Deep inner feelings. First steps to learning sensory perception



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    Before I started expounding this topic, I thought it would be necessary to apply a nonstandard approach to presentation of relevant information, and a different structure of material. Why? In order to avoid stereotypes and clichés, awake greater interest, and let readers deeply realize a particular importance of the topic. Hence, the Preface will be followed by quotations from the AllatRa book as the primary source, defining what deep inner feelings are, and the author of this article kindly asks readers to read the quotations really carefully. I would like to avoid stilted statements, however it’s impossible to do without those, and so I’ll put it straight: your future life totally depends on how you, dear readers, get imbued with the essence of the information given, and not just your life, but your afterlife destiny as well. This is naked truth.

    We are not the first ones who endeavour to elucidate aspiration for God as the fundamental principle of human life, although something prompts us that, as distinct from adherents of various religions, we are following a more correct direct path, and not for the sake of isolation or precedence, but with a sincere hope to encourage other people to pick up the baton and continue more serious study of such extremely important and fundamental issue as building proper relationship with God. In actual fact, billions of people on our planet, who sincerely consider themselves believers, are attempting to build such relationship throughout their life, being unaware of the most important point: in which way or on which basis can such relationship be built? As a result of numerous distortions and substitutions accumulated over centuries, today we observe quite a sad picture, where the most wide-spread and even leading modes of people’s relationship with God is outright trade, fear or banal mercenary interest like “if you do me a favour, I will do you a favour in exchange”. People have lost knowledge Who God actually is, and how they can get in touch with Him. No wonder, the world is at the deadlock now.

    Here, it is necessary to explain that the bass of the lost Primordial Knowledge about the human Spiritual Nature, which has been brought to the world over again by Bodhisattva Rigden Djappo (or Imam Mahdi, the Comforter, Maitreya, Kalki Avatar, Messiah, Geser Khan, Saoshyant, etc.), is the immediate task of individual transformation of every person, in other words, transformation of an ordinary mortal human being into an immortal dweller of the Eternity, an Angel. To extend understanding, I would say it’s all about the so-called enlightenment, spiritual liberation, leaving for the paradise, the seventh dimension or Nirvana, abandonment of the Wheel of Saṃsāra (circle of reincarnation), achievement of the state of Samadhi, Satori, Kenshō, etc. All these concepts basically mean one and the same thing.

    At first glance this looks fantastical, although a more thorough examination of the issue will allow everyone who wishes to sort it out impartially and is free from ingrained sets in consciousness, to discern the genuine reality in front of them. I should admit it’s not easy to speak about “living” things in a “dead language”, nonetheless let’s do our best and talk, write, elucidate, share experiences, but not keep silent! Deep inner feelings must be of primary importance in human life despite the fact the overwhelming majority of contemporary people have a rather obscure notion about those. Though today they are more concerned about external affairs and problems, the time will come, and many of them will give their precious attention to deep inner feelings, because the latter will be known to everyone, become fashionable, and will guide people towards real Life, not death, for Life in the spirit is incommensurably more valuable than living in the matter.

    So, if we resort to simple comparison, many people are well familiar with light manifestations of deep inner feelings, e.g. love, bliss, beatitude, heartfelt euphoria, tranquil pleasure, elation. At that, let’s step aside from pseudo-mystical haziness characteristic for such discourse and move to the next section containing simple and accessible explanations of what deep inner feelings really are.




