141 Foresights. Poem by Eugene Gusev

    We couldn’t overlook a prophetic poem by Eugene Gusev, which has become quite popular on the internet. Despite the obscurity and vagueness of his predictions, the poem contains some very clear specifics that we’ve highlighted in red. As for everything else, readers are welcome to guess in their comments.

    Eugene Gusev, the poem author:

    “Once around the year 2000, I took a pseudonym of Diana Merkuryeva and wrote this poem, considering it quite similar to what Nostradamus had written. Later on, when I was translating Doctor Michel’s Almanacs, I noted only a little in common. And I had to come to conclusion that mine is an independent prophecy which will be implemented and eventually acknowledged by people. By unknown reason, the text I wrote has suddenly become very popular on the web, although the poem is obscure, predictions are vague, and characters are difficult to recognize. I have other prophetic poems, more intelligible, e.g. The Angel Blowing His Horn, where Antarctic ice runs, pole reversals, fires, floods, etc. were predicted long before scientists started talking about those. Nonetheless, for another decade I observe growing interest in the 141 Foresights in particular, which is what I publish…”


(The poem is presented on this webpage in unrhymed translation from Russian. RGDN.info)

Year 20


A lesson comes from the Holy Spirit,
And people will serve the Word of Heavens,
The prophecy will emerge at the appointed time,
And anger will vanish, good will live only…


The Heavenly Word about the Eternal Heritage
Will be given on earth by Sons of Living God.
The days of undertakings are full of prophecy,
And the Heavenly Fire is stronger than war…


Big Prophecies, dates with no deception
Will indicate the end of Tyrant’s age.
The end of discord and troubles approaches,
The Covenant of Eternal comes into being…


Someone will hear the Covenant in fright,
But the mind will state: there is no mistake.
God’s Word has been given by the new King,
He’s got to know his role in life hardships…


Destroyer of the Earth! You will dread!
The Angel is born to reckon with you.
Ancient prophecies will be a help,
They are from a Friend who joined God…


He will be awarded with plentiful blame
For somebody weak to become an omnipotent spirit.
Spiritual famine, decline of the law,
In Ladies’ prophecies the entire order is respected…


Testament lines sound so clear,
This child has really no end.
The Messenger comes and changes life,
What discovered before is to His aid…


During this time the Envoy is prophesing,
Terminating Discord with simple explanation.
In Great Russia the offspring of humble origin
Started his noble prophetic path…


Of the Heavenly Will and due to the term that has come,
A Successor is admitted to the Prophet’s inheritance.
Slavs as faithful sons of the Spirit,
Dizzy with happiness, are true to the Covenant…


Prophet’s Heir started working
And found the right deciphering key.
He is the first one who tells the truth of times,
And full of joy, and burns in his heart


The cry of Prophecy will sound from Heaven,
Preparing solutions for intricate tasks,
While judges will think some eccentric
Is romping just for his own fun…


The Envoy continues what the Old Man started,
And a cry will soon burst out with agitation.
The Son of the Truth will give Prophecies to the world
And show where the Truth is and where the quagmire smell…


The Prophet will render secret help to people
And will tell about the Main Affair right away.
Those will be saved who can understand the danger
And reverently heed the Heavenly Word…


The ascended King will openly tell
About the terms of peace and the password to God.
All terms of foresights are counted,
Hope is a way for every side…


Year 20…


Well, if the Chosen One is afraid of secrets,
And if he fails to revive spiritually,
This will mean the Word of God has been given in vain,
And it will be difficult on the earth in such case


What is revealed to the world is Flowers of Heaven,
And there is no need for mortality.
What was concealed will now be clear.
Prophets come when it becomes dangerous…


The Prophecy victory saves the Earth,
And the Heir’s Word shakes the world.
He is the Main Judge, He won’t deceive people,
And the book of a deceased will be collected...


