:23:38-01:28:43 Records of the Holy Spirit in scriptures. Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
01:28:49-01:33:00 The Holy Spirit lives life as an ordinary person.
01:33:06-01:37:02 There exist two wills in the world, and there are two ways: one is the way of life and another is the way of death.
01:37:08-01:41:23 The greatest gift for a human being is a gift of the Holy Spirit.
01:41:24-01:42:47 Buddha didn’t know what to tell people, once he understood how the Holy Spirit residing inside him was felt in reality.
01:42:54-01:44:33 Pentecost: descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.
01:44:39-01:46:46 Holy Spirit, the power of Allat, antiAllat
01:46:52-01:47:41 The freedom of choice
01:47:47-01:50:45 Human personalities are very important for the matter. What magic is.
01:50:52-01:51:58 God cannot be felt thoroughly, however the spiritual world can be sensed while touching it.
01:52:05-01:55:27 Why the Holy Spirit usually comes to the earth in a male form.
01:55:28-01:58:40 In ancient times, the Holy Spirit was associated with the female nature, because He gives life.
01:58:47-02:00:13 How the Holy Spirit is acting in people.
02:00:17-02:01:38 Water extinguishes fire, however hydrogen and oxygen are needed to keep fire burning.
02:01:45-02:03:36 The Holy Spirit is the author of all sanctities, A place where there is no Holy Spirit cannot be holy.
02:03:42-02:04:57 The Holy Spirit dislikes shadows. Even the most secret human thoughts are visible.
02:05:04-02:07:49 Communication of the Holy Spirit with human beings
02:07:56-02:09:51 A parable about a man who has thought something bad about the Holy Spirit
02:09:58-02:12:05 Commandment: don’t kill, first of all yourself
02:12:12-02:13:46 Why commandments were given to people
02:13:47-02:16:39 You must not ask for what is transient, otherwise you won’t have time to ask for the eternal.
02:16:46-02:20:12 What does exorcisement of  demons by the Holy Spirit mean?
02:20:13-02:23:44 Consciousness ensures that a person is kept busy all day long.
02:22:37-02:25:20 Death is deprivation of sleep. A human being sleeps here, but there he/she never sleeps.
02:25:27-02:30:21 Prophets were entitled to ask God to endow worthy people with the Holy Spirit.
02:30:28-02:35:41 People dispute about meaningless things.
02:35:42-02:39:25 There should be no bosses over priests.
02:39:32-02:41:01 Only God governs the Holy Spirit.
02:41:08-02:43:32 We have such life, because we put the power of attention into various trifles.
02:43:39-02:45:49 Merging of personality with the soul.
02:45:56-02:52:50 You should crave for the Holy Spirit, just like you crave for water when your are thirsty.
02:52:56-02:54:41 The gift of the Holy Spirit is available to everyone today, but it may only be given after one’s reconciliation with God.
02:54:42-02:56:38 Everyone would like to live in a world where everything is honest and just.
02:56:44-02:57:53 God is Spirit, and we should worship Him in Spirit and Truth.
02:58:00-02:59:12 The Holy Spirit is an advocate for pious and a judge for sinful.
02:59:13-03:02:48 What a normal, natural world should be like.
03:02:55-03:05:21 With his inner eyes man can always see what originates from God, and what is added by people.
03:05:29-03:08:30 The era of the Holy Spirit is the final era. The Holy Spirit’s function is to separate dead from living.
03:08:31-03:09:56 Comforters are not prophets and bring no Teaching. They speak of what was given in scriptures and know the gist of all scriptures.
03:09:57-03:12:11 Unification is possible via the internal only.
03:12:12-03:14:05 How one can recognize the Comforter. Life passes in a flash.
03:14:12-03:17:31 God that lives inside us loves to jealousy.
03:17:39-03:22:05 Let’s imagine that people have built a world that would make God happy.
03:22:13-03:24:36 God creates an angel with the Holy Spirit’s participation.
03:24:37-03:26:53 The spiritual world generates a single call – a call to reconciliation, but such call is always the last one.
03:27:00-03:27:51 Service in the highest meaning possible
03:27:58-03:31:00 There were many of those who separated, but none of them is beside God now.
03:31:01-03:34:27 The Holy Spirit will stream on people, when a world of UNITY is manifested in front of God’s world. 


Prepared by: Vasily Gavrilov (Poltava, Ukraine)

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