  • Deep inner feelings originate in the Soul.
  • Owing to deep inner feelings, one can achieve understanding of what the true Freedom is in reality.
  • Deep inner feelings represent the Soul’s power and its state of Love for God.
  • Deep inner feelings are true Love, which is beyond verbal expression. True Love between people starts, when one person experiences deep inner feeling of Love towards another person’s Soul, sees his/her essence, as they say, when “amazement in silence” takes place. True Love is a generous internal gift presented by one person to the other because of abundant deep inner feelings.
  • Relationship between a person and God is based solely upon the person’s deep personal feelings generated when he/she is getting in touch with the spiritual world, the feeling of his/her sincere Love and gratitude to God. Genuine deep inner feelings addressed to God represent the real, only valuable treasure that can be accepted by the spiritual world from a human being. And such relations with the spiritual world are maintained without any mediators.
  • There is a single genuine spiritual way to God: via one’s deep inner feelings, whereas human interpretations of the way are numerous.
  • What does it mean to experience deep inner feelings originating in the Soul? It means to feel a subtle connection with the Soul, experience a feeling of boundless Love, a sensation of Home – Nirvana, the Eternity.
  • Penetration into spiritual planes in an altered state of consciousness takes place by means of deep inner feelings.
  • ... understand the world via deep inner feelings, via the intuitive Knowledge not produced by logic.
  • Deep inner feelings or the so-called sixth sense, intuition (which can be developed by means of certain meditative and spiritual practices) allow perceiving more information than human mind (consciousness) restricted by logic. Deep inner feelings forestall a situation, providing a voluminous knowledge of it from the standpoint of the Spiritual Nature Observer.
  • The sense of a person’s spiritual development is in his/her thorough internal transformation. This means, first and foremost, not just renewal of internal spiritual dialogue with God in one’s everyday life via one’s deep inner feelings, via one’s sincere Love to Him, but living in this very sacrament. In fact, every human being is drawn towards such pure internal dialogue with God.
  • Evolving spiritually, a person starts perceiving the habitual material world and the world of subtle energies solely via deep inner feelings, and not by means of logic or material thoughts, for any thought is a material product, and nothing else, while spiritual, deep inner feelings give a totally different level of perception, a totally different scope of comprehensive Knowledge, what people call the enlightenment.
  • Evolving spiritually, a person begins to understand the visible and invisible worlds via deep inner feelings, i.e. not by means of his/her mind limited within the matter, but from the standpoint of spiritual, intuitive knowledge that embraces a very wide range of information about the universe and allows supporting permanent connection with the Soul – the portal to God’s world.
  • Unfolding of the deep inner feeling of Love, sensation of Personality merging with God, which does not depend on any external conditions or environment, but is the outcome of Personality’s individual spiritual self-improvement and ability to maintain the Spiritual Nature predominance.
  • Via deep inner feelings one can touch his/her Soul and feel its power.
  • Where is the power generated from the Soul being spent? The internal integrated power (deep inner feeling) is often simply broken up and distorted by consciousness through the prism of prevailing thoughts.
  • ... prevailing thoughts on which a person focuses attention direct the power of the integrated deep inner feeling at implementation of the person’s desires.
  • A primary impetus of any feeling originates from deep inner force coming from the SoulSuch primary impetus from the Soul is exactly a basis for powerful deep inner feelings. If this power is purposefully used for spiritual development, it will be sufficient for a person, regardless of his/her past, to abandon the reincarnation circle during his/her earthly life.
  • Ordinary perception vanishes in the meditative state. In particular, if we take the state of an experienced meditator in the Lotus Flower spiritual practice, his/her consciousness indeed expands, exceeding the bounds of the habitual world. Such person feels himself/herself everywhere simultaneously. This is similar to superposition in quantum physics, when a particle gains a state of a wave; thus, in meditation a person gains a state of penetration into higher dimensions, where the matter does not exist. Superposition in meditation is when you “see” the entire world and its various manifestations, i.e. sense those by means deep inner feelings. Yet, once the Observer focuses on a certain object, his/her consciousness narrows and becomes limited to the object observed. That is, once you make a choice and focus on certain details, the wave turns into the matter. When you focus on details, voluminous perception vanishes, and only details remain. Animal Nature thoughts are a sort of a tool or power to materialize objects, while Spiritual Nature feelings are the power to expand consciousness and enter higher dimensions.

RigdenDeep inner feelings are a special language, different from human language. When man overcomes coarse and vile aspects of himself, improving himself on a daily basis, when he evolves and spiritually transforms himself as a human being, he becomes enlightened. When man grows spiritually, he faces questions of his mind. Experience of spiritual practices gives him awareness that material brain is limited in its perception and belongs to the physical body, while the body is transient and subject to decay. At that, the Soul which is inside him is invisible, but everlasting. He understands that sensory experience cannot be transferred in words reliably. And spiritual practices are only tools that help to unfold, perceive and develop deep inner feelings by means of which his communication with the Highest Beyond takes place in their language, i.e. the language of deep inner feelings. Therefore, it’s impossible to tell about the divine frankly, for any word would be a mere allegory. The divine is a totally different language coming not from mind, but from deep inner feelings, and such language is understood by everyone’s Soul. This is exactly the single common language of human Souls. This is the language of the Truth. (AllatrRa, page 9)





