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The article is composed of Nicholas Roerich’s quotes, and the article compilers added no word of their own, so everything stated below may be put in quotation marks. Only illustrations are inserted for more vivid perception.


Николай Рерих, фото“Verily, the old prophecies are being fulfilled. The time of Shambhala has come. For centuries and centuries, it has been predicted that before the time of Shambhala, many wonderful events would occur, many terrible wars would take place, and Panchen Rinpoche would leave his abode in Tashi-Lhunpo in Tibet. Verily, the time of Shambhala has come. The Great War has devastated countries, many thrones have perished, earthquakes have destroyed the old temples of Japan and now our revered Ruler has left his country.

Before speaking of Shambhala proper, let us remember the Messianic ideas that can be found among the most varied peoples of Asia and unite them into one great future expectation.

The yearning of Palestine towards a Messiah is well known. The anticipation of a great Avatar near the Bridge of the Worlds exists throughout the broad masses. People know of the White Horse and the Fiery Comet-like Sword and the radiant advent of the Great Rider above the skies. The learned rabbis and Kabbalists throughout Palestine, Syria, Persia, and the whole of Iran, relate remarkable things on this subject. The Moslems of Persia, Arabia, and Chinese Turkestan sacredly preserve the legend of Muntazar (Imam Mahdi), who will soon lay the foundation of a New Era. It is true that when you speak to the Mullahs of Muntazar, they will sharply deny it at first, but if you insist sufficiently and show sufficient knowledge, they will gradually cease their denials and often even add many important details. And if you still persist and tell them that they have already saddled the white horse in Isphahan, which is to carry the Great Comer, the Mullahs will look at each other and add that in Mecca a Great Tomb is already prepared for the Prophet of the Truth.

The most learned Japanese, the great scholars, speak highly of the awaited Avatar, and the learned Brahmins, taking their information from the Vishnu Puranas and the Devi Puranas, quote beautiful lines about the Kalki Avatar. Kalki Avatar coming on a white horse.

In the old scriptures, there are inspiring indications about a new era, about great avatars coming to save humanity, about the sacred city Kalapa, about the efforts of the Arhats in every century to arouse the slumbering spirit of humanity. We see the same indications in the Teachings of the Great Mahatmas, and in the scriptures and sagas concerning Shambhala. In Sanskrit, in Hindustani, in Chinese, in Turki, in the Kalmuck, Mongolian and Tibetan languages, and in many minor Asiatic tongues the same ideas, the same indications concerning the Future are expressed.

It is said that until Panchen Rinpoche (the Tashi Lama) consents to be reborn in the land of the Pelings (Westerners) and, as the spiritual conqueror, to destroy the age-old errors and ignorance, it will be of little use to try to uproot the misconceptions of the Pelings.

The Treasure is returning from the West.”


Order of Gessar Khan:

It is predicted that the manifestations of Maitreya shall come after the wars. But the final war shall be for the cause of the True Teaching. But each one rising up against Shambhala shall be stricken in all his works. And the waves shall wash away his dwellings. And even a dog shall not answer to his call. Not clouds but lightning shall he see on the final night.

Look sharply upon the rings of the coming ones. There where is My chalice – there is thy salvation. Upon the mountain, fires are kindled. Coming is the New Year. Whoever shall out-slumber it shall not again awaken.

Northern Shambhala has come!

Dukkar, the many-eyed and many-armed, sends us pure thoughts.

Ponder with pure thoughts. Ponder with thoughts of light.


печать ШамбалыWhen the procession carrying the Image of Shambhala shall pass through the lands of Buddha and return to the first source, then shall arrive the time of the pronunciation of the sacred word of Shambhala.

“Only in the time of Shambhala shall all languages be understood without previous study. Because we hear and understand not the outward sound; and we see not through the physical eye, but through the third eye, which you see symbolized on the forehead of our images – this is the eye of Brahma, the eye of all-seeing knowledge. In the time of Shambhala, we will not need to rely only on our physical sight. We shall be able to evoke our great inner forces.”

It is said that there will come a time when famine will overcome the whole world. In that day a man will appear, who will unlock the giant gate of these vast treasuries and will nurture all mankind. Certainly you understand that this man will nourish humanity not physically but with spiritual food… Shambhala will nourish humanity with the spiritual food, attained by mastering the cosmic energies.

“A great epoch approaches. The Ruler of the World is ready to fight. Many things are being manifested. The cosmic fire is again approaching the earth. The planets are manifesting the new era. But many cataclysms will occur before the new era of prosperity. Again humanity will be tested, to see if the spirit has progressed sufficiently. The subterranean fire now seeks to find contact with the fiery element of the Akasa; if all good forces do not combine their power, the greatest cataclysms are inevitable.”

“Lama, you said that the enemies of Shambhala would perish. How will they perish?”

