Théun Mares. Quote from Return of the Warriors

    The next discovery is writer Théun Mares (4 July 1952 – 5 September 2011), born in Zimbabwe. He was one of the keepers of Toltec teaching, which he passed on in his books and on personal seminars to all who desired. We are not really interested in Mares’ personality or practical self-improvement experience. We refer to him due to an intriguing and somewhat prophetic literary extract from his book Return of the Warriors, where people from the cold North (as Slavs are usually described) and the One Truth are mentioned. Certainly, the extract has a rather indirect relation to our issue, however, as we know, many great events in history were predicted by fantasy writers long before emergence of such events.


From the cold North courageous men and women of numerous tribes will come, forming a strong race and following the Path of Inmost Truth in the heart of their hearts, though they won’t remember neither reason nor purpose of their voluntary banishment. In their ancient search of redemption of the sin committed not by them, these people have put aside the Sword of Power and preserved the Spear of Destiny only.

Before they appear, powers accumulated in the Spear will destroy many of their convictions and ruin walls that separated them from their fellow men for such a long time. Due to the banishment, due to such separation, the soul of these people will be marked with a great poorness of body and all-consuming loneliness of spirit. But that very body poorness and spirit loneliness injected an enormous power of predestination and a deep thirst for life into them. Therefore, in these people’s hearts an insatiable fire of aspiration and passion is blazing, and this flame will enable them to be the first ones to hear the call.

The advent of these people will cause fear in the rest of the world, but not for spiritual reasons. The fear will be based upon reasons engendered by ignorance, and so their genuine advent will at first be unnoticed. That’s why they will come invisibly and take the world by storm. They will take it not with the Sword, but with the Spear, Power and force of their passionate aspiration for life and the One Truth. Such force of predestination, such burning passion will sweep everything off their way, like an immense unflagging flow. They will seek the One Truth in all minds and hearts and won’t stop their search until they find the sound which eternally echoed in their hearts, and which they have waited for throughout the time. That sound will saturate their inner fire, and they will build a new empire around it, an empire based not on political power, but 
on the One Truth only, and will spread it across all political and natural borders.


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