    A person can make first steps to cognition of deep inner feelings by means of the Lotus Flower spiritual practice, having a multi-millennial history. This practice is a basic one on the way of individual spiritual self-perfection. Everyone who wishes can familiarize themselves with the practice performance technique given in the books Sensei of Shambala and Birds and a Stone, as well as in the AllatRa book repeatedly mentioned above. Moreover, as it turned out, the Coordination Centre of the ALLATRA International Public Movement arranges regular internet meetings for detailed discussion and joint performance of meditations and practices, in particular, the Lotus Flower, and it’s very easy to join such meetings for everyone. It should be mentioned that the spiritual practice is very simple и complicated at the same time. Ironically enough, the entire complexity is in its simplicity which can be comprehended for years on end. We will try to formulate its major purpose: cultivation of Love (filling with the Holy Spirit in Christian terminology), development of sensory spiritual perception, creation of conditions for maturing and Salvation of one’s Soul, and for one’s spiritual liberation more known in various religions and spiritual trends as enlightenment, leaving for the paradise, the seventh dimension or Nirvana, abandonment of the Wheel of Saṃsāra (circle of reincarnation), achievement of the state of Samadhi, Satori, Kenshō, etc. We will surely write about this more, for this article is just one of initial publications.

    In addition to well-developed and habitual logical cognition of the surrounding reality, a human being is endowed with sensory perception, which is underdeveloped and not active in most people. After the AllatRa book release, in which Rigden Djappo told about sensory perception most comprehensively, this topic is further more often discussed among those who are interested; and, most importantly, many people have started developing their sensory perception by means of meditations and spiritual practices. As it can be understood through the above quotations, sensory perception is extremely, vitally important for every personality. Many beginners who have recently stepped on the way of spiritual self-knowledge lack understanding of what deep inner feelings really are, and how they can learn to sense those. According to our modest experience, such lack of understanding is totally natural. The theory colourfully and voluminously described in the books will never give an integral idea of the essence until practice is in place. Practical experience includes continuous, purposeful and solely individual aspiration that can reveal internal doors to understanding and feeling of the Soul and God within oneself for an aspiring person.

    Yet, how can a person learn such subtle and deep divine sensation or direct human dialogue with God, without mediators? Perhaps, first of all, it’s necessary to take a greater interest in the subject, talk, discuss, share, i.e. switch one’s priorities from consumer interests fed with emotions, passions and desires, to truly spiritual interests that eradicate everything brutish and develop noble, sensory and elevated aspects in a human being. At the same time, a person should start self-improving in every hour, every minute and every instant of the day. Based on the facts we have collected, including personal experiences of the Point View analyst team, we can assert that regular and daily performance of the Lotus Flower spiritual practice will inevitably have a beneficial, totally positive influence on one’s internal spiritual climate and external quality of life. Otherwise, the lofty theory with no practice will remain a lofty theory.

    We shall certainly write about this more, involving new people and new ideas in the project.





    For as long as logical thinking processes are habitual for us, and consciousness totally controls every moment of our life, a conversation about subtle divine emanations quite likely might stumble on crude critical bewilderment: what is such lyricism for in the age of accelerating scientific and technical progress? Do we need such hearty weaknesses in the current aggressive, politically glowing environment of topicality? Is emotional softness adequate in concrete catacombs of circumstances and obligations, where survival environment is becoming further tougher? Humanity hurries to live and take maximal benefits of their life; however, they live blindly in this everlasting fuss, not even suspecting that, for the imposed fuss itself is global illusory lies, which is not immediately obvious. Whereas development of sensory perception is nothing else, but gaining of the priceless gift of real vision, clairvoyance for knowing the right direction.

    Not everyone is stuck in the bustle. Among those running, there are those who pause and ask: why have you gathered here, and what are you discussing? Please, explain what is this all about? The most interesting thing is that many people do understand and accept: God is love! Yet, how can one learn to live in God’s love within the hostile three-dimensional reality? Or at least learn to feel? It’s an important and difficult task at the same time. How can people be urged to feel God within their own essence (?!) in the times when misrepresentation is widely popularized that the invisible and omnipresent Creator resides somewhere very far away, and it’s supposedly possible to meet Him only in the afterlife? There is a demonstrative example of the video selection filmed by television anchorman Vladimir Pozner, where he addressed the following question to a number of public figures and celebrities: “If you found yourself in front of God, what would you say to Him?” Respondents, who were respected and successful famous people, quite seriously pondered over their afterlife dialogue with the Almighty, being convinced communication with Him during their lifetime’s impossible!

    Therefore, we shall not go deep into the subject, all the more we don’t have enough experience in it so far, and start with the simplest things, such as general talks on the matter with a hope for some essential and useful outcome.