The Messenger is tested, though secretly so far,
He drew conclusions, having read the Old Man.
The Truth will be uncovered by the twofaced Lady,
The Old Man is connected with that Great Lady…


Success is in reading, the contents are disclosed,
What was concealed is seen in the book.
Data from Prophet’s Son were hidden there
In order for Him not to be traced before the term…


Prophets come when Faith is on decline,
Robbery, wrecks and disturbances around.
The brutal law is based on arrogance:
Weak are humiliated, and “beasts” are not punished…


The parable tells about Great Affairs.
People, don’t quarrel, neither cause fear.
The Grandson will study all intricate lines,
And the old parable will look anew…


The book will open, lies will come to light,
The deceiver will confuse the issue as much as he can,
But the Grandson will take care of the ruined camp
And explain everything about Life in clear words…


With Vestals’ care the war dies away,
Merging of Ladies will overcome all troubles.
The End and the Beginning, the Oracle ennobled,
Now He is heard from the past by many…

*A vestal is a virgin priestess of Vesta, the goddess of home, keeper of temple fire, ageing single woman. (the Ozhegov Dictionary)


Year 20…


Two meanings: funeral repast and wedding are presented,
The war is being lulled, and the feast is abandoned.
The Lady, people, Satan is almost fettered.
The Covenant is accepted by all and interpreted to all…


Won’t there be a governing system?!
Debauched will grumble, there will be stir and outrage…
The Lady will be offered the Throne, and with no dispute,
Choice, concealment, cleaning, and quarrel…


The Prophecy is weakening in its deficiency,
But suddenly will appear in full order.
Verses will be very loud in Russia,
Their owner will have hard days then…


The prophetic Voice of another offspring
Will provoke sick man’s rage overseas.
The Word is living, uneasy conscience betrays itself,
Heads are to run across high sea...


Since there was faith, hope will also be,
And evil destroys evil, killing as before.
Who has heeded correctly forgets grief.
Princes are at odds with each other for long…


It happens that people are shallow creatures,
But a storm has started on the border of consciousness.
Someone will read the Message and howl,
While the other one discover a Miracle in the Prophecy...


Supports are in vain, falsehood comes to its end,
While God’s Word is awarded a Wreath.
Hostile tension of Faiths is weakening,
The Monarch freely moves forward…


The Word of Truth has released people’s spirit
And indicated to endure the difficulty of the age.
There are less affairs, People rule everything
And renew the single Essence of Faith.


The belated Lady will assume the Power of Love,
Abandon fame, noise and hubbub.
The Great Messenger does not want the throne,
He won’t threaten the people in power…


The ancient is raised, Unions, merriment,
Whereas the enemy does not sleep, cooking a death potion.
A tricky rumour or gossip is spread,
The Heavenly Light destroys such evil...


Year 20…


The West won’t forget to read the Message,
Priests will be politer overseas.
The Word is Fire”, average men will say.
The trophy is picked up as the Initiator requested…


Ladies have no need to teach anymore,
People have grasped how to begin living in happiness.
Prophets are growing, plenty of Clairvoyants,
Joy, Unity and God’s care.


Poison is hidden in the ancient book,
And the book should be born anew.
Verses will return, the hand will be easy.
Who argue with the Prophet have difficult life…


There will be different opinions about the News,
For sects will fog the truth and provoke doubt.
In such differences the Covenant will emerge,
Everything old will die, indisputably…


The Messenger is met as the King,
God’s password has been recognized,
The News are Crowned, anger comes to its end,
Arrogant men grow wiser, turning modest and crying…


Labour, but Slavs have accepted the Covenant,
The Light has started attracting grandchildren.
The soul of the Chosen One has lit up in time,
Ogmios* rose, Directing the Affair of Life...

*Ogmios (Ogma) is a deity in Celtic myths, who possessed prophetic and poetic gifts.


Danger is seen from the House of Covenant,
It spreads panic in the West,
Storm and anger, their mind is indignant,
The furious “beast” is tamed by the Messenger.


The Prophecy is revealed in the world,
Nobody has ever seen such a thing.
Honour and respect in any country,
The Envoy is recognized even in the East...


