Earthquakes in Italy. Why has the planet stopped dead?

    Having found out about a powerful earthquake in Italy, today’s morning (24 August 2016) I observed a strange phenomenon which I’d like to share with everyone. The strangeness is that while monitoring seismic activity on the planet during the last several years via online service I have never observed such an unusual picture: 

earthquake, Italy, August 2016 picture

earthquake, Italy, August 2016 picture

earthquake, Italy, August 2016 picture

earthquake, Italy, August 2016 picture

earthquake, Italy, August 2016 picture


    What is so strange, you might ask? Let me explain: every day on this map there are stable earthquake centres, most often in Japan, Chile, USA, Indonesia and several other regions, in other words, what I want to say is that the planet is shaking regularly and permanently. Yet, today it has as if stopped dead. And I could not but recall the third secret of Fatima concealed by Vatican from the public and relating to the Holy See downfall.

After the two parts which I’ve already explained, to the left of and a little above the Mother of God we saw an Angel with a fiery sword in his left hand. The sword was ejecting tongues of flame that could burn the entire Earth, but they diminished once touching the magnificent radiance emitted by the Mother of God in the opposite direction from her right hand. Pointing at the Earth with his right hand, the Angel shouted in a thunderous voice: “Repent, repent, repent!” In the endlessly bright light we saw there is God, something similar to people’s reflections appearing in the mirror, when people pass before him: a bishop dressed in white, who seemed to be looking like the Holy Father. There were also other bishops, priests, believing men and women. They were ascending a steep mountain, on the top of which there was a big Cross made of uncouth trunks of corkwood. Before getting there, the Holy Father walked through a big city which was half ruined, half shuddering. He walked, stopping from time to time, suffering from pain and grief, and praying for the souls of those whose dead bodies he saw on the way. Having reached the mountain top, he kneeled at the foot of the Cross and was killed by a group of soldiers who shot him with bullets and arrows. And the same way one by one other bishops, priests, believing men and women, as well as laymen of various titles and classes died there. Two Angels were standing on both sides of the Cross, each having a crystal aspergillum in his hand, in which they collected blood of martyrs and sprinkled souls that worked their way to God.


    Let me remind the action takes place in Rome...


Prepared by Roman V. (Ukraine)

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