Four human Aspects. Why do contemporaries know nothing about those?

    Continuing examination of the human energy structure (see our first article on the subject), for general understanding and integrated perception let’s go into details regarding the four human Aspects as the invisible integral components of a human being. It is very strange that contemporary people, having progressed in scientific and technical achievements over the last century, and having boundlessly expanded the field of informational exchange on the planet Earth owing to television and internet, currently have no idea of the four aspects present in the human structure. In this article we shall analyse the discovered information, particularly artefacts, and prove that our ancestors possessed a tremendous store of spiritual knowledge, being well aware of the pyramidal human structure on the sides of which there are rational energy and information structures called the Aspects.

    We shall refer straight to the AllatRa book as the primary source and cite relevant quotes, thus making another step to our further research. So:



    “Just like other information objects of the material world, beginning with giant stars and down to smallest particles, a human being has certain projections, a sort of
 “mirror” reflections at the energy plane. In different times various nations had their own designations of such projections, describing or marking them as parts of the invisible human structure in their chronicles, scriptures and sacral images. For convenience, let’s call these living projections the Aspects, since they are quite rational (even more rational than people can imagine) and have their own characteristics. By their nature, the Aspects are energy and information structures, or certain local centres. They are inseparable parts of the invisible human structure, just like head, arms, etc. in the human physical body. In the invisible structure centre (in the midst of all human projections) there is the Soul.

    The Aspects are energy and information structures that play an important role in both life and afterlife of a person. They possess tremendous capabilities and are connected with other dimensions where interactions take place at the subtle energy level. Owing to his/her Aspects, a person can exert influence on the world from higher dimensions of the material world, up to the sixth dimension. The human Aspects are designated by their location around the pyramid structure and relative to the physical body: Front, Rear, Right, and Left. They represent major fields, say, “living sides” of the tetrahedral truncated pyramid in the overall human structure. They are located approximately at a stretched-arm distance from the physical body in corresponding directions: at the front, at the rear, and on each side (on the right and on the left).

    The knowledge about them has been considered sacred since ancient times. There exist many various references to them in the mythology of peoples of the world, from antiquity to the present day. For example, relevant information may be found in cosmological myths and legends of different peoples, in rituals of sorcerers, shamans, priests, and magicians. In particular, descriptions by the latter often say a person addresses the four elements, directions, or spirit assistants of the person, etc. while performing a certain traditional ritual. At that, in many cases the connecting link is the centre, i.e. the Soul mentioned in sacred legends as the centre of human energy structure, the fifth centre (in other cases it is referred to as the first centre); whereas in practical rituals it is the Personality’s consciousness.

    So, external actions of such magician are, as a rule, either a theatrical play designed for the public, or imitation of the lost knowledge without understanding of its essence, or a mere concealment of it. In reality, the main action takes place inside the person, within his/her inner world. By means of certain knowledge and practices he/she simply collects himself/herself into a single whole and governs the Aspects. The Personality is the "control centre". Owing to such integration, the person's potential in the invisible world is greatly enhanced. Let me draw your attention to the fact that these Aspects are not the person’s astral doubles. Each of the four Aspects represents, let's say, a certain energy field. Figuratively speaking, it’s a "transparent cluster" that can turn into any mental image designated by a person: a mirror reflection of the person or an image of an animal, spirit, etc. We can say that, when a person performs certain meditative techniques and resides in an altered state of consciousness, he/she can designate one or another mental image for any of the Aspects and materialize the Aspect by focusing attention on such image. 




    Anastasia: So, in essence, it is transition from the state of an energy wave into a material particle: once the Observer focuses on the Aspect, the process of energy transformation into subtle matter takes place. Hence, the Aspect assumes a given form (the mental image designated by the person).

    Rigden: Yes, and in such case connection with the invisible world is fully preserved. As I have already said, each of the four Aspects has its own characteristics and manifests a certain link between the visible and invisible worlds.”


    Let’s look at splendid stylish banners which we have found on the internet and on which characteristics of the Aspects are described.