    Is it easily to describe a feeling, generally speaking? True love, for instance. Try and you will surely face difficulty or confusion in attempting to speak of “living” in “a dead language”. Within the framework of this section dealing with the first steps to learn sensory perception, so far we have found no strategy other than resorting to elementary comparative analysis of videos in which, in our purely subjective opinion, there is something of our interest, more specifically a feeling of love. We are well aware that cinema love is a typical surrogate based on emotions and not real feelings, but let’s start comparing and, perhaps, many of you will get a more distinct understanding of the difference.

    In our last year’s publications we compared the most emotional moments (often depicted at cinema happy ends) with the benchmark: a one-minute fragment of the programme The Meaning of Life: Immortality, where Igor Danilov (Rigden Djappo, according to our assumption) let all viewers touch the real deep inner feelings, owing to the programme digital recording that allowed to penetrate through time and distance, so to speak. Let’s go back to that fragment (2:44:24 – 2:45:51) again, try to relax, attune ourselves and switch off mental activity.



    This very short fragment of the programme drew a wide response in September last year and stirred up the internet to such an extent that hundreds of video reviews appeared on YouTube, posted by people from different countries of the planet. You can watch those in our Reviews section, and we will certainly continue posting them on our website, once new videos appear on YouTube. By the way, let us remind that the phenomenal programme episode was a starting point of our entire research activity on the Point of View analyst team project. Along with the search of confirmations to numerous prophecies and predictions, we have endeavoured to understand now valuable this short video fragment is. Quite possibly, for the first time in the digital television history we’ve faced nothing else, but the real, pure manifestation of the Holy Spirit! We don’t fear if such resonant statement will cause indignation of religious adherents who believe they know better what the Holy Spirit is, since the latter point still remains open, despite the availability of diverse definitions invented by the human mind.

    Comparing the programme fragment with popular cinema happy ends, one can easily feel the difference: sweet movie fragments give a totally different inner filling than Igor Danilov’s words. If you follow your inner sensations very attentively, the peak of cinematographic emotional surge is accompanied by a sweet, but rather fettering, compressive sensation of density in the solar plexus area with the pressure vector directed from the outside inwards, whereas in the episode (2:44:24 – 2:45:51) of The Meaning of Life: Immortality programme a completely opposite effect is observed: relaxation, thawing, pleasant sensation of freedom and expansion outwards from within. Apparently, the reason is in the impact essence itself: in the first case there are EMOTIONS, while in the second case there are DEEP INNER FEELINGS. It’s been a true discovery for us to know that even the sweetest cinema products are mostly active stimulants of the animal nature in people. At that, we’ve been extremely happy to discover two videos with Elder Thaddeus of Serbia and Orthodox Bishop Longin of Ukraine! While watching the videos many of us observed a marvellous effect of the heart opening outside from within, internal expansion, and the subtlest heartfelt response. A logical conclusion can be drawn that there are active bearers of the divine will among people, though only inner spiritual vision can help one see, discern and feel them.

    The Reviews section has proved to be very helpful for comparison as well. Any reader can feel a distinct polarity of potentials between the positive video reviews and negative criticism I am against. For me personally such polarity has proved to be so striking and evident that it became an excellent reason for rather prolonged attunement to subtle perception of the world around. It’s been very interesting and new for me to perceive the world via sensory perception, and this is exactly what Igor Danilov is talking about in all three interviews.






    Well, in this article we have made some timid steps to elucidation of the topic of sensory perception. In essence, thus we’ve found the shortest and most direct way to God, to salvation of our Souls. Summarizing, I would really like to avoid any distortion of the Primordial Knowledge, and so I persistently ask you to return to the AllatRa book as the primary source again and again, in particular to wordings about deep inner feelings, and surely to start practicing the Lotus Flower right away. There is no better way to become firmly convinced about the internal than to live with love in one’s heart. Neither reiteration of prayers, nor learning of scriptures by heart, nor observance of rites and rituals in service to religious organisations can bring a person closer to the Creator, if deep inner feelings originating from the Soul as human sanctum sanctorum are not manifested in the person. Filling with the Holy Spirit, cultivation of Love, development of sensory perception, or living in deep inner feelings is what makes one’s way to Salvation or to enlightenment, spiritual liberation, leaving for the paradise, the seventh dimension or Nirvana, abandonment of the Wheel of Saṃsāra (circle of reincarnation), achievement of the state of Samadhi, Satori, Kenshō... which is the top-priority task of every human being residing on the planet Earth. Is there anything more important, indeed?



Prepared by: Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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