Sensei of Shambala (Book III). Contents.

For a long time, we have not ventured to undertake analysis of the Primordial Knowledge brought by Rigden Djappo and reflected in the books by mysterious Anastasia Novykh. However, this section missing in the Point of View project is definitely not in our favour, since the gist of the Phenomenon we elucidate on our website will remain undiscovered without at least a general indication of the issues addressed in the Knowledge. We have come to conclusion that it would be reasonable to compose a simple description of subjects discussed in the books about Sensei by posting detailed contents of each book, just to give an idea of the nature and depth of information contained therein…

The third book also starts with a Prologue that contains a continuation of the Prologues given in the two previous books. This time, the Prologue is written in verse: “The judge is on earth, and he draws final line”. We’ve been greatly intrigued by the dialogue between Rigden and Ariman, described at the end of the book: the two Bodhisattvas (Teachers) summarize the “project” called the human civilization (the dialogue is partially seen on one of the images below). At first glance, everything certainly looks way too fabulous, however something unexpectedly goes pit-a-pat inside when some sentences are being read, and a perturbation arises with a provocative thought: what if this is true indeed? Well, time will show, as people say.

Book III of the Sensei of Shambala series. The year of the first publication is unknown to us.




  • Is there an alternative to life and death as those “everyone has”?
  • A monstrous storm generated by the power of thought.
  • Can mass hypnosis happen?
  • Responsibility of a person possessing “supernatural abilities”.
  • Why do people exchange the eternity instants?
  • Ariman... The visit of a mysterious guest and his servant Veliar, who came by sea on a luxurious yacht.
  • A breathtaking and strenuous martial arts sparring between guys and Veliar who masterly used forbidden techniques of Ninjutsu style school of assassins.   
  • A spectacular sparring between Ariman: his yacht and Rolex are betted...
  • Ariman’s rejection of a sparring with Sensei.
  • An unexpectedly luxurious lunch in a silk marquee, at a table crammed with delicacies that guys have never seen before.
  • Why would Cyrus the Great, the powerful ruler of Ancient Near East, turn in his grave?
  • Ancient Persians as a part of Slavic history.
  • Some peculiarities of Japanese culture and poetry.
  • “Utter boredom” on Maldives.
  • Why are élite hobbies similar to drug addiction? 
  • Ariman’s story of his journeys and meetings with world-famous personalities.
  • Unbelievable materialization of cookies out of the smoke in the air.
  • Vatican as one of Ariman’s favourite places to visit.
  • The secret of the needle-shaped obelisk in St. Peter’s Square, one of Rome’s major attractions.
  • How does Vatican exactly exert considerable influence on the entire world?
  • Was Phillip ІІ of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, right when he said there was no castle wall that would not be overstepped by an ass loaded with gold?
  • Can extra willpower do any harm?
  • The history of money origin.
  • Who invented first coins, and what do they mean?
  • Amusing etymology of the word capital. “Money differed, but human attitude towards it remained the same…”
  • Cattle as a «foreign currency” in Ancient Rus.
  • Details of economy and bureaucracy which emerged in Ancient Sumer.
  • Ariman’s advices on business and how to start it.
  • Importance of the power of the subconscious, faith and settled thinking for achievement of a set goal.
  • Why some people do very little work and have everything, while others sweat their guts out all day long and earn pittances?
  • Inexhaustible capabilities of the subconscious, which we don’t use.
  • Where do doubts with their destructive properties spring up from?
  • What is the origin of fears, given people are born free from those?
  • How and why does the environment cause formation of fears?
  • A free person, a master of slaves, or a slave of a free person?
  • How the world is arranged and managed. A small group of people, the powers that be, for whom billions work.
  • How are attractive stories composed for slaves, and what is behind that?
  • How do leading global pharmaceutical companies make enormous money on slave consciousness?
  • The secret of AIDS and other epidemics creation.
  • How are billions of dollars earned on vaccines against artificially created viruses?
  • Why is the society divided into classes, into poor and rich?
  • Secrets of application of the power of the subconscious. Everything happening in one’s life is a product of the subconscious, as a result of uncontrolled thoughts.
  • Why does a thought represent the initial cause of emerging life circumstances?
  • Why are real historical facts, e.g. about Jesus, Buddha, hidden from people? Who does this and why?
  • How can one learn to manage his/her subconscious?
