Human energy structure. Truncated pyramid with a detached top

    Studying information given in the AllatRa book by Anastasia Novykh, we couldn’t disregard new data on the human energy structure which is invisible to our ordinary vision organs. The information contained in the book is indeed extraordinary. It can give many people a totally new understanding of what a human being is, help find answers to numerous unsolved problems in psychology, psychotherapy, interpersonal relations, and will surely be helpful in physiology, anatomy, and even traditional medicine that deals with various body diseases, often having no idea of the initial cause of those.

    We’ve endeavoured to compare conventional, publicly available information about the human energy structure with the AllatRa book as the Source on which we rely, and we have concluded it’s necessary to unfold, expand and examine the topic further. Moreover, it is necessity not just to collect the material disclosed in the books, but also try to find additional data confirming relevant facts, for, as they say, theory is dead without practice. This means all theoretical information must be confirmed with practice, i.e. with evidence based on one’s personal experience, since the latter exactly represents the knowledge. This is what we propose you to do together with us, dear friends.

    First of all, we’ve decided to ascertain at least in general what people currently know about their invisible energy structure, taking into consideration the available official sources. What is the level of human knowledge in this field today? Surely, we dare to assume that closed units of relevant research institutions know about this much more than ordinary people are allowed to know. For a more thorough understanding, let’s plunge into history a little bit. In particular, let’s refer to dates relating to discovery and studies of the human aura, biofield and energy profile over the last two centuries.


    1845. Scientist, Baron Carl von Reichenbach studied the human aura. He disclosed the results of his research in seven articles titled Researches of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light in their relations to Vital Forces and published in Annalen der Chemie und Physik scientific journal. Moreover, Reichenbach was engaged in geology, human nervous system research, and such disorders as neurasthenia, sleepwalking, phobias, and hysteria. He studied vital energy which he also called odic (the name originates from the Norse god Odin). This energy has a positive flow and a negative flow, a light side and a dark side.

    1810. Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Germany) and his work Theory of Colours, where he describes luminescence around plants, visible to some people.

    1885. Joseph Rodes Buchanan, American physician who studied psychometry (discipline that studies theory and methods of psychological measurements, including measurement of Personality’s knowledge, abilities, views and qualities) published statements in which he asserted some people were able to see auras.

    1897. English physician Walter J. Kilner, medical electrician at St. Thomas Hospital in London, studied human energy fields and attempted to construct equipment through which human aura could be seen. He invented a device in the form of a glass sphere, filled with blue tincturing substance dicyanine. Observing objects through a glass lens, Kilner and his colleagues detected vaporous energy generated from living bodies. In 1911, he published the book The Human Atmosphere, where he asserted that after several minutes of observation through a lens he could see aura without such screen for a little while. Later on he observed differences in auras of different people, including children, adults and women, especially pregnant women. Kilner and his colleagues observed an energy field of 5 to 12 cm outside the physical body, and a subtler energy cloud beyond the said field.

    1895. Nikola Tesla, Serbian scientist and genius. He worked with alternating current, when Thomas Edison who’s considered the current discoverer had no idea of it yet. Through his numerous tests and experiments Tesla demonstrated the possibility to detect gas discharge visualization of living organisms’ emanations by means of a photographic camera. Nikola Tesla experimented with ultralow and ultrahigh frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Thus, he managed to determine the frequency and modulation of the field of a human subtle body and other objects. And a little later the scientist took the first aura photographs not just around fingertips, but around the entire human body as well, by using a special device attached to the body.

    1904. Catholic priest Lander de Moira invented an electrographic camera, but the invention supposedly was not registered due to confiscation of it by the church.

    Early 20th century. Russian scientist Alexander Gurvich recorded a mitogenetic (energy) emanation of cells and formulated the biological field (biofield) concept. The scientist stated that physical body formation as such took place based on an “information and energy skeleton”.

    1928. American physician George Starr White published the book titled The Story of the Human Aura, where he presented several aura types characteristic for certain diseases.

    1937. English biologist Oscar Bagnall published the book The Origin and Properties of the Human Aura. He improved Kilner’s method, using a simpler and less dangerous way to tincture lens. According to Bagnall, aura colours visible to the eye are subjective, i.e. every person sees such colours differently.

    1930s. Russian biologist Vladimir Lepeshkin made an important discovery. Investigating the moment of people’s death, he revealed a mighty surge of radiation, unknown to science, which emerged at that very moment. That is, some energy substance that used to reside in the physical body detaches from the body at the moment of dearth and abandons it. Lepeshkin called such radiation necrobiotic.