“Verily, they perish in due time. They are destroyed by their own nefarious ambitions. Rigden Jyepo is merciful. But the sinners are their own assailants. Who can say when the merited wage is given? Who can discern when help is truly needed? And what shall be the nature of that help? Many upheavals are necessary and have their purposes. Just when our limited human understanding is convinced that all is destroyed, that all hope is perished, then the creative hand of the Ruler projects his powerful ray.”



“Only by the path of Shambhala may you walk safely. Each diversion from this road of glory will embroil you in the greatest dangers. Everything on earth may be searched and meted out. Not faith nor blind worship does the Blessed One ordain, but the knowledge of experience.”

“We may assert one thing only – Each teaching of truth, each teaching of the high principle of life, issues from the one source… When you dedicate yourselves to Shambhala, everything is taken and everything is given to you. If you have regrets, you yourself become the loser; if you give joyously, you are enriched. Essentially, the Teaching of Shambhala lies in this – that we do not speak of something distant and secreted. Therefore, if you know that Shambhala is here on earth; if you know that everything may be achieved here on earth, then everything must be rewarded here on earth. You have heard that the reward of Shambhala is verily here and that it is manifold in its returns. This is not because the Teaching of Shambhala is unique from others, but because the Teaching of Shambhala is vital, is given for earthly incarnations and can be applied under all human conditions. In what way can we study how to work? How to be ready for all manner of attainments; how to be open and all-accepting? Only in the practical study of Shambhala.”

“It is indicated that Kundalini, as the centre leading into samadhi, will in our further evolution yield its place to another centre near the heart. This centre, called the chalice, is the seat of the manas and the centre of feeling-knowledge. With the expansion of consciousness, feeling-knowledge leads to action, which is the main distinction of future evolution. The centre of the third eye acts in coordinance with the chalice and with kundalini. This triad characterizes in the best way the basis of activity of the approaching epoch. Not an ecstasy that carries one away, but an affirming and creative basis is predestined for the future achievement of mankind.”

Agni Yoga says: “Do not divide the world by North and South, nor West and East, but distinguish everywhere between an old world and a new world… The old and the new world differ in consciousness, but not in outer appearance.”

“I see you know that the time of Shambhala has approached. The nearest path for attainment now is only through Rigden Jyepo. If you know the Teaching of Shambhala, you know the future.”

If someone asks in ignorance: “But, is it not a myth?” advise them to study the book of Prof. Zelinsky of the WarsawUniversity on “The Reality of the Origin of the Grecian Myths.” But after all, do not try to convince people. Real knowledge will only enter open doors. If prejudice exists, it must be outgrown through inner development.

“When spots on the sun become thicker and the earth is cosmically shaking, isn’t this the time to focus on the idea that the all-destroying madness of anger must be driven away? Isn’t this right the time to admit that lies and slander beget the ugliest spatial creatures? Doesn’t the last hour approach when codes of good covered with dust must be opened, and the heart’s eye must be cleaned?”

“I know now meanness rules in our land. Everyone takes care only of having crops in their fields, herds in their stables, and honey barrels in their cellars. They adopt infidel customs and traditions, disdaining their native language. They don’t want to speak to their neighbours. They sell each other like soulless animals in the marketplace. However, even the last scoundrel, no matter how bad he is, no matter how deep he is plunged in dirt and servility, has a grain of the Russian feeling. Once this grain awakes, he the hapless will clutch his head, damn his mean life and be ready to expiate his shameful deeds through torments.”

So, where are you? Resound, respond, the Russian heart!


Hence, over all physical conditionality and divisions there are chances of the peaceful universal unity. For the sake of such world peace, for the sake of peace for everyone, for the sake of mutual understanding, let’s joyfully utter the sacred word – Shambhala!

“Everywhere – here and in heaven. All benevolent forces shall come together to destroy the darkness. Each one who will help in this great task shall be rewarded a hundred-fold and upon this very earth, in this incarnation. All sinners against Shambhala will perish in this very incarnation, because they have exhausted mercy.”


Church of Presentation of the Most Holy Mother of God in the Temple, Kiev Pechersk Lavra


Church of St. Nicholas, Stockholm

Spaso-Staroyarmarochny Cathedral, Nizhny Novgorod

Kazan Cathedral. St. Petersburg

Church of St. Voicech, Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic)

St. Sampson’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg

St. Sampson’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg


Alexander Column, St. Petersburg

Cathedral-Basilica of St. Stanislaus & St. Ladislaus, Vilnius

Church of St. Joseph, Volozhin

Smolny Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, St. Petersburg

Church of St. Stanislav, St. Petersburg

Moscow Kremlin

Muslim shrine

Aachen Cathedral

N. Roerich. St. Sergius of Radonezh. 1932

Church of St. Nicholas, Stockholm


Prepared by: Elena B. (Berdsk, Russia)

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