US dollar collapse: prediction for the nearest future

    Continuing profound examination of the Primordial Knowledge and information associated with it, as brought by spiritual leader Rigden Djappo (or Imam Mahdi, the Comforter, Maitreya, Geser Khan, Kalki Avatar, Saoshyant, etc.), we would like to draw readers’ attention the last year’s Report (dated 26.11.2014) prepared by AllatRa International Public Movement and posted on their official website for public review. The Point of View team does not intend to speculate on fear; we rather try to warn people, because the picture is mirthless, to put it mildly. In some parts the Report looks like a requiem in memory of the technocratic and consumer age, and this is very consonant with Islamic signs of the Judgement Day approach. The Report full title is “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”. Its full version may be downloaded here. Suspicions of Rigden Djappo’s involvement in such a sensational publication are purely logical. We don’t think ALLATRA IPM climatologists have taken their stories (terrifying as Hollywood blockbusters about the end of the world) out of nowhere. This is confirmed by information given in the AllatRa book, where the approach of global climatic changes on the planet is repeatedly mentioned, meaning it is vitally necessary to alter the development vector from material, consumer one to spiritual and moral. In the end, to put it radically banal, we believe Bodhisattva cannot act otherwise, but forewarn humanity of the coming trouble.

    This article is included in the Prophecies section not by mere chance, for it concerns events that are destined to take place in reality, to all appearances. In this warning we have marked out three points:

  • Danger of a planet-scale disaster in North America due to the tectonic continental fault of the North American Plate. Awakening of the Yellowstone supervolcano...
  • Danger of a planet-scale disaster in Aira Caldera area (Japan)
  • US dollar extinction...
  • Ways to overcome probable shocks.


    We shall definitely perform analysis of the widely known Report later, in the corresponding section titled Reports, while now we’ll only touch one prophetic point: the message about the global currency collapse, anxiously expected in the nearest future. Hope it’s no secret by the global currency the US dollar is meant, for major part of the global economy is tied to it. If one delves deeply into the issue, economic experts have been speaking about the US dollar pessimistically for a long time already, predicting a great financial and economic disaster, much worse than in 1929 and 2008, while most consumers still hope such threats are a mere fantasy. Unfortunately, people remain people: they won't lock the barn door till after the horse is stolen, as famous blogger R. Voskresenskiy wrote in his article a year ago.

    We cannot overlook the emergency Christmas Eve message to the American nation, made by Mr. LaRouche several days before the year 2016 beginning. By all appearances, tempers are already worked up to the highest degree.



    Now, let’s refer to an extract from the Report published a year ago:


    It is an open secret that in the near future THE WORLD CURRENCY WILL “SUDDENLY” CEASE TO EXIST AND WILL BE CHEAPER THAN PAPER on which it is printed. Although attempts are made to hide this fact, today it has become public knowledge. This will happen suddenly, yet, as always (the handwriting of world script writers is recognizable), and hundreds of millions of people of not only this leading country, but also other countries of the world will become beggars overnight. One can understand how severe their position will be under the conditions of consumer society...  The collapse of the global currency will lead to a serious economic crisis in the whole world. This will especially affect population of those countries that were not prepared for it. Given the inevitable global natural disasters on the North American continent in the coming decades, we are speaking already about hundreds of millions of climate refugees...

(Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”)




    Well, here are brief conclusions with respect to the aforesaid:

  • sudden US dollar collapse in the nearest future: quite possible (mass media have been trumpeting about this for a rather long while);
  • severe consequences for the entire world economy;
  • heavy shocks for population of developing countries;
  • inevitable global natural disasters in North America, possible eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano (which will cause irreversible ruinous consequences for earthly flora and fauna, and death of an enormous number of people);
  • probable global crisis of human interrelations, which can lead to the most terrible and sorrowful consequence: wars for physical survival.


As a result of the accumulated negativity, “discomfort” associated with changes in the living conditions, and violations of the “comfort” zone and personal space, selfishness patterns are activated, and quarrels and scandals arise. Why? Because the entire system from the microlevel to the macrolevel exists to divide people. In society as a whole, there is no mutual understanding and love for mankind. Personal selfishness, energized by the consumer system, builds a model of a personal empire, say, “everything revolves around me”, “it is your problem, why do I have to suffer?” and so on. That is, people start feeling aggression and hatred towards each other instead of mutual respect, understanding the situation, and realization of the fact that global problems cannot be solved within a short period of time. And this situation will be very difficult for people to overcome without a firm spiritual and moral position, without sincere love for mankind, tolerance, patience, and mutual help.

(extract from the Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth”)


    Frankly speaking, it’s hard to predict how the society can react to the main global currency collapse, but one thing is obvious: for the absolute majority of people who have chosen life values and priorities based on consumption thinking only this will be a real shock and severe stress. Just imagine for a minute, money has vanished and supermarkets have been closed down. Isn’t this inconceivable? But it’s totally possible, you should admit. We believe it’s our duty to announce publicly that the last part of the Report contains description of ways to overcome possible consequences of planet-scale disasters, solve problems of food supplies and preservation of moral norms in the environment of fighting for physical survival. We admit society has a somewhat sceptical attitude to such statements, which is due to numerous speculations in mass media about the end of the world. However, let’s remain adequate and aware. We won’t be able to survive unless we change our global ideology from consumption towards spiritual and constructive thinking. We won’t be able to survive unless we promote establishment of such priorities as mutual assistance, friendship, spiritual and moral relations between people in the society. Thus, first of all, let’s always remember we are all human beings temporarily staying on the Earth as guests. Secondly, all of us are in God’s hands. And, thirdly, if the aforesaid lines of the ALLATRA IPM climate Report prove to be prophetic, the only thing that will help us survive will be the statement very well known to everyone:


Let’s implement this!



* - commandment given by Jesus Christ


Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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