Participants of the program: Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, Igor Vladimirovich Naumets, Anna Dubrovskaya, and Andrei Kovtunov. The inevitability of the approaching serious climate changes, the global and large-scale character of which may today be observed all over the planet, places each human being on the verge of personal choice.

Already in the nearest future, THIS will concern everyone! The unknown history of the past, by knowing which one can understand tomorrow (the cycle repeats itself). International initiatives of the ALLATRA International Public Movement. The UNIVERSAL GRAIN project: a common affair that keeps uniting many people on the planet, regardless of nationality and religion. Information about the approaching disastrous natural processes that will soon become a reality for certain counties and continents. What have you done today to ensure that your relatives, friends and yourself would have a chance to survive tomorrow?


The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”download here

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