Grigory Rasputin. Spark that will bring the new Word and new Law

    Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin (Novykh; born on 9 (21) January 1869, died on 17 (30) December 1916): peasant from Pokrovskoye Village of Tobolsk Region, Russia. He became world-famous owing to his friendship with the family of the last Russian Emperor Nikolas II. In 1900s, in certain circles of St. Petersburg society he had the reputation of a “tsar’s friend”, “elder”, visionary, and healer. Rasputin’s negative image was widely popularized in Soviet propaganda, and there are still numerous rumours about Rasputin and his impact on the Russian Empire fate.

    As is generally known, history is a very capricious lady, so we won’t irritate it with questionable aftermaths, but only state that Grigory Rasputin, among other things, was respected as a visionary. And very interesting information has been preserved from him regarding our topic of interest.

    Here are his statements:

A spark will shoot and bring the new Word and new Law. And the new law will teach people new life, for it will be impossible to enter the new house with old habits. And when the sun sets, it will be revealed that the new law is the ancient law by which a human being was created...


Seven fruits will be the fruits of happiness. The first fruit is tranquillity of spirit... then there will be fruits of the joy of life, mental balance, physical health, unity with nature, candid humility, and simplicity in life. All people will be able to enjoy such fruits, but those who feel no need to enjoy them will be dumped and find no place in the carriage of sincere happiness. At that time people will live for the sake of not bread, but the spirit. And human treasures will be not on the earth, but in the heaven. People will become aware that God is single, though his name sounds differently in different languages.

...The time of peace will come, but peace will be written with blood. And when two fires die out, the third fire will burn the ashes. Few people and few things will remain. And what is left will have to undergo new purification before entering the new earthly paradise...

...When the time of purification comes, numerous spirits will return to the earth and assume forms they once had in the past. In many powerful of “Tsar’s Village” resurrected will live whom only authorized will be able to hear. Miracles will be worked here. The Great Bishop will come to “Petersburg”, and bells in all churches will greet Him and announce peace. Then three kings will meet in “Petersburg”, and the only Granary will satiate Europe. In the sunset times you’ll see miracles and sufferings. But you’ll also see the kingdom of shadows in a human image. Don’t tear your eyes away from the East (Russia), for new prophets will arrive straight from there. They will prepare a way for the Lord who will come from the East in brilliance as well...



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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