Symbolic drawings by Anastasia Novykh

Black-and-white drawings by Anastasia Novykh… After the  prologues and prefaces to the marvellous books by the Author it would be logical to present on our website her meaningful drawings used in the context of narration. Scrutinizing some of them, I catch myself at thinking that I have no idea of the enigmatic symbolism of these images. My “old friends” Google and Yandex cannot help me with this either, and there are neither explanations nor discussions by the readers of these strange drawings, which sometimes appear quite tough. I guess they can definitely bear some hidden information. Yet, what is this information, and whom is it intended for?

Looking from the perspective of an ordinary outsider not burdened with any authoritarian pressure, but experiencing healthy curiosity with respect to Anastasia Novykh’s works, I cannot disregard the fact that many points appear very strange after at least 10 years that have passed since the release of her first books (I mean the Sensei of Shambala series). On the one hand, taking into account the research trend initiated on our website, it becomes obvious that after the centuries-old oblivion the Primordial Knowledge about the human nature and the Soul has been brought into the world again as the genuine science of immortality, which is surely worth studying. On the other hand, we again and again find points that are “omitted”, unrevealed, thus an impression unwittingly arises that such points either provoke no interest or admirers of Anastasia Novykh’s works covertly support some secret, and doubts arise whether the secret should be stirred up at all.

To put it simply, I have placed the drawings in the sequence they are presented on the source website. If anyone of you wants to discuss and analyse the drawings, you are welcome to do so.


Fragment of Agapit drawing – Lotus

The place indicated by Jesus to Andrew the First-Called


Who are you?

Fragment of the Who are you? drawing

Fragment of the Who are you? drawing

Fragment of the Who are you? drawing

Fragment of the Who are you? drawing

Major Rebrov

Prove to God that you are Human, and God will have faith in you



The Shambala Threshold

The Guard

Gudea’s Goblet

Scheme of the image on Gudea’s Goblet

The Shambala Stamp

The Tamga of Mezhanin

The Great Affix

Ariman’s revelation


The Archon orchestra conducted by Abraxas

One step ahead of oneself


Ariman’s candle

The harmony of realms





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