Who needs this scribble? Appeal to the website readers

Extract from the article I know better:

“Who really needs your scribble? This was told so many times before! This information is available everywhere. You think you have made a discovery! Don’t even think of sending it – they will shelve it at best.”




Dear Anna, let me express my sincere gratitude and assure you that your scribble is really, really needed, at least I do need it, and this already indicates its usefulness. You’ve noticed some points and shared them, and now not just yourself, but WE together with you know it, and this means we all have become spiritually richer. To me, this is what exactly means sharing knowledge with others. In my opinion, in such an unsophisticated and non-heroic way human society transformation is taking place: when a person, becoming honest with oneself, uncovers mechanisms of the System operation in order to share such information with other people. Although the phrase was being written in a totally different context, I fully understand, for the voice in my head whispers similar things to me as well: “Oh, give up all these unnecessary and endless writings. You haven’t even bathed in the sun this year. Go to the seaside”… Nonetheless, your article has prompted me to act, and this is what I am doing right now.

In recent e-mails and article comments I have seen many proposals and requests to “analyse this” or “disclose that”, or got questions regarding subtleties of the work of consciousness, stereotyped manner of the Animal Mind System operation, etc. Questions and inquiries arrive, but I can only respond with an appeal to readers of our website. 


Dear friends, many of your have certainly read the AllatRa book and come to believe in what is written there. Furthermore, I’m confident that many of you have received evidence from your own experience that the book contains the truth, and this is the greatest treasure of all which one can have. Certainly, many of you regularly perform spiritual practices, follow the self-improvement path, trace the work of consciousness and… quietly make some notes. This is excellent and praiseworthy, but a question automatically arises: whom do you make your notes for? Just in case? Or in order to share with others? If you do intend to share with other people, who are they? Where will you share? And, first and foremost, when?

Maybe, you have a whole life ahead, and it’s not the time to share yet? Or, perhaps, you are already sharing? Well, in groups, of course! Pardon me, as a meticulous pathfinder I have surfed the web and found nothing concrete associated with thorough consideration of the Animal Mind System operation, stereotypes and patterns… And, pardon me again, is this some secret knowledge intended for sharing via Skype with select few only, whereas such poor students as me, who miss lessons, should know nothing about this? Or, perhaps, the Devil’s secret mechanisms should be known only to particularly close and devoted admirers? Or, maybe, this is a closed subject for the general public, permitted for spreading only by word of mouth in some narrow circles?

Why am I asking all these questions? First of all, because I don’t have an appropriate practical experience to start an independent investigation of the issue; secondly, I’m just a beginner in spiritual issues and, finally and thirdly, I am fond of analytics more.

Why am I asking with irony? As far as I know, there are many groups where open online conferences are regularly carried out, and I join them myself sometimes in order to draw useful information and, say, spiritually enrich myself. Possibly, representatives of such groups attend our website from time to time, and so I’d like to address them with a following question: why don’t you post the accumulated notes anywhere, why don’t you share your experience? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people perform spiritual practices every day, but for some reason nobody hurries to share their experience on the web. I understand there is AllatRa book – the source of pure knowledge, and any distortions, substitutions or subjective interpretations are intolerable. The Primordial Knowledge should by all means be disseminated as soon and wide as possible, so that our descendants get a chance. But how should it be disseminated? The format of massed and obtrusive quoting, unfortunately, bores people very fast. If I was a fan of FC Dynamo or Ledokol hockey team, I would never look at the one-thousand-seventeenth single-type motivator with the AllatRa sign in social media. This is the reality: many people are sick and tired of wise aphorisms. At that, consciousness would happily consume results of an interesting live experiment or practical experiences; it will consume such information and ask for more. Am I not right?

I will voice a seditious thing, but isn’t the stereotyped cold approach to the living knowledge transmission the exact reason why the AllatRa movement is being reproached for sectarianism? Maybe, it’s time to launch a more concrete and serious work, the results of which could be of interest for the general public?

Well, I do understand everyone has plenty of cares and concerns: kids, job, hurrying somewhere, earning money, etc. I’m not a robot either and want to sleep from time to time. However, let’s imagine an extreme probability (many of you admit that global climate changes are inevitable and can last for decades, so we won’t project, but simply imagine): economic collapse, billions of refugees, chaos, no internet, people are searching for shelters, heat and food… You are sitting at home in front of a wood stove and look at your crumpled sheets of paper with notes where the septon field activity is exposed. So, what? There are no means of communication anymore… and now you have to walk afoot far away in a scary environment, walk and transfer the Primordial Knowledge. Will you be able to stay sitting before the wood stove, when everything has been confirmed one more time?

Now, a big part of readers who are zealous keepers of the knowledge have reproached me for conducting the Animal Nature will. And they will say below: “Why? Reread AllatRa! Start with yourself! Think positively and only about good things! The monad has been already turned over!" I heard, I heard. Maybe, I also need to plunge into positivism totally and ultimately, vanish in the deep inner feeling finally and uncompromisingly, coming up from time to time blissfully and giving birth to a banner with dawn, sunset or a quote from the AllatRa book, instead of urging people to work and writing various non-standard and agitating provocations at my own risk, offering to look at our usual activities from a different point of view. Or is this a voice in my head?

Therefore, dear Anna, go on writing! Write again and again, if others lack time to share their personal experience with the multimillion audience across the globe (for as long as the internet still exists). Write, please, even if you’ll be the only one writing. And I will always find time to publish your words.

Well, to be serious, friends, you and I have not so much time to join efforts and share the acquired experience. Believe me, your knowledge will soon become very demanded and topical for many.



With best regards, Dato Gomarteli

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