    “The Front Aspect is located at the front, at a stretched-arm distance from one’s physical body. It is related to the person's life here and now (in both the third and higher dimensions) and with his/her movement from the present to the future. This is a kind of a vector and indicator of the life path. If a person chooses the spiritual, this path has a single vector and a focused direction of striving forward to the higher and final result: merging of the Personality with the Soul, in other words, to spiritual liberation. This Aspect is responsible for person's self-development and spiritual movement. It carries a distinctive emotional flavour of faith, spiritual love, and hope for the future. If person's intentions on the spiritual path are stable, the Aspect also serves as a very good protection against external invisible influence of other people’s aggressive Aspects. Its activation can be noticed by the person’s state, when he/she feels inspired, when a surge of positive emotions and deepest spiritual motives are observed in him/her.

    In legends of the peoples of the world, the Front Aspect was often described as a unicorn, as well as an element (spirit) of the sky and air. It was depicted in the form of a free bird (falcon, mythical thunderbird, or phoenix). In many cultures, the bird served as a symbol of the Soul, the divine Essence, the spirit of life, the spirit of heaven, freedom, ascent, inspiration, prediction, prophecy, and a connection between "space zones".

    Anastasia: Indeed. In fact, birds were already depicted in the Upper Palaeolithic Age, and sometimes the sacred character of such symbols was emphasized. In the Neolithic Age, they were also painted along with solar (sun) signs that were placed above birds.”




    “The Rear Aspect is located behind, at a stretched-arm distance from one’s physical body. This is a kind of an observer of the present and a "chronicler" of the past. It is connected with the person’s present and past, with accumulated information, and not only during this life. For this Aspect the past is a database, while the present means control and tracking of information, so to speak, in the online mode, i.e. here and now. The Rear Aspect is a sort of a portal. It is an "Observer" that is directly linked to the pineal gland (epiphysis). Owing to this portal, knowing certain meditative techniques, it is possible to carry out "tunnelling" to any point in the past. The Rear Aspect is usually depicted in the form of a fish, seal (for example, in traditions of Northern peoples), lizard, elephant, or turtle; it is marked by the water element, that which immerses a human being deep into the past. Siberian peoples have preserved mythological records about some kind of opposition of a bird and a mammoth, and it was a bird and a fish with the Sumerians. The Rear Aspect may also be referred to as a spirit with a human face symbolizing the human past.”




    “The Right Aspect is located at a stretched-arm distance to the right of a person’s physical body. This is, in essence, one of constituent parts of the Animal nature in a human being. More precisely, the Right Aspect performs several qualitatively different functions, manifestation of which depends on what is dominant in a person: the Spiritual or the Animal nature. The Right Aspect is closely connected with this world. Major emotional characteristics of its manifestation when the Animal nature dominates in a person include aggression, despondency or fear. If the Aspect is not controlled by the person in a proper way, he/she often becomes subject to its "attacks". The latter are felt as a stream of bad thoughts or thoughts that provoke negative emotions and a sudden surge of depression. Its attacks are characterized by the consciousness narrowing to the level of a certain problem, as well as by such emotional states as despondency, anger, greed, resentment, excessive self-criticism, and emergence of fantasies or illusions that loop thoughts on the same issue. However, this happens when a person gives the power of his/her attention to such thoughts.

    It should be noted that all four Aspects simply provoke the emergence of certain thoughts that correspond to various surges of certain emotional states. But the Aspects (especially when the Animal nature dominates, distorting a situation beyond recognition and making a mountain out of a molehill) uphold and amplify only those thoughts that the Personality chooses. A person has a choice to thoughts of which Aspect to give preference and attention, more simply, whom to listen to. At that, as soon as the choice is made, in other words, as soon as the person gives preference to certain thoughts, active work of one or another Aspect provoking such thoughts begins.

    Anastasia: By the way, you once mentioned that the processes of the so-called secret influence, mental manipulation, infection of masses with ideas that stimulate aggression, anger and negative emotions in people, are associated with activation of people's Right Aspects.

    Rigden: It is so. Inhibition of Front Aspects in people and activation of their lateral aspects are carried out by specialists experienced in such things. This impact is similar to hypnosis.

    In a meditation one can feel and observe the Right Aspect influence, understand where and how this flow goes: one can feel it as a down-flow from the right (from the outside inwards). However, if a person disciplines this Aspect, i.e. duly controls his/her thoughts and emotions, avoids everything negative, strictly adheres to the spiritual trend, he/she will get an effective assistant that perfectly orients itself in the world of subtle matter and has multi-dimensional connection with same Aspects of other people. And, I repeat, such connection is maintained irrespective of time and space.

