Time compression as a sign of the Judgement Day approach

The end is approaching, really approaching, while negligent don’t prepare,
time is compressing. Rise, for the Judge is near the door.
Like sun, like blossom, the time of life flows: why do we bustle in vanity?

(Monday of the 1st Week of Lent, extract from Song 4 of the Great Canon)


    In recent years, many people started noticing something strange happens to the time. Days fly by like hours, weeks like days, months like weeks, and years like months. The speed of the lapse of time is such that people can do further less things. It seems a day has just begun, but before you know it a night starts already! And it’s noteworthy that in the past only senior people noticed time flew faster for them as years went by, while nowadays perception of time transience has become characteristic even for teenagers and children who complain they lack time, too.

    Speaking of contemporary children, famous Moscow priest Alexander Shumsky once said to the Russian Line news agency: “Children’s perception of time is changing. In our childhood we thought time went by very slowly. All adults have their time running fast by definition. Yet, when I ask little children today, they say time flies by very fast. My grandson has just entered primary school, and he says time runs fast.” The priest is puzzled: why this happens? He’s lost in guesses: “Is this an objective change of time as the most incomprehensible substance, or do we get such an impression because we are overloaded with information? However, anyway time subjectively flows faster than before.” Yes, subjectively, days have become shorter, and different people evidence such effect, complaining their labour productivity has decreased and noting during the day they fail to do what they previously easily did…

    And here’s what Athos monks say about time compression. While performing a night prayer they’ve noticed a strange thing. Since long ago they’ve had a prayer rule: in a certain time period it’s necessary to read a certain number of prayers, every day, at strict hours. Formerly, monks managed to complete such “programme” over a night, and by matins they even had time to rest, whereas nowadays, with the same number of prayers, elders lack night hours to perform all prayers. Jerusalem monks have also made an amazing discovery. It turns out, for several recent years, icon lamps in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre burn longer than before. Previously, oil was added to big lamps at the same time during the year, i.e. on the Easter eve, and it totally burned down over the year. But nowadays, for already several times, quite a lot of oil remained in big icon lamps right before Easter. Thus, time outstrips even physical combustion laws.



    Various sources assert that by the actual, not calendar duration, a contemporary day lasts for not 24, but 18 hours, if we take standard hours which have been invariable for centuries. It turns out we receive about 6 hours less every day, and this is the reason why we permanently lack time, and days fly by with acceleration. Day compression became particularly apparent at the turn of the 21st century.

    And what do scientists say on the poorly explored subject of time? Interesting explanations of the time changeableness were provided by famous physicist, Doctor of Technical sciences, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, now late Victor Veynik. Studying the “chronosphere”, Academician Veynik suggested a hypothesis that time as physical phenomenon had a material carrier, a certain time substance which he called a “chronal field”. In the course of his experiments, an electronic wristwatch placed in an experimental installation which he specially created could slow down or accelerate its lapse. Based on tests and experiments with the time substance, Veynik drew a conclusion on the existence of a “chonosphere”, a time field of the planet, managing transition of the past into the future.



    The scientist considered that time’s represented at the level of microparticles as well and called such microparticles chrones or quanta of physical time. At that, he called the field in which such time microparticles exist chronal. He believed the chronal potential (the chronal) decreased in time. Any chronal decrease is accompanied by decrease of speeds of all processes: radioactive decay of atoms, nuclear and chemical reactions, etc. in any bodies: small (atoms and molecules) and large (planets, stars and galaxies), inorganic and organic including plants, insects, animals, and human beings. The ascertained pattern of chronal decrease in time is universal and observed in all aforesaid bodies, living organisms and their populations. For example, in humans the highest chronal value is that of newborn children, and such value decreases many times in older age. In particular, all metabolic processes in babies take place much faster than in adults: per 1 kilogram of body weight, the need for nutrients is 2-2.5 times higher, and oxygen consumption is 2 times higher. All processes flow fast in babies: they grow fast, gain weight fast, learn to understand the world fast, therefore life around appears very slow to them. If a baby is just two days old, for him or her 24 hours are a half of life! In old age all processes slow down, and this is noticeable even by subjective perception of time: weeks start whizzing by just as fast as calendar days in young age. The less intensive processes are, the faster time flows. 

    Yet, this is not all. It turns out not only people grow old. The issue of chronal decrease (ageing) is particularly interesting at the level of planets, stars, galaxies, and the entire Universe. Here we’d like to focus on the process of the Earth’s natural ageing only. Our planet is not evolving at all, as it’s sometimes thought, but is decaying. As of today, its chronal that determines the intensity of all processes on it has significantly decreased. In ancient times, when its chronal was high, life on the Earth “boiled”, dinosaurs were tall as three-storey buildings, grass was like contemporary trees, and the process of atom radioactive decay was extremely intensive. Now everything has grown old, although there are still places on the Earth with a slightly higher chronal, e.g. Sakhalin Island where burdocks are like big umbrellas, and grass is like bushes. The French attempted to transplant such “giants” to their homeland, but in a year everything degenerated due to a different chronal. The speed of vital processes on our planet is steadily decreasing; hence the lapse of time is accelerating for all living creatures on the Earth.