    1939. Semyon and Valentina Kirlians discovered a new way to photograph the invisible aura without a camera: with the use of high-frequency electric

field. Such device is considered to be more efficient than Tesla’s device, since it does not require attachment of wires to various body parts. The method itself is based on the use of electric current for detection of energy flows and reflection of such flows on a photographic plate (with no camera). An examined object is placed on a light-sensitive photographic plate and isolated from external sources of light, and so only light flows of energy generated by the object are detected on the plate. The method is called Kirlian’s effect or Kirlian photography. It was officially registered, and Kirlians obtained numerous inventor certificates on it. However, later on their discovery was placed on the secret list and suspended for many years.




    German physician Peter Mandel was one of those who later on could work by Kirlian’s method. Mandel regarded human aura as an energy flow that determined a person’s vital activity. He developed tables which allowed identifying condition of given organs and systems by aura luminescence characteristics.

    1970s. The USSR Academy of Sciences Presidium adopted a decision to recommence aura studies.

    1981. Doctor P. Yerasov (USSR) took pictures or organ auras by means of a high-frequency photoprobe. It turned out every drop of human blood glowed.

    1980s. In the city of Krasnodar (Russia), for several years a research team studied the connection between luminescence of people’s finger balls and their diseases. A distinct connection was ascertained.

    1996. Russia. Professor K. Korotkov patented a gas discharge visualization device that allowed taking, processing and analysing electronic images of auras by means of PC. Korotkov composed diagnostic tables, created other devices based on Kirlian’s effect, tried to analyse posthumous luminescence and tie them with death causes.

    By the end of 20th century, over a hundred versions of aura detection devices (Kirlian cameras) were developed across the world. Nowadays, these discoveries are widely applied in research of human psychic properties and abilities: in parapsychology, bioenergetics, energy informatics, etc.

    There are records that human biofield is preserved on personal things and house items for long periods of time. This was confirmed during experiments carried out by G. Sergeyev (one of examples was examination of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s house-museum in Kaluga). Furthermore, there are records that every contact with items, every movement in space, and even every glance leaves an energy trace that can be visible. Studies are carried out on energy and vibrational influence of arts upon human mental and physical health.

    Svetoslav Roerich also paid much attention to studies of aura and energy properties of living organisms, indicating an evident arts impact on human aura. The Living Ethics teaching by Elena Roerich also contains information about aura.

    On the internet one can also find references to certain yoga trends and teachings, where the human energy structure is described and definitions of human components (body, consciousness, mind, energy profile, etc.) are given. All this is often closely tied up with the necessity to develop consciousness, upgrade managing capabilities, improve health and ability to be insensitive to obstacles in life.

    It is currently known any material object is surrounded by physical fields which are determined by processes taking place within such object. This applies to the human being as well. Scientists have ascertained that human being is an electromagnetic creature consisting of a physical body and various physical fields (electric, magnetic, leptonic, biogravitational, bioplasmic), as well as radiations (microwave, infrared, X-rays). Processes taking place in the human body (e.g. brain and heart electric activity, vessels pulsation, muscle contraction, metabolic processes) directly affect formation of physical fields. Charged particles, molecules and whole systems participate in all body processes, causing formation of so-called streams that “flow” at different speeds and in different directions. It is considered that such processes are exactly what generate physical fields and waves emanated by people. At that, electric activity of an energy field around a human being is hundred times higher than electric activity radiated inside the physical body (as a result of operation of heart, muscles, lungs, and other body organs).

    Authors of internet articles often rely on data received from Barbara Ann Brennan. She is a scientist, psychotherapist and former NASA researcher, who obtained Master’s degree in physical and mathematical sciences, namely in atmospheric physics. For about 15 years she studied human energy field, being also engaged in healing. She wrote and published the Hands of Light book, where she reflected information traced in most sources one way or another, in particular regarding the presence of seven levels (or layers) in the human energy field. According to the author, every layer penetrates the entire body and reaches the skin surface. Every next layer has a higher frequency (octave) than the previous one and goes further beyond the human body. Odd layers (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th) are structured and consist of standing waves that radiate light. Even layers (2nd, 4th, 6th) are amorphous, i.e. the substance and energy ratio in them is indistinct; they are also called plasma or bioplasma. Each layer is connected with body chakras. We will not go into detailed chakra description, since plenty of standard information is available on the subject.


