Prologues in Anastasia Novykh’s books

Those who read the first four books by Anastasia Novykh (Sensei of Shambala series) certainly wondered Who is talking to Whom in a mysterious dialogue described in the Prologues (introductory part) of these works of literature.

The beginning is quite intriguing:

... The creature started to move, making strange sounds, and slowly divided itself into two stirring parts. Human speech could be heard in the air...


Then the dialogue logically moves from Book I to Book II, where the name Rigden is pronounced, and it becomes clear that one of the interlocutors is Rigden Djappo:

“God, how nice can it be sometimes in this sinful world.”

“To be honest, I don’t even want to leave.”

“That’s what I’m telling you.”


“So, what will be your decision, Ridgen?”

“My conclusions are, certainly, grievous. But I still think of waiting a little with the final decision... Perhaps, it’s worth staying here longer.”

“But not everything is so bad. Moreover, if you have decided to stay, give them another chance and let me...” (Book I – link)


“If you want it so much, go ahead, try it. For as long as we are here there is still time… However, the field has ripened long ago, and bushes of weed are growing too fast and overburden the earth… The crops have proved to be too weak, though they were carefully cultivated: seconds of illusion overshadowed the reality of eternity for them.”

“Nonetheless, I still hope to find…” (Book II – link)


It remains unclear what or rather whom the one who is talking to Rigden “hopes to find”, and perhaps we will limit ourselves to just mentioning this. The Prologue in Book III continues the same dialogue, this time as poetry. Judging by the quotation mark in the beginning of the first line, the poem is recited by one of the dialogue participants (not clear again which of the two exactly).

“They wait for the coming of darkness in fear,

Guessing the date of the end of all times,

But the devil is born along with them, near –

In the shadow of their thoughts, where God was confined.

When gates of dungeons are boarded up cruel,

One, seeing the dark, forgets about the light.

Even his spirit in this disbelief duel,

Merging with dark, chooses ban as the right.

Millstones of thoughts grind everything instantly.

Grains in the field are turned into dust.

Meanwhile, the darkness paints perfect idols,

Eclipsing eternal sacrament with ‘new’ from the past.

But the one who with almighty soul feels the grace,

Sees the light inside and tears off the cover of dark,

Will be blessed with eternity in a single faith

And will open doors into the worlds unmarked.

The secret was inscribed by the hand of God,

But it was concealed from the curious eye.

Thus only the one who hears sacral sounds

Will get to know His great power divine.

The time is full of mysterious signs

And further hastens its impetuous speed.

The Judge is on earth and draws the final line,

The last chance is given to men as a gift.

The soul is shivering and sparkling with will,

The torch is lit from the candle of no decay.

The one giving light and begotten in Freedom

In destinies of centuries pierces the rays.”

(Book III – link)


Finally, the Prologue in Sensei of Shambala – Book IV also represents a poem with quite a serious implication:

“Creation of the universe is directed

By His great hand.

As the skilful Master of creation

New colours he adds.

The bright colours of nature,

The sky-blue river canvas,

An armful of wild flowers,

And the blue of great mountains.

But mostly He is excited

By the invisible flight of the Soul

In fearless gaze of a young and old man,

And of the One who approaches God, being to Him close.

They are not stopped on their great Way

By any illusive burden of existence,

Which attacks them as pain,

Despair and poverty in this instant.


For they are led by the mighty Will

Of the One in whom Love is the Essence.

The choice is given, and it is Freedom

And the Knowledge of the secret hidden

Under the only cover of the four masterpieces.


And if you open that cover and contemplate

The boundary of the Extreme Lotus,

You will discover what is three times traced

By hand of the One who has put God’s Voice into behest.


That Truth conceals the universe,

It is under a seal of secret.

If you tear it off, you will lessen

What people imagine valuable and sacred.


But what you will find is more precious that the world,

More valuable than what lies beyond its limits,

And it is deemed to be long forgotten,

For it is a key to the Word given.


One who strives for God cannot be stopped,

And one who wants power over the world is welcome!

You are to decide which way to follow,

When you utter the Word of 12 that creates everything.


But remember that now under your power

Is the destiny of worlds, the destiny of people.

So be careful and impartial,

And be reasonable in your wishes.


He entrusted the brush only for a while,

The brush that creates the world from nothing.

But this instant will end just like everything else,

So be worthy to look into His eyes

With Honour thereafter!


This secret makes many things clear,

It gives a chance and selectness to the one

Who wants to know the Truth with the heart sincere,

Who is faithful only to God and advances to God!


The poem has already been discussed in detail on the web and is associated with the Grail mystery and the paintings by Anastasia Novykh which have some relation to all this (the second quatrain hints at those). We shall present the paintings in a separate publication.

That’s all.

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book I by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book I by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book II by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book II by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book III by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book III by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book IV by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book IV by Anastasia Novykh

Prologue to Sensei of Shambala – Book IV by Anastasia Novykh


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