    Let’s go back to the time acceleration theory, though. Why has time started running faster on the Earth? As it’s known, in order to slow down time it is necessary to increase the speed, thus for the time acceleration the speed must be decreased. Our planet must have decreased its speed. American astrobiologists D. Brownlee and P. Ward came to conclusion the Sun is to “blame” for decrease of the Earth’s movement speed. Our luminary is a young growing star. Expanding, the Sun is gradually absorbing our planet. Year after year, rotation after rotation, our planet continues changing its orbit and approaches the Sun. If we compare the Solar System to an atom model where electrons revolve around a nucleus at a certain distance from each other, we would understand how the speed of the Earth movement has decreased. Electrons that are closer to the nucleus revolve slower than those remoter from the nucleus. The closer a planet is to the Sun the slower it will rotate around it, being inhibited by the solar gravitational field. And the slower the speed the faster the lapse of time will be. Time will simply go faster. This does not mean a day will be 23 or 22 hours. It won’t be. A shorter orbit will be compensated by a lower speed of rotation along such orbit. The day will still be 24 hours, but these 24 hours won’t be the same as before.



    THE UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING, WHILE TIME IS… ACCELERATING! This is a conclusion drawn by research fellows of Kiev Institute of Quantum Physics Dmytro Staryi and Irina Soldatenko after they conducted a science experiment which had started as long ago as in 1970s and lasted for almost thirty years: link.

Such conclusion of researchers has much in common and been substantially supplemented in A. Novykh’s books:

…In the nearest future mankind will face another phenomenon of the Universe. Due to increasing acceleration of the Universe and exhaustion of the power of Allat, mankind will feel fast shrinking of time. This phenomenon will indicate that conventional twenty four hours a day will remain as they were in the past, but time will pass much more quickly. And people will feel such striking compression of time periods both on physical and intuitive perception levels.”

“Will this be connected exactly with the Universe expansion?” Nikolai Andreevich asked to clarify.

“Yes. With the increasing acceleration. The more the Universe expends the quicker time flows, and it will be like that until complete annihilation of the material world.


    For deeper understanding of time and Allat as God’s creative power I recommend reading books by A. Novykh (Ezoosmos, AllatRa, and Sensei of Shambala (Book IV)link)

    And, finally, I will cite extracts from Islamic and Orthodox Scriptures regarding time acceleration as a sign of the Judgement Day approach. According to relevant information, some Orthodox believers and Muslims incline to consider time metamorphoses are a direct indication that we are entering the Last Times, and very few decades or even years remain before the doomsday. Nobody can speak of such things with certainty, for nobody knows “the day and hour”, except the Creator Himself, but the signs of such day approach were included in Scriptures not without reason:

…For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places… then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved; but for the elects’ sake those days shall be shortened. (Mathew 24: 7-22)


    There are Christian predictions by which time will greatly change before the end of the world. The Posthumous Messages of Reverend Nilus the Myrrh-Gusher of Mt. Athos say that in the ultimate epoch of humanity existence, when tyrant-antichrist will rule, something unintelligible will happen to time.


A day will turn like an hour, a week like a day, a month like a week, and a year like a month,” Reverend Nilus says. “For human slyness made it so that elements became intense, started hurrying even more and straining themselves in order for the number foretold by God for the eighth number of ages to end as soon as possible.” (The eighth millennium since the creation of the world is meant here.)


    The twenty third small sign of the Judgement Day in Islam: time acceleration. Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) conveys from Allah’s Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace):


The Judgment Day won’t come until time accelerates (draws nearer). (Bukhari)


    Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) also conveys:


The Judgement Day won’t come until time accelerates, and year will be like month, and month will be like week, and week will be like day, and day will be like hour, and hour will be like leaf burning. (Ahmad)


    As for these words, researchers disagree, while major interpretations are as follows:

Opinion No, 1. Decrease of barakat in time is implied.

Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani writes in Al Fath: “We notice in our times how days go by faster, as never was in ages before us.” And it’s observed even more nowadays, when we permanently lack time for everything. Therefore, stories telling that Muhammad’s followers and Tabi'uns could read the entire Koran within two rakats seem fantastic or exaggerated to us, but that was reality, as they were indeed able to read the entire Koran in one night. That’s how they manifested their grandeur and lofty aspiration, and that’s why Allah granted them barakat owing to which they left such a great heritage for us.


Opinion No, 2. The time of the advent of Imam Mahdi and Isa (peace be upon him) is meant, when people will take delight in their life, peace and abundance, since when there’s abundance and peace, time flows very fast for people (see Al Fath).


Opinion No, 3. Time compression due to the progress in means of communication between people and to the spread of rapid transport vehicles is implied. Such opinion has been expressed by some contemporary scientists.


Opinion No, 4. Literal compression and acceleration of time is meant, which will take place in the times of Dajjal, and in such understanding the sign hasn’t become apparent so far.



    In conclusion, I’d like to add this article has been written not in order to frighten people by the imminent doomsday or plunge them into apathy and gloom. The Lord’s hand is in all things, and the terms of His signs implementation is totally in His hands, too! The purpose of this article is to remind people of the transience of life, and that they simply lack time to waste their life on vanity and void.


Time is transient, and one should hurry to do all possible good and be firm in intention to save the Soul. 

                                                                                                                                                     AllatRa by A. Novykh


    Every person is where his or her treasures and values are. If his/her thoughts and all deeds are devoted to material dust only, he/she will become dust as well. But if his/her thoughts are about the Eternal, about God and Soul, such person becomes a part of the Eternal himself/herself: 


 Do not store up treasures for yourselves on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal; but store up treasures for yourselves in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. (Mathew 6: 19, 20, 21)



Prepared by Niva (Russia) 

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