Regarding the layers:

  • Layer 1: etheric body (an intermediate state between energy and dense matter) consisting of sparkling thin energy lines. Distinctive colour range: transparent light blue to grey.
  • Layer 2: aura body (subtler than the etheric body). It is also called the emotional body and associated with feelings. It approximately reproduces physical body contours and is similar to colourful clouds of subtle substances that are in permanent movement. Distinctive colour range: bright light tints to dark and dull. The book author believes this directly relates to bright or mixed sensations. The layer contains all rainbow colours.
  • Layer 3: mental body relating to mental processes that are attributed to person’s mental activity (in literature such processes are often equated to psychical processes). The layer is distinguished by the bright yellow colour radiated from one’s head and shoulders and spreads around the entire body. When a person focuses on mental activity, his/her mental body turns brighter and expands.
  • Layer 4: astral body. A body amorphous by its structure and containing the same colour range as that of the aura (emotional) field, although, according to A. Brennan, this layer is more saturated with the rosy colour of love.
  • Layer 5: etheric template body. The layer is called so, because it contains all forms existing on the physical plane, like a blueprint or template. The layer looks like a negative, i.e. the 1st etheric layer adopts its structure from the 5th etheric template layer. At this level sound generates the matter, the author states (!). The etheric template body looks like a narrowed oval, containing the entire body structure, including chakras, body organs and shapes. It is visually represented by hollow transparent lines against a dark blue background.
  • Layer 6: emotional level of the spiritual plane. It is also called the “celestial” body. It stretches beyond the physical body for over 60 cm around. Brennan specifies that at this body level a person experiences spiritual ecstasy (e.g. during meditation). This layer is represented by shimmering light of pastel shades. The layer shape is indistinct.
  • Layer 7: mental level of the spiritual plane, also called ketheric template (non-dual). It extends beyond the body for 1 to 2 meters around. At this level, according to the book author, cognition of unity with the Creator takes place. The layer external shape is oviform, and it contains all aura layers. It has a strictly structured template: very subtle and durable strings of pulsating goldish-silver light. This colour penetrates the entire aura and contains a grid structure of the body and all charkas. As we’ve understood, this body also has a pointed edge located under one’s feet and a broadening top located a little more than 50 cm above one’s head.
  • Layers higher than the 7th layer are poorly studied!

    Furthermore, we have discovered information about techniques to train and improve one’s layers (bodies), and the link between physical body health and condition of one’s energy bodies. We assume there is a certain correlation between 7 dimensions described in the AllatRa book and these energy bodies. However, lack of the fundamental knowledge evidently does not give an understanding of the purpose, nature and structure of human aura. Hence, confusion and distortions arise. All this definitely needs to be sorted out. There are some records of the colours of aura layers, of aura properties: dynamics, intensity, electromagnetism, etc. Besides, we’ve found an aura definition that slightly differs from most definitions: an aura is not an energy field generated by the physical body, but an energy component determining and controlling all physical body aspects. Information mostly repeats itself nearly everywhere, though with some variations depending on the goals of relevant projects: health improvement, energy recovery, achievement of material and family welfare, learning energy healing, spiritual development, and so forth.

    Summarizing the aforesaid, we should state the most comprehensive data are surely contained in fundamental scientific works which should be thoroughly studied. As for simpler representation of relevant information that would be understandable for ordinary people, we still have failed to find anything fundamental that would be consonant with the contents of the AllatRa book by А. Novykh.

    Below, we would like to cite extracts from the AllatRa book, which will give you a general idea of the human energy structure. Later on we will come back to the subject for a more detailed examination.

    “Rigden: What is a human being? A human being during his or her lifetime is a multidimensional spatial object constructed around the Soul and having its rational Personality. The eye-visible usual shape and structure of the physical body along with its physical and chemical processes and control system (including the material brain) is only a part of the overall human structure and relates to the third dimension. Therefore, a human being consists of a Soul together with its information shells, a Personality and a structure consisting of, say, various fields of other dimensions (including a physical body residing in the three-dimensional dimension).” (the AllatRa book)

     “Rigden: In the invisible world a human being is an information-complex spatially oriented entity, which simultaneously and stably resides in six dimensions. So far it is difficult for contemporary people to understand this, but I hope science will get to this fact as qualitatively new physics and biophysics will be developing. A human being simultaneously resides in six dimensions that permanently exert influence on each other.” (the AllatRa book)



And further:

“Rigden: Beyond all doubt, by applying modern equipment or certain meditation techniques it is possible to see various luminescence forms, human electromagnetic field, aura shape, etc. And this entire varied form of a human being may be observed in the three-dimensional space as well, which in combination with time makes the four-dimensional dimension. At that, from the standpoint of subtle energy interactions, in the five-dimensional dimension a human being looks totally differently, having a shape of a pyramid with a detached top. In the sixth dimension, there is a slight modification of the pyramid...” (the AllatRa book)




