The hidden meaning of prefaces to Anastasia Novykh’s books

    Incidentally, do you know a little secret contained in prefaces to the books by Anastasia Novykh? Many readers surely noticed certain bold words in the prefaces, and it may well be so that some people attempted to tie these words together. The outcome can hardly be called a pun, especially taking into consideration that the books were published in different years. First of all, let me share images of the prefaces, and thereafter I shall try to bring the text together.



The Wisdom of Spirit will discover the Knowledge and the truth. To understand the Wisdom of the secret means to come out to the Light. Pure Light from the Source preserves the Primordial. The Eye is able to behold the Truth. The time came to reveal the SECRET. A hint is enough for the awakened essence to soar towards perception. Perception helps to make a step. There are numerous hidden forces on the other side of reality. The scales are in hands of a human.


You can familiarize yourselves with the contents of A. Novykh’s books here.



Prepared by Roman Voskresenskij (Ukraine)

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