Sensei of Shambala (Book I). Contents.

For a long time, we have not ventured to undertake analysis of the Primordial Knowledge brought by Rigden Djappo and reflected in the books by mysterious Anastasia Novykh. However, this section missing in the Point of View project is definitely not in our favour, since the gist of the Phenomenon we elucidate on our website will remain undiscovered without at least a general indication of the issues addressed in the Knowledge. We have come to conclusion that it would be reasonable to compose a simple description of subjects discussed in the books about Sensei by posting detailed contents of each book, just to give an idea of the nature and depth of information contained therein. We are not in a position to analyse or dispute such information so far, because we have neither power nor capacity to do that. On the other hand, contemporary people are in a permanent rush, and many cannot afford watching a 3-hour TV programme, not to mention reading an entire book. Therefore, the format of book contents will surely be very opportune and help everyone interested to understand that Primordial Knowledge deserves greater attention and more thorough investigation.

Book I of the Sensei of Shambala series. Published in 2003, as it is rumoured.




  • Senses of a person who has only a year more to live.
  • Why do most people believe? What do they believe in and why?
  • Phenomena people and martial arts.
  • How did the Tiger style emerge in Wushu? What are the style peculiarities?
  • Tai Qi Quan style history and description.
  • Anatomical particularities of striking. How to deliver direct blows with one’s fist. Movement biomechanics while striking. The purpose of delivering blows.
  • Demonstration of non-contact strikes from a distance, and theoretical description of this technique.
  • Description of the centre of gravity movement technique.
  • Demonstration of the “screen” technique. Explanation of its operating principle.
  • How psyche and epiphysis operate in a fight. 
  • Pseudo-psychics and pseudo-healers.
  • What is Qi energy and Qigong? How can one learn to manage Qi?
  • Qi characteristics and methods of application.
  • What is Hara chakran?
  • The genuine meaning of Omar Khayyam’s poetry.
  • How does fear operate in a human being?
  • Human thoughts and their role in people’s life.
  • Control over thoughts. Why is it necessary to control thoughts, and how can one do this?
  • Meditation techniques allowing learn to control one’s thoughts and senses. Mastering concentration of attention.
  • How can negative thoughts be overcome, and should one fight against such thoughts?
  • How positive thinking can change a person’s life for the better.
  • What is the subconscious (subconsciousness)? Which information is kept there, and what does it record during one’s life?
  • What is human brain?
  • Hypnosis. How does it work?
  • What is Shambala? Why were Stalin and Hitler searching for Shambala, and why didn’t they find it?
  • How were the greatest scientific discoveries of human civilization made?
  • What is meditation, and what is spiritual practice?
  • Why meditations and practices are performed incorrectly.
  • What does a human energy body consist of? What is aura? What are chakrans?
  • Art of the Punishing Sword of Shambala.
  • Ancient spiritual art of Belyao Dzy.
  • The Old Lama ancient Oriental martial arts style. 
  • A technique to control the surrounding space.
  • An ancient Oriental parable on the way of warrior emergence.
  • Why was the ninja clan exterminated?
  • What is the real human Self?
  • What is the Soul?
  • Where are the Soul and the real human Self situated? In the brain, in thoughts or somewhere else?
  • When does the Soul enter a newborn body?
  • What is the sense of the Soul existence?
  • What is human death?
  • Does reincarnation really exist?
  • The “here and now” moment.
  • What are Spiritual and Animal natures in a human being?
  • Manifestations of Spiritual and Animal natures in human thoughts.
  • The Lotus Flower ancient spiritual practice. Performance technique.
  • The Jug meditation aimed at purification of one’s thoughts from all negative. Performance experiences.
  • The Rose of the World as a modified version of the Lotus Flower practice.
  • The Health Matrix technique.
  • Examples of people healed after invisible impacts.
  • The role of spine in human life.
  • Sacral lotus flower symbols in different religions and teachings across the world.
  • Why does Buddha “sit in the lotus” or stands on the lotus”?
  • Buddha’s life story and genuine teaching.
  • Mahomet’s life story.
  • How and why Mahomet’s teaching has been substituted in the modern world.
  • What was Jesus really teaching, and how was his teaching transformed into a religion?
  • What did the 40 days of Jesus’s fasting really mean?
  • Records of reincarnation in Jesus’s teaching.
  • Why did Jesus allow himself suffering? What did he want to demonstrate to people by this deed? 
  • Pontius Pilate’s role in saving Christ’s body.
  • What were all prophets of the mankind calling to: Jesus, Mahomet, Buddha?
  • Who wrote the Bible, the Koran, the Tripitaka?
  • Who is Sathya Sai Baba?
  • What is Kundalini (Kuandalini), and where is it located in fact?
  • What is spiritual self-improvement for a person?
  • How vibrations of Love protect a person from negative influences.
  • The concept of “sin”. Does a sin really exist?
  • The human internal guard.
  • The true personality and nature of Dalai Lama.
  • Who is Bodhisattva?
  • Who is Rigden Djappo? 
  • What is the sense of Rigden Djappo’s advent to the Earth? How and why does he get incarnated among people?
  • What is religion?
  • What is true faith?
  • Development of sensory perception.
  • What is self-knowledge started with?
  • Why should a person continuously evolve intellectually and expand his/her mental outlook?
  • Black and white streaks of life.
  • What are stigmata, and how do they appear?
  • Who is devil?
  • Who is Lucifer, and what is his mission?
  • Which global choice does the mankind have to make nowadays?
  • How can a person get to know God without mediators and understand the divine presence in oneself and the world? 
  • What is the Po energy being the universe foundation? 
  • What does all matter consist of? How is the wave nature of the matter explained?
  • The world consists of emptiness. The entire world is an illusion. Relevant records in ancient treatises of the globe.
  • Why do people sense the world around, although it is an illusion? Which role is played by a frequency of perception by one’s brain?
  • Sensei’s enigmatic Personality...





    Prepared by Anna (Ukraine), images by Vova Bobina

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