    “Rigden: The energy body located in six dimensions is approximately the same in all people and has the shape of a tetrahedral truncated pyramid with a detached top. The majority of people doesn’t see it and even doesn’t know of its existence. Nevertheless, this does not mean the energy body does not influence people’s life, destiny and activities. As they say, “before your liver starts to ache, you don’t remember it, if you know about its existence at all”. When a person starts working on self-improvement, performs spiritual practices and takes daily care of his or her Soul salvation, his or her energy structure changes and gets gradually transformed into a qualitatively different structure which I’ve already told about. And once the Personality merges with the Soul, a new Spiritual Being arises, that needs no material shell anymore. In other words, owing to this, an “inhabitant” of the three-dimensional dimension becomes the seven-dimensional dimension “inhabitant”.”

    “Rigden: Perhaps, let’s go back to our conversation of the human structure in the invisible world. Just like other information objects of the material world, beginning with giant stars and down to smallest particles, a human being has certain projections, a sort of “mirror” reflections at the energy plane. In different times various nations had their own designations of such projections, describing or marking them as parts of the invisible human structure in their chronicles, scriptures and sacral images. Let’s call these living projections “the Aspects”, since they are quite rational (even more rational than people can imagine) and have their own characteristics. By their nature, the Aspects are energy and information structures, or certain local centres. They are inseparable parts of the invisible human structure, just like head, arms, etc. in the human physical body. In the invisible structure centre (in the midst of all human projections) there is the Soul.

    The Aspects are energy and information structures that play an important role both in person’s life and afterlife. They possess tremendous capabilities and are connected with other dimensions where interactions take place at the subtle energy level. Owing to his/her Aspects, a person can exert influence on the world from higher dimensions of the material world, up to the sixth dimension. The human Aspects are designated by their location around the pyramid structure and relative to the physical body: Front, Rear, Right, and Left. They represent major fields, say, “living sides” of the tetrahedral truncated pyramid in the overall human structure. They are located approximately at a stretched-arm distance from the physical body in corresponding directions: at the front, at the rear, and on each side (on the right and on the left)… Each of the four Aspects represents, say, a certain energy field. Figuratively speaking, it’s a “transparent cluster” that can turn into any mental blueprint set by a person: a mirror reflection of the person or an image of an animal, spirit, etc. We can say that, when a person performs certain meditative techniques and resides in an altered state of consciousness, he/she can set one or another mental blueprint for any of the Aspects and materialize the Aspect by focusing attention on such blueprint.” (the AllatRa book)

    We also recommend you to view the video about the human energy structure, which we have discovered on the internet and which is based on the knowledge given in the AllatRa book:



    Despite the availability of officially acknowledged records of the pyramidal subtle energy structure of a human being, a pyramid with a detached top is a famous symbol, known even to children nowadays. It is depicted on US dollar bills and the Shambala sign. It is quite interesting that symbols differ and to all appearances have totally opposite meanings in terms of human personality evolution vectors. “...The Shambala sign consists of a lotus flower with a truncated pyramid, an eye inside it, and a triangle above (the detached pyramid top). The eye means the All-Seeing Eye of God, whereas the triangle means the union of the three Universe creation principles” (note from Sensei IV book)... The Shambala sign antipode is one of symbols invented by Freemasons: a pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye (Ariman’s eye, we assume), where the eye is located inside the detached pyramid top (like on US dollar). Furthermore, this symbol is widely known as the masonic secret organisation emblem.

    Based on the knowledge given in the books on the structure of a human being, the following logical substantiation can be made:

  • The eye in the Shambala sign is located inside the truncated pyramid, in the centre of which the Soul (the antimatter and God’s particle) resides. This symbolizes the spiritual aspect.
  • The eye in the masonic sign is located in the detached pyramid top, where personality resides and thoughts are generated. This symbolizes the material aspect.


    Supplementing the pyramid topic, it would be appropriate to mention enigmatic ancient stone buildings and structures across the globe, being a total mystery for the contemporary “technocratically rational” human civilization. It’s no secret that pyramids are situated on all continents. Covered with vegetation, lost and forgotten, they still remind people of a certain secret, of the sacral knowledge which has been lost and forgotten as well. In view of the extraordinary information on the pyramidal human energy structure, it becomes obvious why many ancient pyramids were constructed without a top, i.e. truncated. Examples: the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Kukulkan and Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico, Ko Ki in Thailand, Altun Ha in Belize, Copán in Honduras, Güímar in the Canary Islands, etc.


