The great migration is coming. Are people prepared?

This analytical article only hints at possible global all-human shocks to take place in the nearest future due to the beginning of planetary natural cataclysms and the great migration of peoples. Today, there are both supporters and opponents of troubled warnings: the former monitor the aggravating climatic situation in the world, draw conclusions and attempt to sound the alarm, whereas the latter are persistently unwilling to notice anything and turn their backs on the problem, suspecting somebody of “having dividends” on the panic. As for me, since I am the editor of and regularly let enormous strata of relevant information through my consciousness, I surely belong to the former. And this is exactly the reason why I’m preparing this new material.

First of all, I will show two statistical diagrams:

Now, let me draw your attention to the following points:

  • Firstly, if we attentively analyse the scope and character of natural disasters on the planet over the last 30 years, it becomes apparent that the general tendency is quite deplorable: the number and frequency of disasters is increasing, and the whole situation is further aggravating (no matter how persistently this is disregarded).
  • Secondly, smart people should rather set aside their biased opinion (if any) regarding the ALLATRA IPM and at least familiarize themselves with the Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”, which was released a couple of years ago:
  • Thirdly, the two articles posted on our website: The revealed secrets of Angkor and Giza plateau – the pendulum of Orion and Draco. Apocalypse now? and New evidence of the probable global disaster have sobered me up (as for me personally) and forced me to look at the issue from a totally different perspective which most of our readers have never suspected, I guess. At that, it becomes clear that global natural cataclysms are a mere inevitable factor relating not to the humanity’s consumer attitude to nature and planetary resources, but rather to a cosmic cycle of 12-13 thousand years which is confirmed by many researchers, by the way.
  • Fourthly and finally, cataclysms can naturally cause one of the most serious problems – the great migration of peoples and emergence of numerous climate refugees.
  • Thus, a question arises: to which extent are people prepared for such shocks, and are they prepared at all?

Let’s consider a “test version” of the problem, which is currently observed during the EU migration collapse due to the incoming flow of refugees from the regions of military conflicts – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan – and from the beggary African continent. Over the last several years the situation has aggravated to such an extent that European countries simply don’t know what to do about it.

Yet, has the economically developed Europe turned out to be ready for such an enormous migration? And what does “enormous” really mean? Perhaps, a revealing photo gallery will tell about the current situation much better than any words, whereas the details of the European migrant crisis, in particular in Germany, may be found on numerous news websites. Following the photo gallery we shall review statistical data and dwell on the concept of “enormous migration”.




As we can see, the major refugee wave that has whelmed the developed EU countries is coming from the military conflict area with the following overall statistics (which incidentally was quite difficult to find, since various sources give different numbers): 2014 – about 300,000 people, 2015 – 1.82 million (according to the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders – Frontex), 2016 (forecast) – over 1 million (Frontex). 

Now, let’s draw an intermediate conclusion: in the last several years (2013-2016) the number of migrants to Europe has been about 3,000,000 people. This is not a precise figure, but we need it for visual comparison only. So, what are 3 million people compared to population of certain countries of the world? On the chart below relevant percentage indices are shown in red.

For Ukraine it’s nearly 7% of its population, though for India and China it’s a drop in the ocean.

Now, based on the information given in the aforesaid climate report by ALLATRA IPM, let’s look at the densely populated islands of Japan with its 127+ million people and recall: the report says that the Aira Caldera, one of the largest calderas (supervolcanos) in the world, is located in the southern part of Japan, and the Aira hazard is that it can response to the Yellowstone supervolcano eruption. Just imagine not 3, but whole 127 million people who have become “geographic hostages” of a natural disaster and leave their homes to save themselves. To make it clear, such number is almost 40 times larger than the total number of refugees currently escaping to Europe. Over 100,000,000 people in search of a shelter. And it’s great if these people are highly cultured, well-brought-up, moral and peaceable, but what if this 100-million population are of a Somalia level of culture? Nobody accuses anyone. I only point to mental particularities and cultural tradition differences of various peoples. For instance, Albanians inhabit the Balkan Peninsula, while not far from them in the Alps there is Switzerland. These two nations are very close geographically, if we measure by the planetary scale. Yet, though these people are identical in their essence (outwardly and inwardly), i.e. make up body + personality + soul, they are totally different at the level of consciousness.

For graphical representation, on below images I give a quantitative comparison of the current number of refugees to Europe with the total population of Japan:

God forbid, of course… Yet, for comparison purposes I will also refer to India with its population of some 1.29 billion people. What are “3 million people” for India?! Imagine the scope of a shock on the planet if at least a half of the Indian population (over 600,000 million) would rush through borders and mountains to safer territories in search of salvation! You think it’s impossible? However, it’s already proven that about 12,000 years ago the North Pole was in a different location – near Greenland (various articles on our website contain relevant evidence, e.g.  Teotihuacan... and comments to Places of power, Ley lines). Apparently, such polar shifts cause the great migration of peoples all over the planet Earth.

I agree now it looks as a terrible and unreal fiction, but if the 12-13-thousand-year cosmic cycle of global cataclysms does exist, and as a tip for future human generations (i.e. us!) in certain precisely determined places ancient people erected the Great Pyramids and Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, the most intelligent representatives of contemporary humanity are simply obliged to seriously ponder over these vital issues relating to survival of the rest of the global community! Otherwise, if the warnings prove to be real, but remain unheard, if all of us continue living in egoistic boxes of separated houses and apartments, further following the way of material consumer existence, we can expect the only prospect – fight for survival which will be losing for everybody.




For some reason I don’t want to draw any extensive moralizing conclusions or create another survivor instruction as an updated salvation recipe. In this case my task is not to teach, but only to analyse, since all recipes are already given in wise books and tell about one and the same thing (if one thinks seriously and deeply): “No matter what happens, it’s important to always remain Human!” And should we consider from such highly moral perspective the logical final questions: “Do people have a chance?” and “What should be done?”, we easily arrive at a conclusion that in reality everything’s very simple: we need to stop quarrelling and seeing enemies in each other. Strange as it may seem, this is exactly what Jesus Christ taught two thousand years ago and what’s mentioned in scriptures of various religions.

Why do we not follow all the said and written? It’s a question to each individual...


Most likely, the topic will be continued.

Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia), infographics by Cloud Sifer (Bari, Italy)

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