Can those be mere coincidences?

    Today we can observe a cheerless picture of the chaos taking place in the world. All signs indicate the time has come which is mentioned in all prophecies and predictions. However, even such circumstance was so widely promoted for turning masses into zombies that people already refuse to believe in all this, regarding predictions as invented intimidating stories.

    Even the general information available on this website is an incontrovertible evidence of the presence of Mahdi (Islam), the Comforter (Christianity), Maitreya (Buddhism), etc. in the world. But, unfortunately, contemporary people have forgotten how to perform systematic and analytical work. If they seriously reflected, they would sift through this website and verified the entire material contained on it, right after reading one article. However, the point is that most people are mere consumers. They have been trained to clip thinking. You can find out for yourselves what clip thinking is, while I would only like to emphasize an aspect of all this, which is the most important, in my opinion.

    In the contemporary accelerating world people don’t feel any need to spend time on thinking about the Doomsday signs, while this topic is really the only one worth spending time on, and it’s the only one that should worry all of us, for this is salvation of every person and the human civilization as a whole! If we are not ready and don’t know where salvation is, will anything of the following really help us, e.g. money, cars, property, status, titles, huge buildings, or shouts of indignation?

    If we toss up a coin 100 times, it will hardly fall on one and the same side all hundred times. You should admit this would never happen, although all predictions tell about same things, just in various forms and in different words. All people should take time and think seriously: can there be so many coincidences? Can be false what is mentioned in all religions, prophecies, and predictions? Is coincidence really possible between what was said or written by people in different epochs on different continents? Have we become so blind that we don’t see the obvious? In my opinion, we are not blind, but we lack courage to face the Truth. Yet, it’s only my view which I have the right to state, just like every inhabitant of this planet. And I would like to attach the following predictions to my statement; perhaps, someone will take interest in them:


American clairvoyant Dannion Brinkley:

Follow Russia: whichever way Russia goes, the same way will be taken by the rest of the World after it.


American clairvoyant Jeane Dixon:

Natural disasters in early 21st century and all global calamities caused by those will affect Russia less than other places, and still less Russian Siberia will be affected. Russia will have an opportunity for rapid and vigorous development. Hopes and revival of the World will come exactly from Russia.


Predictions by Italian clairvoyant Mavis:

Russia will have a very interesting future that absolutely no one in the world expects from Russia. Russians will be exactly the ones to start regeneration of the whole World. And nobody can imagine how deep such changes caused by Russia will be in the entire big world. In Russia even the remotest province will return to life, and many new cities will emerge and grow in the outlying districts… Russia will achieve a uniquely high level of development which none of the most developed countries in the world has now or will have by that time… Then all other countries will follow Russia as well… The current western mode of development of the earthly civilization will very soon be replaced by a new way that will exactly be Russian.



Vanga predicted in 1996:

A new man will appear in Russia under the sign of the New Teaching, and he will rule Russia throughout his life… The new teaching will come from Russia. This is an ancient and most true teaching that will spread all over the world, and the day will come when all religions will disappear in the world, replaced with the new philosophic teaching of the Fiery Bible.


Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce foretold:

Before the 20th century is over, Communism will collapse in the USSR, however Russia liberated from Communism won’t progress, but will face a severe crisis. Yet, already after 2010 the former USSR will be revived, though in a new form. Russia will be the one to lead the restored human civilization, the center of which, oddly enough, will be in Western Siberia. Through Russia comes the hope of the stable and just world. 


Prediction by Paracelsus:

There is a nation which Herodotus called Hyperboreans, progenitors of all nations and all human civilizations, Aryans meaning “noble”. The current name of the primordial land of this ancient nation is Moscovia. In their stormy future history Hyperboreans will face a lot: a terrible decline with numerous troubles of every sort and kind, and a mighty growth with numerous benefits of every sort and kind which will set in early 21st century, i.e. before 2040.



1930 prophecy by Archbishop Theophan of Poltava:

Russia will resurrect, and the entire world will be surprised… There will be no Orthodoxy in Russia as before, while the true faith will not only be revived, but will triumph.


    The essence of this teaching is not religion, but knowledge of the Soul evolution in the Universe. If any of readers takes the trouble of looking through the Knowledge given by Rigden Djappo, such reader will have a clearer and deeper understanding of what is said in prophecies, and will have no doubt what is meant by the following words: The essence of this teaching is not religion, but knowledge of the Soul evolution in the Universe. The fact that Rigden Djappo brings the Knowledge from Slavic territories explains why prophecies indicate Russia and confirms such prophecies and predictions are far from being accidental; in fact, they explain or supplement a single big, majestic picture. It’s the picture of Bodhisattva’s or Archangel Gabriel’s presence in the secular world and relevant positive changes in the human society. Hence, draw your own conclusions, dear ladies and gentlemen, and, most importantly, think and verify!



Prepared by Ruslan Artemov (Russia)

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