    By the way, not everyone may know that the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cheops pyramid) was initially built truncated, while its top was attached later, mostly probably by people who didn’t possess the genuine knowledge or deliberately intended to hide the essence.


    In this respect, the following extract from Sensei (Book IV) deserves particular attention:

The place chosen by Imhotep for construction of this truncated pyramid wasn’t occasional. It was on the verge of plateau, the very plateau situated a few kilometres to the north from the Great Sphinx. When Imhotep was showing the site layout to the pharaoh, priests and aristocrats, he grounded the choice of the deserted plateau by its closer location to Memphis and a beautiful view of Memphis from that place. But in actual fact the place fully matched with one of the earth geographical coordinates marked on the “star map” revealed to him by Sokrovennik. The Great Sphinx erected much earlier than that time (and not after Imhotep’s life as it’s currently assumed, supposedly during the time when the Great Pyramids were built!) was an important reference point for precise and accurate location of the truncated pyramid.

So, the grandiose construction was intentionally prolonged for several decades. Why? Because it wasn’t enough to build the object, it was necessary to “launch” it furthermore. And for that the most important were highly spiritual people, both men and women. Imhotep spent many years for their upbringing and education, that’s why he was extending the construction term, explaining such delay to the elite by improvement and upgrading of his architectural plan.


    Thus, stone pyramids were constructed in order to be “launched” and operating, for which highly spiritual people were indispensable. This is apparently the main secret of such pyramids. Yet, how were the pyramids supposed to operate, and what for? And who were highly spiritual people? After the article completion we had more questions than answers, and so it would be reasonable to continue “excavations” in this area. Drawing an interim conclusion, let’s state the following:

  1. The information currently available from internet sources is rather questionable and mostly provides a ground to believe that every living object has a certain energy layer, invisible to the human eye. Please, note: to believe, but not to verify! Scientific studies allow tracing a correlation between a person’s psychical and physical state and his/her aura condition.
  2. Some authors publish official papers or post articles on the internet, in which they give certain human aura characteristics (colour, size, structure) and link it to an opportunity of touching higher worlds (the latter looks obscure and improbable, to put it mildly).
  3. Unfortunately, most sources are characterized by a clear material interest: improvement of one’s energy field for strengthening physical health, welfare enhancement, personal happiness, etc., which surely has nothing to do with spirituality (!)
  4. We assume all current knowledge in this field has an unconscious, but purely magical hidden motive. Perceiving the invisible, people want to use such knowledge for gaining something in the matter (e.g. improve health, achieve financial prosperity, become famous, and so on).
  5. The information about subtle layers of the human energy structure (the truncated pyramid with a detached top) appeared for the first time in the AllatRa book! So far, we have found no modern source having something in common with the relevant information disclosed in this book, although there are numerous historical artefacts discovered. We should add that the Primordial Knowledge presented in the AllatRa book appears totally fundamental, comprehensive and well-grounded. This is enormous strata of information with whole sections and areas, each requiring a more detailed and thorough study.
  6. A truncated pyramid with a detached top (the pyramidal human energy structure) is a famous sacral symbol known to people since the earliest times. Location of the eye or the All-Seeing Eye either inside the truncated pyramid or in the detached pyramid top indicates the Eye “owner”. If the eye is inside the truncated pyramid, such “owner” is God, whereas if it’s in the detached top, the “owner” is Ariman, or Abraxas, Satan, the Animal Mind System.
  7. Huge ancient buildings and structures such as stone pyramids constructed thousands of years ago and located across the globe also have the shape of truncated pyramids. Hence, we can assume ancient people were not as wild and uneducated as the official history adopted by the powers that be asserts, and were informed about paramount human issues much better than we who are living at the third millennium threshold.
  8. A big sacral mystery definitely stands behind stone pyramids. They were constructed in order to be used by highly spiritual people...
  9. The four facets of the human pyramidal structure are the four energy-and-information rational Aspects exerting permanent influence on the personality.
  10. Finally, in the AllatRa book such spiritual practices as Tchetverik and Pyramid are described, which allow to feel the four Aspects and the pyramid structure itself...

    We once again strongly recommend all readers not to simply believe everything we’ve written above, but to verify the information on their own. This is exactly what we intend to do ourselves, for we are as well unsure of the information reliability, just like all ordinary people with three-dimensional perception of the world. We welcome everyone who desires to join discussions and participate in our further projects and researches. Knowledge of the truth is not the right of a few or a select circle or people. It’s the right and heritage of all inhabitants of the planet Earth without exception!



Prepared by Eva Kim (Russia), supplemented by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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