The Truth is One for Everyone. Conversation with Igor Danilov

The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness


    It’s a unique conversation with Igor Danilov, where the following subjects are discussed: the importance of unification between people prior to the forthcoming events, particularities of relations between people in society and in family, causes and solution of conflicts. And furthermore:

  • Freedom of choice and mutual respect.
  • Exploration of oneself and observation of illusionary games of consciousness. Why is it impossible to perceive the Spiritual World through consciousness?
  • What is spiritual egoism?
  • What is true Love?
  • What does the paradox of life consist in?
  • Particularities of human spiritual emergence. How to focus attention on and live in the Spiritual World.

These and many other topics are addressed in The Truth is One for Everyone program.


Contents of The Truth is One for Everyone


00:00:38 The world on the eve of global cataclysms

00:01:18 Why the contemporary world is not ready to offer help to those who suffer. Several billions of people will undergo migration in the nearest years.

00:03:26 In the ALLATRA Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” published in 2014, the events that are unfolding today were described.

00:05:00 Who’s to blame for the refugee problem currently faced by Europeans

00:06:15 It’s fashionable to be or to seem wealthy, but it’s not fashionable to be Human.

00:06:40 Who are the country elite. Why they are miserable people

00:08:06 How people can overcome problems they face

00:09:00 Why people fail to unite with each other

00:09:38 Human duality. What dominates in each person: spiritual or animal nature?

00:10:30 Why it’s more beneficial to be human and given each other a helping hand

00:11:43 What’s behind the model of people’s behaviour in disasters

00:13:05 The phenomenon of consciousness. Why consciousness is the most guileful liar

00:13:23 What most people mean by “spirituality”

00:14:26 Interpersonal relations within a family. Is there unity between relatives?

00:16:36 Is religion to be blamed for family dissensions? Violation of the major rule of all religions: the freedom of choice

00:19:30 Elementary things that help to preserve a family

00:20:40 Is aggression justifiable in a civilized society?

00:21:30 What every person in this world wants. Safety as an effect of mutual respect

00:22:26 Why distrust of people emerges

00:23:50 Why AllatRa cannot be a religion

00:25:28 Silouan the Athonite’s sayings about the inverted pyramid and Jesus’ Love

00:26:50 Perception of spiritual concepts by a person who lives by consciousness

00:27:08 What is human attitude to God nowadays

00:27:50 Why all saints mentioned that people shouldn’t ask God for anything, but the soul salvation

00:28:22 An example from Prophet Muhammad’s life. Particularities of his practice of prayer

00:29:30 An event that played a crucial role in spiritual emergence of Silouan the Athonite

00:13:45 Why a person who abides in God fears nothing

00:31:34 Why there shouldn’t be even thoughts in prayer. Specific character of the process of communication with the Spiritual World

00:32:40 Sensory perception of the Spiritual World is mentioned in all religions

00:32:55 How can one focus attention of the sensory state

00:34:10 Reality and illusions of one’s own consciousness

00:35:23 What is consciousness, and who is personality. The performance of consciousness, demonstrated for personality

00:37:50 The process of personality’s interaction with consciousness. The importance of one’s attention vector

00:40:20 Who directs the internal performance in every human being. Devil and demons

00:41:00 Ideas of contemporary physicists about the three-dimensional world. Where great discoveries originate from

00:42:28 People waste their life on turning into dust

00:42:50 If consciousness is a king, personality is its slave.

00:43:05 Adherents of consciousness. Satan’s religion. Faithful consumers

00:44:10 Why it’s impossible to perceive the Spiritual World through consciousness

00:44:40 Personality does not think. He or she perceives and lives

00:44:50 When two people quarrel or argue… What the word “offended” really means

00:46:20 The offence pattern. Pride and manipulation. Stereotyped relationships between two material bodies

00:47:30 Sacraments of the Spirit without any secrecy

00:48:00 The history of AllatRa. Openness and accessibility. What meditations are, and what they are needed for

00:49:25 What spiritual practices are. Exploration of oneself. Stereotyped and predetermined character of the material system

00:51:20 What is God? God is Love. God is not evil. Evil is this material world, while the Spiritual World is infinite and tranquil.