  • A Buddhist method of recollection.
  • How can one get rid of doubts, fears, limiting sets and attitudes?
  • An unexpected experiment by Ariman in order to demonstrate the power of the subconscious.
  • The full meaning of life in the words of Chen Chiju, the great master and Chinese thinker of the 17th century.
  • What has been proved by numerous psychological experiments and hypnotic experiences?
  • What are suggestion and autosuggestion, and how do they work?
  • A simple autosuggestion technique. Examples of suggestion used for successful struggle against business competitors.
  • A time absence phenomenon noted by guys after they have reached their point of destination.
  • A mystic incident with a drunk man who glaringly intended to prove the psychic’s quackery. Participation of Ariman and Veliar in the incident.
  • Performances of the touring psychic. Shocking recoveries of several patients on the stage. Fanatic hysteria of the audience. The human paradox.
  • Surgeries with no scalpel and from a distance are only a little part of what a human being is capable of.
  • How methods of influencing people are functioning
  • The main principle based on which religious rites, rituals, myths about talismans, amulets and charms emerged.
  • Which cliché on the origin and history of humanity is imposed on people since their childhood and determined by the elite for their multibillion army of servile subjects?
  • The secret of contemporary civilization origin.
  • Who are the “world elite”? Their prehistory. The meaning of the word Archons. Their magic art and succession. The constant number of Archons.
  • How Archons developed and introduced one of the forms of government and manipulation of people’s consciousness: religions.
  • What are the two strongest human stimuli?
  • Who composed the Old and New Testaments of the Bible?
  • Who is really at the head of world religions, global politics and business? Puppets and pieces on the chessboard.
  • What was the result of attempts to give knowledge and freedom to people, and the outcome of possession of the Grail by people as the highest power?
  • Reasons of Archons’ permanent victories. 
  • How can one join the Archon caste?
  • What is faith? Characteristics of the power of human faith.
  • Real examples of those who used Ariman’s advices and managed to apply the power of their subconscious deliberately and to change their lives totally.
  • A prayer formula which unfolds supernatural abilities. The mechanism of its operation.
  • A key to materialization of one’s desires. Peculiarities and secrets of the subconscious functioning. How can one make his/her subconscious shape and implement relevant circumstances?
  • How did Goethe, Mozart, Stalin, Khrushchev, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Hitler manage to rise from lower classes to the summit of world glory?
  • How to choose the right occupation?
  • A golden formula, owing to which any person is able not just to unfold his/her supernatural abilities, but to influence people, events, and circumstances as well. The formula capacity and operation mechanism.
  • Ariman applies a simple formula of Archons. An example of the formula application for programming a hurricane which was to destroy New Orleans and аn earthquake in Japan.
  • Which weapon is the most terrible and serious?
  • How did Saint Agapit use the golden formula? Agapit bringing the Grail.
  • What is inner Affix of every human being?
  • What should one know in order to influence other people? Two major strings: megalomania in the form of praising one’s Ego and the mania of personal significance in the form of one’s constant boasting.
  • The divide and rule principle in organisation of a team work.
  • Rules of successful business. Insider secrets and the underside.
  • An ancient method of influencing a human: advertising. How exactly does it work?
  • How famous niggard John Rockefeller Senior became a legend. Who was behind his image of a generous philanthropist?
  • How to achieve success in business? A donkey that brought wealth to its owner.
  • A concluding conversation between two Bodhisattvas about the destiny of the current human civilization. 
  • Parting with Ariman.
  • Ariman’s real name. Under which pseudonym does the entire world know him?
  • Satan...




… And why is this so? Because people are too lazy to transform themselves. People are already used to gregarious habits, used to a servile way of thinking. They always expect to be governed. The Archons have done such a great job that people already enjoy being morons. They enjoy being dumb and wait to be spoon-fed with explanations from their manipulators. It is easier for them to live in a flock than to be free people. They doom themselves to lifetime slavery, so let them remain slaves, if that is what they really want. It is their choice, after all. Everyone decides for one’s own self.


Prepared by Julia Matveyeva (Russia), images by Vova Bobina

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