The old man is seen, and the Prophecy acts,
The essence is interesting and captivates many.
The opened narrator has told a lot already,
Persistent mockers move further away from God…


Slavs have approached the Covenant fast,
What they were fearing no longer exists,
Neither there is danger of a new trouble,
There is plenty of Living water in what is taken…


The essence of changes will take place inside.
There are no Princes by blood, the Heirs are three.
The Hidden One will give God’s Covenant,
And people will see where the Light of Truth is…


Affaires are directed, and the Covenant is restored,
God’s Messenger has disclosed himself on the planet,
The Voice won’t be strained, shouting to Ignorant,
He will achieve peace by ruse anyway…


The War will end owing to the joyful News,
While the Church will revolt and protest.
Three Heirs are silently doing their best,
There is no war, all People are smiling…


Year 20…


Prophetic Collection of Foundations is worked up,
The World of human dreams is being prepared,
The line that frightens will change its meaning,
And there will be ending, and relief will come…


Resignation has ended, the Prophet is restored,
The Light is released at the appointed hour.
The world with no arms! – the News demand,
Everyone would love to live in such world…


They’ll say to the Messenger: “Even if you die,
You must work a Miracle for us to see.”
All such demands are rejected, and servants of spite
Will reveal their true savage nature.


The view of those Ancients was incorrect,
The Hope originating from Truth is given now,
But someone will decide to go back to old things
And ruin the Path offered by God.


The Covenant will be abrogated in the country of fallen,
Destiny will kill those who’ve risen against God,
The Messenger-Prophet will not be suborned,
And the good Union will be established in time…


One shouldn’t postpone the beginning of undertakings,
The News make a half of the world howl in wrath,
But all Fair will be greatly honoured,
Other half of the world will be lit up by the Heavenly News…


Anger and hatred are spread in the world,
Mundane religions are struck by God,
And the false law is no longer needed,
The Heavenly Envoy is found on the earth


Ancient prophecies will soon be forgotten,
People will compare lines written by two Ladies,
The Old Man will kneel in front of the Light,
Sects will wilt before God’s Covenant…


Father’s Word will be implemented,
Downfall, rise, and the Master will return,
The Important Great One will not be deceived,
Workers of Light will become Sovereigns…


Heavenly Lines won’t be recognized at once,
But Ogmios and Ancient know no squabble,
The Covenant. The meaning of Lines is growing,
Bringing relief to all the oppressed…


Heavenly Forces have killed trouble,
The Great Old Man, He’s not with us today.
Honour is back, but oblivion will come,
For the Messenger-Saviour will excel Him...


Year 20…


The King is humbled by ailing people,
The Heaven is uneasy of the difficult year,
Since joy still fails to reach those who are arrogant,
The Great One, hold on, time of jokes is almost over...


The One Who Brings Hope will arrive in secret,
Lady will recount the Ubiquitous Law,
That God’s Messenger is beyond the temple of anger,
Though everything somewhat resembles a fairy tale…


The Prophecy’s seen, and a dirty word is thrown,
The Son of the Truth is insulted by ailing.
News from the Wise are dashing to people,
Only ignorant are so far laughing…


Friends disappeared, waste is eliminated,
Enemies triumph, attacks get more persistent.
The Lady has found herself in Heavenly fields,
While many grains got lost among stones...


The Living Line is longing from the past,
But the entire Earth’s atmosphere is heavy,
The course of events saddens the Greats,
But the happiness of the Covenant will come this year…


“Beasts” are finally frightened by collapse,
Faces of ignorant are twisted in fear,
The Prophet has turned to be the most learned,
But those who have fallen low don’t like Him…


The Old Man is revived and now manifest,
Although he was more visible, moving away,
The Prophecy emerged from the ancient grave,
Giving all its might to the Bearer of Power…


Verses are all mixed up like a charade,
But children will soon put them in order.
Though their young greetings are ridiculed,
The Heirs of Truth will come out to the light…


Year 20…


Spite will give no harvest on branches,
Punishments for sins are currently rare.
People are learning in happiness and grief,
So that troubles would not return…


Desire for goodness will come true in the world,
Love and Accord will be implemented.
Only arrogant still want to live as before,
Functionaries are in decay, while people are in hope…


The leader won’t reach a great finale,
For People’s Soul has acknowledged the Laws.
The Old Man is found, who stood low before,
Mind is staggered by His searing Speech…


Dark ones are troubled by their life drama,
While people are happy with nowadays Lady.
Heavens won’t tolerate trade, believe me,
For it’s the issue of life and death, indeed…


The Ancient honestly calls to the Movement,
But for ignorant all this is useless,
They won’t notice their evil in the Word
And will welcome only God’s help in troubles…


The Word is obscure, unsteady, and doleful,
Maybe, it will cease, and everything will be as before.
The Covenant won’t allow us augment our money,
And arrogant will say God’s News must be abolished…


