When will Falsehood replace the Truth? A prediction from Ezoosmos book

    Well, we are reaping a rich harvest: a new prediction hasn’t taken long to appear, and has been discovered in the Ezoosmos book by Anastasia Novykh. It’s not directly connected with the considered issue of the Messiah advent; however it deserves particular attention because of the one who uttered the prediction verse. In the context of the Ezoosmos story this strange prophecy was told by Sensei, the main character of all books by Anastasia Novykh. After a month of tenacious and laborious search we still persist in our assumption that Sensei and Igor Danilov are one and the same person, as well as Rigden Djappo, the Shambala Sovereign, the Judge. Following such an introduction, the prophecy lines become really worth reading more carefully. There are decryption variants already available on the internet; here they are:

In the Crossroads times Falsehood will replace the Truth.   (nowadays!)
A year before the edge the Word is given,
But its echo is a cry to the void,   
Only few can hear. 
  (people are warned, but don’t hear)
A number amounting to infinity  
(possibly, this means a year: 2015, 2024, 2033...)
Upturned to the vertical   
(number 8)
Will open the gate of Anger. 
A mistake is the key 
That unsealed Pandora’s box. 
The sea sovereign will awake that day, 
Having shaken up his hair,  
(to all appearances, this indicates an enormous ocean wave)
And will swallow up hundreds of thousands of lives 
As the first retribution for Stupidity and Ego. 
The second retribution will abruptly overtake 
The human world, plunging into greater horror…


    Grievous prospects, though. We don’t have specific explanations for this “white” verse. Perhaps, the nearest future will elucidate it for us all. On the other hand, God forbid!

    And what is your opinion?

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