The theatre of my actors

I’d like to share the experience of studying my “theatre” and my “actors”. The idea was invented by one of my good friends and companions. Writing down my animal nature stereotypes and patterns and observing “actors” in myself, I’ve noticed they are always the same. The idea is that all actors are given relevant definitions.

These are my “actors”:

  • ailing,
  • whiner,
  • doubter,
  • know-it-all,
  • victim,
  • flatterer,
  • bustler,
  • appraiser,
  • envious... 

Once I named the “actors”, it became easier for me to recognize them, and sometimes it gets really funny: it’s not drama anymore, but rather a comedy. For instance, the “doubter” comes and starts telling: “You are doing no progress on the spiritual path. What do you need all this for?” And I simply observe the performance, for I am the Personality! At such moments I have really felt myself the Personality! Observation of identified and recognized “actors” takes place fast and quite cheerfully, and the most important thing for me is that now I don’t get involved in such performances, remaining only a spectator. Yes, I am finally able to feel myself the Personality! I guess some new “actors” will appear on the stage, of whom I am unaware so far. My further action plan is as follows: if a new “actor” appears, I will write down its name, assign it a role and then observe its performance with humour. By the way, some “actors” totally disappear right after I assign roles to them…


Received from Irina (Ufa, Russia)

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