Signs and fears will force people bow,
All earthly Destroyers will shudder.
Since they rejected the Support of Life,
Soon they’ll get echo according to their spiteful call…


Heavens have given the Right to the Oracle,
Peace and Good will prevail anyway.
Wish wise phrases multiplied more and more,
And life would be illumined by such stories…


Warriors of Spirit have no rest.
And suddenly the Light has appeared behind Ladies.
Seeing the Future in glorious destiny,
All people will start working within themselves…


Prophecies will be released by indicated Right
And will be in proper order again.
The Prophet will further be more trusted,
People will join into Communities in time…


The Envoy of the New Age is sent to the Earth,
He’s accustomed to life, He is God’s Chosen One,
And He won’t respond to cawing crows,
Though the crow law disagrees with Him…


Knowledge of affairs imparts movement to spirit.
People experience pain and tension.
Where poison is burnt, joy will be found,
And everyone will pass the abyss with no trouble…


Satan has hung his head since the Heavenly News,
The country sees terms from the past,
But armours are taken off, the Old Man’s asleep,
And the Heavenly Spark will sprinkle on life…


Year 20…


Prophet’s Creation is the Weapon of Light
To be read by each destroyer prior to the term.
Although very little has been predicted,
Run fast and sound the alarm to all…


So many Covenants are given by Destiny,
The world’s Defender is in it since long ago.
There should be no fury or blood here at all.
Late repentance is a reason for anger…


Death will approach due to slanders and gossips,
The Virgin will slightly mitigate such fruits,
Stubborn desire to kill the Virgin,
Thus letting the fate to kill themselves…


Life in mourning and troubles are on the planet,
The sign of death has already appeared.
The Lady won’t live, the whole world’s in confusion,
While everything will be other way round in life.


Priests and Princes fight not without reason,
Ready to bite CHRIST to death, to get throne.
Deaths spread among the dressed up pack,
Moulds are dying in crazy agreements…


The Lady is full of flickering Miracle,
Friends are near again, and the outcome is seen.
The case of trouble is totally explained,
Evil dies in the war because of evil…


The Fallen will be punished by the destiny:
Inscription on marble, deaths are numerous.
Spiteful and deaf won’t get power anymore,
And so the war inside evil will start…


Is the Old Man in trouble? Everything looks like a dream,
Everyone grasps everything, the Envoy is not confused,
The revealed Old Man is no more studied,
There will be less work from now on…


Kind are tired to consent and confide,
Death and Prelate cannot agree,
Authorities will be troubled by Predictions of Light,
People who are in Spirit will be endowed then…


Everyone saw evil in the Old Man’s words,
Whereas the Envoy’s Covenant gives the world something else,
The Fallen will painfully stumble at that.
The Old Man is recognized, but He doesn’t confess.


The News predict troubles not for all,
But only for those who are guided by plague,
God’s Chosen Ones will come up to take place
And discover great secrets about Life…


Death will bite death, the war will be brought,
But evil won’t reach People of the Covenant,
All spiteful will die forever at once.
The time has come for half-dormant to rise…


Bankrupts having only wolf’s jaws
And supreme functionaries will have to fall.
The power of their law is forgotten by people,
But the Door wasn’t closed for anyone…


Year 20…


The leap year, sinful passions,
Princes and functionaries argue about power,
Herds are to die, the king changes his abode,
People are oppressed, and the Saviour’s unseen…


Plenty of strives, numerous predictors,
And brawlers get no wise thought from God:
It’s not time for the Word, the Covenant is in loss,
The Envoy is hidden and closes all doors…


Scandals are everywhere, ”beasts” tend to quarrel,
The age is renewed, and three Faiths are in discord,
There is neither harmony, nor peace around,
It seems like God has to interfere…


It will be seen how people in power are fighting,
They are full of anger and death inside only.
Agitation is rising, and tension is growing,
The people’s dream is being abased…


Laws have declined, but God’s Foundation
Is revealing itself again, exciting people,
Against authorities, against their black power,
Soon their orders will become invalid…


Infection is everywhere, some will rise right on time,
And disputes will be brought with the wind again,
Areas are flooded, peoples are suffering,
But the Masters will also face misfortune…


