Catharsis. A new section announced

We hurry to share interesting news: the Point of View analyst team has decided to create a section entitled Catharsis on our website Why do we do this, and what is this?

Catharsis (ancient Greek κάθαρσις – elevation, purification, improvement): this term means the process and outcome of a relieving, purifying and improving influence of various factors on a person. In our case, it’s a frank exposure of erroneous steps and wrong decisions which originate from our weaknesses and vices, or in other words exposure of the Animal Nature manifestations; description and detailed analysis of concrete situations and issues with relevant conclusions and an opportunity through the system of commenting to find an appropriate solution and get rid of certain stereotypes and patterns of behaviour that complicate our life and lead us along a wrong way.

What is our goal here? It’s a more profound study of the secret parasitizing influence of the Animal Mind system on a human being, identification of widespread stereotypes and patterns imposed by the Animal Nature, elucidation of the topic and formation of a practical knowledge database of life experiences of the website readers in order to find effective counteraction methods and eventually to eliminate obstacles on the way of human spiritual evolution. Everyone who desires may take part in this project by sending us a story (or stories) of his or her personal catharsis-purification. Thus we would be able to explore the Animal Nature’s means of influence, major stereotypes and patterns causing emotional instability, negative surges and stresses in people, and making them come to erroneous decisions and complicated life circumstances. Eventually this will permit to uncover and thoroughly examine hidden activities of the Animal Mind system, get to know the true Enemy of mankind and learn to resist it adequately. Owing to this section, the website authors and readers will receive evidence that the Animal Mind indeed exists and is much closer than people believe.

Materials received from readers will certainly undergo moderation, and not all materials will be published, so below we present the terms and conditions of guaranteed publication:

  • The narrative style, as far as possible (articles will be further edited);
  • Not trivial reporting of an issue, but the presence of attempts to analyze the situation;
  • An attempt to identify and describe the Animal Nature stereotypes and patterns;
  • Personal conclusions of the author (mandatory).

We won’t publish tragic messages such as “I was robbed, help”, “I am ill. How can I recover?”, “Why is everything so bad?” etc., for this is neither a notice board nor a psychologist’s office. Here, we plan to establish a serious information platform for self-learning based on the Primordial Knowledge (in particular, the AllatRa book –, in order to reveal and study the hidden and main human opponent whose existence is unfortunately not even suspected by the absolute majority of people so far.

It is difficult to imagine whether the Catharsis section will be demanded and long-lasting, since the section living will totally depend on readers’ activeness. And what the outcome will be in general is also unclear. Most probably there will be plenty of nasty issues addressed in the beginning, but we strongly hope in the end all the nasty stuff will be transformed into purification, meaning mass purification of humanity and the overall spiritual recovery.

Well, let’s not set hopes upon the Lord in the Highest by a stereotyped phrase “God help us to succeed”. Until we invest our own efforts God won’t help, and the outcome will be far from desired. Therefore, we welcome everyone to participate in this real internal spiritual self-improvement work which will hopefully be useful for all of us and for those who will venture to follow...


Yours sincerely, the Point of View analyst team

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Craig 27.09.2020 01:41 Reply ↵

Assuming this is where i share for Catharsis…


    All my life I’ve struggled with emotional issues but a common experience ive repeatedly experienced seems relevant. Whenever the strong emotions get to be too much, i historically have had destructive bouts where i break things and wouldn’t stop until I ruined something important to me and thus creating loss, like I’m punishing myself. Embracing such a pattern gets particularly dangerous and self destructive as one gets older, as a child maybe i stopped after ripping up a favorite stuffed animal but as an adult the things that are important to us become much more sensitive, maybe you can’t stop until you’ve ruined your relationship or quit a job…reeling these self destructive urges in gets tougher the longer you put it off, the stakes just climb higher and higher in the meantime. 

    So i suppose a higher self should be able to reconcile intense anger/sadness/feelings of betrayal and whatnot but when that’s not happening i would guess my subconscious is driving my mind to seek self punishment for the weakness. 

    Not sure if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for in this endeavor but there’s a contribution just the same. Good luck and God bless 

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