    Various nations usually portrayed the Right Aspect as a strong or aggressive totem animal in their sacred paintings, e.g. a white tiger (Kyrgyz shamans), bear, lion, leopard, monkey, and so on, or a mythical Guard or spirit. Mentions of this are recorded in archaic mythical and ritual traditions, when aggression, fear, or unusual force is mentioned. The element symbolizing this Aspect was usually fire.” (read more in the AllatRa book)





    “The Left Aspect is located at a stretched-arm distance to the left of a person’s physical body. This Aspect is connected with the world of Ariman, the world of sacred knowledge of the material nature. It is endowed with a great number of features and functions. But again, use of those by the Personality depends on what predominates in a person: the Spiritual or the Animal nature. When the Animal nature dominates, the Left Aspect is characterized by guile, dodginess, pride, deceit, and seduction. This is a clever and artful Aspect that will present everything in the best possible light solely in order to distract a person from the main aim – the spiritual path. If the Personality does not properly control this Aspect, it triggers doubts and leads the person away from the spiritual path. While the Right Aspect is associated with blunt aggression and anger, the Left Aspect, on the contrary, can win with its logic and show the clarity of consciousness in building a logical chain from the Animal nature. Just like the Front Aspect, it pushes a person to search for something new, but in the material direction, suggesting that a person deserves more or he/she is more significant than others. In general, the idea of ​​megalomania and the thirst for secret power over others form a foundation of its attacks on Personality when the Animal nature dominates in one’s consciousness.

    When such thoughts come to a person, in the state of meditation one can also trace pressure from the outside: it will be felt as a down-flow pressing from the left. If a person disciplines himself/herself and his/her thoughts more often, steadily adhering to the spiritual path, the Left Aspect also becomes his/her personal assistant and private "informer" on sacral matters. In ancient treatises, the Left Aspect is commonly referred to or portrayed either as a terrifying beast or as a clever and cunning animal, such as wolf, jackal, a mythical monster, dragon, snake, or as a Guard or spirit. As a rule, the indicated element is earth or, rather, dust as a symbol of temporary values in this world.”





    “Because of the material veil of the habitual three-dimensional world, most people neither know nor understand how their Aspects function in daily life. This is despite the fact people face the Aspects manifestation quite frequently. After all, when we think about other people, about our acquaintances, friends, relatives, etc. (about people with whom we had a personal contact and, therefore, came in contact with their auras), we are actually making contact directly with their Aspects. If we think in a spiritual, positive vein, our Front Aspects interact, whereas if we think in a material, negative vein, the corresponding lateral Aspects come in contact with each other. How does this happen? As soon as a person has recalled, focused his/her thought on a certain person, an information exchange at the level of subtle energies takes place between corresponding Aspects of such person and the person about whom he/she is thinking. For instance, we’ve just thought of someone whom we have not seen for ten years, and he almost immediately calls us or visits us the same day. Or it can happen that sometimes during a conversation a person knows in advance exactly what his/her interlocutor is going to say; he/she feels other person’s mood and the flow of thoughts before he/she says anything. What is the reason here? This is exactly a manifestation of the Aspects interaction. Simply speaking, one of our Aspects has come into contact with the corresponding Aspect of another person. After all, for Aspects there is neither time, nor space as we understand it. They live by different laws. They are a kind of intermediaries for the Personality in his/her communication with other worlds.”


    “The presence of these Aspects is related to the human choice, or rather to creation of conditions for a person and to giving of a certain degree of freedom to the Personality. That's the whole sense of all this multi-dimensional human structure. Had the lateral Aspects not existed, there would be no freedom of choice between desires of the material world and spiritual aspirations, between "good and evil". Without the lateral Aspects a person, despite his/her existence in limited circumstances (being imprisoned in the matter), would still be feeling the Soul and walk towards God by intuition. However, with these different Aspects he/she has alternative choices: to choose anger, aggression, envy, pride, and infinite desires of the matter, or not to give the power of his/her attention to all of those, stand on the spiritual side and wish for just one thing: spiritual liberation and movement to God.

    Human spiritual development can figuratively be compared with movement of a car that occasionally stalls. At first, human consciousness switches from one emotional state to another frequently and uncontrollably. This can be compared to an inexperienced driver who still confuses the accelerator pedal with brakes. The discipline of thoughts and control of one’s state of consciousness is exactly an attempt to learn to control oneself, one’s emotions, wishes and thoughts, moving in the clear general direction of one’s life's philosophy and supporting the main choice. That is, to live life consciously and with full responsibility, being clearly guided by the spiritual trend and keeping it in the focus of one’s attention all the time. Figuratively speaking, this is an intention to drive to the goal, despite little slippages. Naturally, the more often you control yourself and the more you are attentive on your way (and not just stand gaping, paying attention to thoughts and emotions of the lateral Aspects), the higher the speed of your movement (spiritual development) will be.