00:51:50 When a person gains real happiness and freedom…

00:52:40 Will all people be able to stop an earthquake with their joint consciousness?

00:53:35 Transiency of this world from Personality’s perspective

00:53:50 When life becomes interesting and funny…

00:54:25 Why is everything so complicated and frightful when a person lives “within the System”, and why everything becomes wonderful and cheerful when he / she lives in harmony with the Spiritual World

00:55:30 Does every human being gain life after death?

00:57:15 AllatRa gives understanding of the beauty of all religions and the truth they all contain

00:57:35 When person regards God as a rival and hates Him…

00:58:35 There will be no “cinema”, but life will go on.

00:58:50 A parable about a professor and a ferryman

00:59:50 True Love and love of consciousness. Consciousness always imitates. Distorting mirrors of the truth

01:01:18 True Love has nothing to do with the material world.

01:01:25 If people touched true Love, Jesus’ Love at least a little bit, we would have no enmity.

01:01:47 The stereotype of receiving from God instead of giving Him one’s love. Can a God-fearing person reach God?

01:03:18 God’s slave or a slave of the System? Searching for someone who’d be responsible for one’s spiritual development

01:04:20 Consciousness loves secrets. Whose secrets do people defend?

01:06:25 The matter is uninteresting for a spiritually free person. Spiritual egoism

01:07:40 Why would one take offence at a dog?

01:08:20 Do we own anything in this world?

01:09:05 Power in relations between parents and children

01:09:43 Unity of the System and unity of the Spiritual World. Fragment of a broken mirror

01:10:35 Who asks to describe the Spiritual World?

01:11:03 A parable about bricks and the Spiritual World. Is it possible to use stones for describing the air?

01:12:20 Everyone’s connection with the Spiritual World. Mental barriers on the way to Spirit awareness.

01:14:30 What the matter is. Reality in one’s sleep. What’s the difference between our life and sleep?

01:15:35 Experiment: observation of one’s own consciousness

01:16:23 An honest answer to such questions as “Who are you?” and “Why are you here?”

01:17:10 Ideas of contemporary physics about a human being after his or her body death. Subpersonality as an information cluster with no opportunity to merge with the soul

01:19:27 If you don’t gain Life here and now, you won’t gain it then.

01:20:05 How consciousness enslaves people and alienates them from the Spiritual World

01:21:12 Spiritual experience of the one who follows the Way. Knowledge paths. There are no bad religions.

01:23:07 Consciousness does not know what Love is.

01:24:40 What a person pines over, when he or she loses “the beloved”.

01:26:07 Human acquisitions in the face of death. Who will remember of those?

01:27:11 The feeling of happiness. Why real happiness never runs out

01:28:27 Why consciousness fends off Personality from the joy of unity with the Spiritual World

01:28:45 The indescribable happiness of every moment of residing in Spirit

01:31:12 The Spiritual World hears even the quietest appeal to it.

01:32:55 A story of people who tried to approach God by climbing up a high mountain

01:35:05 “Allah is closer to a human being than his or her cervical artery.” One should only open oneself and just be.

01:36:18 When a child’s little hamster died…

01:37:00 What consciousness is needed for

01:40:48 Why one falls asleep when he or she tries to perform a spiritual practice

01:42:50 Angels never sleep

01:43:37 Is it possible to cram a demon into paradise or a saint into hell?

01:44:05 What does the first step towards God start with?

01:44:55 What responsibility implies. Responsibility in a family

01:46:35 Spiritual responsibility for oneself and for other people. Service

01:47:30 Responsibility imposed by one’s mind: a person has not saved himself or herself, but teaches others.

01:47:56 Spiritual Love is giver Love. Body and consciousness that serve the Spiritual World

01:50:00 The utmost service. Mary’s true feat. The Protecting Veil of the Mother of God

01:51:35 A spiritual experiment through time and space. What consciousness really is. What sensory perception of the Spiritual World is like



Prepared by Julia Matveyeva (Russia)

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Consciousness and Personality.
From the inevitably dead
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  • <small>Consciousness and Personality. <br/>From the inevitably dead <br/>to the eternally alive</small>


The Truth is One for Everybody
  • The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness


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