Seismographs that record the Yellowstone activity are no more open for the public

Online seismographs that recorded seismic activity in the Yellowstone supervolcano area and used to be available for the public have been shut, thus the world can no longer observe what’s happening there. Quite staggering news, isn’t it?

So, why the (USGS) OFFLINE US Geological Survey seismographs have been shut? Nobody in the USA gives any answers. More strangely, the privately funded seismographs of the University of Utah have also become inaccessible, and no explanations have been provided on the matter.

Let’s remind that Yellowstone is the only geologically active supervolcano on the North American continent, and, should it erupt, the two thirds of the United States of America may potentially get covered with volcanic ash, which is a serious hazard for the local population.

After the concerned activists attempted to get a response from the Seismic Activity Monitoring Centre of the University of Utah, one of its employees secretly sent them an e-mail with the following image:



The YellowstoneNational Park limits are shown in green. A hardly visible yellow line outlines the supervolcano caldera. Earthquakes recently recorded in Yellowstone are marked with red dots. Isn’t this a reason that seismographs have suddenly become unavailable for the public?

We are not seismologists, but the situation looks suspicious, to say the least. It’s another reason once again to refer to the ALLATRA IPM Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth”, where there is detailed information on the hazards of eruption of the two calderas – Yellowstone in the USA and Aira in Japan, as well as on possible disastrous consequences and ways to overcome those. At that, the nature of human consciousness is such that everybody hears about the X point, but no one believes, thinking: “Even if this happens, it won’t happen to me.” Maybe, it’s still worth lending an attentive ear to the Report contents?

On the next day I found the following video:




Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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