When everything is collapsing, the only thing you can do is to erect your inner spiritual temple

    Over the 28 years of my life I have faced so-called “problems” and “hopeless situations” many times. Yes, all of us have accumulated if not a dozen, but one or two of those at least, which permanently strive to distract attention and aggravate the overall state of affairs. When circumstances attack us, we forget about a simple truth: this is a pattern. Once (a week, month, year or several years ago) we admitted a thought into our life about how a situation would develop in a certain way, and now we see it unfolding exactly in such way. And I am not an exception to the rule.  

    When lawsuits and account seizures started, the initial thoughts were: “How will I live further? I’m so miserable and poor. Those enemies and vampires are taking away my house and last money!!!” After 15 minutes of such thinking I calmed down the fuss in my head and switched to a more sensible approach to the situation settlement. The “here and now” mode of behaviour appeared to be the most appropriate and the only correct, for fantasies could have lasted forever: “And what if so, what would I do? What will take place?” Or “If they do this, I will do them SUUUCH a nightmare!!!” And so on, and so forth.

    To cut a long story short, it was a 3-act tragicomedy. Total awareness of your own responsibility for all your thoughts and deeds sobers up really well. And you no longer treat your thoughts as negligently, for they can turn your life to not the best side. In fact, reading the books by Anastasia Novykh is so wonderful! However, it’s more difficult to learn to apply this information in everyday life. When you consider for quite a long time that people around, except yourself, are to blame for all your troubles, it’s a very comfortable position of existence called parasitism. Everybody’s living like that, e.g. ascarids!

    So, where do I lead? If you have done a lot of mischief and don’t know where to start sorting out the mess, this means you are on the right track, though you shouldn’t look around – you should look inside yourself. Difficult life circumstances awaken powerful surges of energy inside us. When I admitted this simple truth for myself, I addressed my soul, and it responded with boundless peace, love and the most pleasing feelings that are possible to describe. As a matter of fact, life is wonderful, when you have learnt sincere love and kindness, got rid of thoughts that cause tragic consequences, and have stayed with the only feeling – the feeling of unity…



Received from Nadezhda (Novosibirsk, Russia)

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When everything is collapsing, the only thing you can do is to erect your inner spiritual temple When everything is collapsing, the only thing you can do is to erect your inner spiritual temple - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 69
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