The Heavenly Word is destined to be,
And three Religions will start fading away,
Prophecies will be come to give them a lesson,
The time of neglect is over for the Lady…


Thanks to Princes, it’s so dangerous in the world,
And advice from Heaven is given to people for a reason.
All people are annoyed by the Church and Princes,
But the One is close whom He hasn’t been yet…


The Prophet is close, while cows have plague,
Who does not trust Heavens will not be healthy.
The Doctor is sent to create the beginning,
A bait, a trap, and the News start sounding…


A loud scandal started regarding the News,
The entire low world has got angry at God,
The Messenger will save himself under thick covers,
Two Ladies are now giving pictures of events…


The purulent infection is happy to flow out
In words of people who serve the hell.
God showed His door only to the Living,
But the Envoy needs to be careful now…


The Great Envoy will be tired of noise,
Plague will leave, but the other one will rise.
From Macaw’s words someone implants fears,
Inviting all people to Satan’s ranks…

*MACAW is a kind of speaking parakeet
(up to 1 m long, bright feathering, attack fruit plantations in flocks, easily tamed)


Those who perceive God lose their fury,
The Covenant’s growing, while the past is dying.
No half-hearted measures, tension is to weaken,
Marching along life, let’s go to Enlightenment…


Year 20…


This year is harder than the previous year
For the News, for the Church that goes without God.
Devastation and quarrels are vain, as a rule,
But the darkness will die out, and the Dawn will break…


Affairs are shining, there are new discoveries.
The Messenger is joyful: God’s Word does not sleep,
Successes are growing, but envy’s also spreading,
The opponent desires a different result…


Disputes and fights take place among Functionaries,
The Son of the Truth has caused their irritation.
Everyone kind provokes spite of the dark.
Fundamentals need to be learnt in fighting…


Where there’s no Covenant it will be dangerous to live,
And the Heavenly Messenger speaks very clearly:
There will be no happiness, if pride is indulged,
And troubles will be in such places more often…


The Word is Living. Angry suppress each other,
Sometimes it gets hard of quarrels and arguments.
God’s Law cannot be disputed or questioned,
The one causing quarrels between people will cry…


People are suffering from such hubbub
Caused by the ancient Lady,
Michel de Notredame finishes his work,
Taking Ladies who are now visible out into the light...

*In translation from French, Notredame means our dame (lady, nun, woman, wife, sledgehammer)   


A man and a woman, both unknown,
Their life is in danger, for they are honest,
They provoke anger by their daring ventures,
Being able to influence the authorities’ will…


An explosive material, and the Great One’s uncovered,
He needs to be protected in order not to be killed.
He will punish the criminal thief via death,
The God’s Covenant will tell this to everyone…


Spiritual successes in view are sufficient,
No forgiveness, and this is a pity.
And there are still plenty of revengeful clashes,
And many people die because of dirty habits…


No meaning, no deeds, but only conversations,
Nobles are arguing about the Heavenly Word.
Everybody’s temporary, no trace will be left,
But nobles will draw back, while Tramp will triumph…


Everything has changed, and secrets are disclosed,
There are less sufferings, and deaths are forgotten,
Prophet’s dates are acknowledged by peoples,
Who hasn’t accepted them will become lifeless…


The Messenger does not consider himself Great,
The Truth is seen, and the trouble vanishes.
Everyone will get what they have sown,
While God teaches to forgive everything and be patient...


Be patient and forgive: this is what determines one’s fate.
The unknown Lady surprises people,
Games and happiness, plenty of energy,
Slavs will be the first ones to enjoy God’s grace…


Year 20…


Authorities will collapse due to Righteous News,
Functionaries of Faith will be deprived of honour,
Churches will be greatly offended by the News
That their leadership has no clever heads…


Churches will suffer hardships and losses,
For their main activity is bowing their heads.
Two Faiths will lose honour and importance,
For external services are exactly the Offence…


Couple of Religions will have numerous losses,
But they will turn everything in their own favour,
They will float rumours the News are not pure,
Envy gnaws at them, and their mind is blind…


Religions will lose their servants at once,
For servants don’t share their aspirations.
They will lead people to fight with the News,
For which many of them will be dead.


Slavs are unworried and kind,
And they’ve found no defects in the Covenant,
Criminals will later on be ashamed,
For they’ll see no happiness for disbelieving...


