That temple shines in the dark like a star. On the night of the Protecting Veil feast...

The star has risen. I see its light even through leaden puffs of low-level clouds. The evening star signifying the coming of the great triumph... The Protecting Veil of the Most Holy Mother of God... Such tenderness, such boundless joy is ringing in the air... Breath helplessly fades, being unable to utter even a slightest word of admiration for your purest beauty, Our Lady… Wonderment in silence…  

I live Here, in the ever shining light of Your gaze. I love Now, spreading in the flaming love of the blissful eternity. The Chalice which I have accepted from Your hands, oh Blessed Virgin, has probably no bottom, just like my gratitude for the priceless gift of Protection has no end.

The star has risen, washing eyes of the sleeping with the living waters of Allat, awaking them from slumber that is similar to death.

And Now I feel You, Our Lady. And right Here I am standing before You under Your Protecting Veil, in the temple of one Star. When I close my eyes I see its light. It has risen, illuminating the gloomy world with boundless Love. The Soul granted by God is shining through clouds, through the abyss, through the darkness of the mind.

That temple shines in the dark like a star.



Received from Sol

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Gabby 19.10.2016 19:40 Reply ↵

Beautiful! Thank you. 

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