    Anastasia: Good example. If we think about this, then surely the majority of people live their lives unconsciously in the spiritual sense, paying attention to thoughts cast by their lateral Aspects. They set petty everyday goals and material tasks before them, such as to save, steal, buy, assert temporary importance in the family, at work, in the society, and so on. Figuratively speaking, they drive in their cars in circles, uselessly burning their gasoline (life energy).

    Rigden: They just live their lives according to their own inner choice, in fact, limited empty lives that a system of the Archons has prepared for them: be a "robot" from morning till night with a limited consciousness and a narrow spectrum of interests and everyday worries. But these are all conventions that have been popularized in the world to make people believe in them and work for this made-up system, which is one of the Animal Mind programmes. In actual fact, man chains himself to this three-dimensional world, because it is easier for him to be a slave in the system of material values than to gain true Freedom as a personal pass into Eternity with his spiritual labour. A person's life is in his/her own hands, in his/her right of choice and desire to improve himself/herself.

    Anastasia: Certainly. Moreover, diverse information about the spiritual heritage of different nations becomes available to people in this age of information technology. Seek, and you will find.”


    Indeed, the one who seeks will always find! We were surprised once again, when having just started the search we discovered plenty of artefacts from totally different periods of the past. It appeared there were whole ages and civilizations since deep antiquity that knew about the existence of the Aspects as living energy and information projections of a human being and reflected relevant information on bas-reliefs, mosaics, statues, paintings, buildings, adornments, pieces of furniture, icons, and even tableware. Below you can view a gallery of images which we have discovered.





    View an enlarged image. This is a generalized graphic map with indication of artefacts, geographic locations of the places where such artefacts were discovered, and time periods which the artefacts date back to.

    Below we present enlarged images of artefacts by time periods and cultures.











    The rest of artefacts are presented at the end of this article, for there are too many images to include them in the article text. Besides, we propose you to watch a fragment of The Two in Private programme release titled “The four human Aspects in myths and religions of peoples of the world”, where, in our opinion, there are very intelligible living examples that convincingly prove possession and everyday use of the relevant Knowledge by our remote ancestors.




    Well, we have to repeat what has been said in the beginning of this article: we are truly bewildered why such valuable and unique information about the four human Aspects was eventually lost in the society. Is it really possible that the information was lost due to non-coordination and lack of unity between historians, archaeologists and representatives of other sciences who deal with researches of such an importance? Or, perhaps, as it’s continuously implied in the books by A. Novykh, this valuable knowledge was deliberately concealed from masses, or certain forces  “helped” masses to forget it with the purpose of establishing a perfect slaveholding society in which only a few would be endowed with the true knowledge of the nature of things? We suspect this is exactly so, for it is difficult and even impossible not to notice a distinct common pattern and similarity of all the aforesaid artefacts. Knowing about the four Aspects existence and being aware of their role and importance, ancient people transferred this knowledge to progenies on bas-reliefs, mosaics, statues, paintings, buildings, adornments, pieces of furniture, icons, and even tableware. And this is a weighty reason to engage in this issue in real earnest, reject conventional opinions beneficial to certain persons, and look behind the curtain of ages from a totally different perspective, making the spiritual a top priority.

    Clever and inquisitive people surely won’t ignore such a stratum of data and evidence. And, most importantly, as we understood while exploring the AllatRa book, work with one’s Aspects, management and taming of them have a tremendous and even decisive significance for the Personality’s spiritual liberation. Isn’t this the very reason why sources of such essential information were maliciously lost over time, while all annoying artefacts not destroyed by the time and by human destructive activity are attributed to banal, primitive magic beliefs of ancient people or directly associated with agriculture, hunting and cattle-breeding? Intentional falsehood or mere unwillingness to see farther than one's nose is definitely observed, isn’t it? 

In such case, we appeal to well-educated scholars who have won academic ranks and degrees: please, explain what are these?


To be continued…


Prepared by Eva Kim (Russia)


Promised additional images, non-dated:











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