Foundations are in discord, enmity grows,
But old orders are condemned to punishment,
West has a painful wound due to the News,
But it will help some people nevertheless…


There is further more luck, as powers come from Heaven,
Spiritual bread gives a wonderful harvest,
The East has joined the Sacred Affair,
Beasts will be in trouble, poor will get a Sprout of Life…


Many stink with their verbal plague,
But News will overcome the plague with no war.
Greats face difficulties of old foundations,
But the Son of Sons is ahead anyway…


Slavs become kinder and see the results,
And many establish life as Gods,
But there are still those who fail to understand:
If you unsheathe your sword, other sword will kill you…


The ancient Lady terminates Discord
And entrusts her heirs with her ruse.
A new crafty fellow has excelled the Old Man,
Victory gets firmly established, for ages this time…


Devastation existed only until News were accepted,
Almost a half of the Message is addressed to Slavs,
The Great One will see no obstacles among them,
Various criminals won’t be welcome here…


Yet, some still look for ways to justify themselves
And hardly abandon their dirty desires.
Religions are shocked and give up their ravings.
Everybody congratulates Slavs as Winners…


Year 20…


It’s time for less important to come true,
But mind started frequently arguing with soul,
The surface of Prophecies shows more bad things,
While in reality Slavs will get something else…


In criminal circles a noise is also heard
That the Eternal Kingdom is reached via suffering,
And God will tell them: “Sacrifice your body, go ahead!”
They will be scared, but prefer the Eternity…


Warning is sent to withered ignoramuses
That fallen people will have no way in the future.
Love and the Envoy will remind of Foundations,
Prophecies will release people from chains…


Slavs endeavour to implement the Covenant,
The Light of the Prophecy from the past will help.
The Great Union will emerge there forever,
And couple of religions will join It, confessing


Father’s Word does not suit clergymen,
But the Heavenly Affair cannot enter otherwise,
Priesthood cannot accept God’s Gift,
The Envoy of Good must be understood with heart


God’s Word is given to the earth,
It will tell everything to Great Slavs:
What is hidden will be judged,
Two ally Ladies with bring peace…


Son, you should cherish the heritage discovered,
Functionary and the Messenger in Russia are enemies.
Authorities’ mind has grown dim of fear,
And the Heavenly Word will be oppressed.


Danger is further approaching young Leaders,
They are destined to restore the Covenant.
Functionary is ready to fight against God’s News,
The treasure is what authorities are scared of


The secret enemy will be sent to darkness,
Creator’s Envoys will do as follows:
The Key of the Truth will be given to Slavs
For all times, to all terrestrial offspring


The awaked Leader will get to know Perfection,
He overcomes quarrels and terrors.
Ancient prophecies will be suitable,
And all delusions will be known…


Envoys establish the Sacred Power,
Passion for the Truth breaks out in all places,
Slavic influence will spread in the world,
The Major Message will farther fly…


Prophet from the Embassy has completed the way,
And tomorrow He will go back Home to GOD,
His relatives, brothers are there, but moreover
Moscow will see Him in due time…



    All conventional terms are set, but as we read the poem we can see that many verses indicate not events, but rather the flow of processes which are impossible to be marked with specific dates, and therefore we shouldn’t focus on dates. Sometimes we see lines as if contradicting one another. Hence, we assume in different social strata and in different places on the planet processes may be even opposite.

    The purpose of the aforesaid prophetic information is to warn people of the emergence of the Heavenly Messenger / Envoy in the nearest future. Or Messengers who will be able to call themselves Lady, Virgin


Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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Translator Team 05.08.2016 11:13 Reply ↵

Перевод делал человек. Смысл отражен максимально точно, но рифмы нет, поскольку были даны сжатые сроки на перевод, и смысл бы от рифмы пострадал:) 

This is a response to the request of the poem author regarding the above translation. Eugene Gusev asked whether it’s Google translation, or translation was done by a human being. We’ve responded the translation was done by a living person, and the sense of every line is reflected precisely, but there’s no rhyme, since our translators work on numerous texts, whereas rhymed translation would take too much time.

Евгений Гусев 04.08.2016 17:29 Reply ↵

Этот перевод делал человек? Или это машинный перевод Гугла?

Ответ пришлите сюда пожалуйста [email protected]

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