How God manifests Himself

Let me share with you a recent extraordinary manifestation which I had the honour to experience.

My family and I went shopping and were standing at the checkout counter, laying numerous foodstuffs on the conveyor belt. A young woman was standing behind me, carrying a box with 10 eggs in her hands. I offered her to pass us ahead in the line, for it would be stupid to make a person with a single item wait until we’d buy food for a week.

And suddenly a miracle happened! Those who perform the Pyramid spiritual practice can understand me. I was heaved out of my body into the observer superposition, while SOMEONE else stayed there in the body. Time compressed, and I was observing an expanded picture filled with feelings, emotions, smells, and thoughts (EVERYTHING HAPPENED WITHIN FRACTIONS OF A SECOND).

At that, the following was taking place:

The woman with eggs started trembling of fear and abasement and irresolutely gave small change to the cashier. The latter began to shake her head in irritation, and hundreds of thoughts flashed in her mind, such as “If I yield, tomorrow she will come with children and buy more...” etc. And she said aloud: “It’s not enough..., I can’t.” A dozen of people in the line averted their faces in different directions as if being busy. The woman prayed mentally: “God, please, help!” My body asked the cashier which amount was needed, turned to the stingy husband and named the amount. He opened his wallet, and the payment was done. The young woman thanked us with tears in her eyes.

Well, at that point I was already back in my body, and my reactions were slow. I heard her “Thank you” as an unreal echo and continued to take potatoes and onions out of the shopping trolley. However, the most extraordinary understanding of what had happened came to me on the way home.

I saw how HE manifested Himself!

He was ready to fulfil any desire of that nice poor woman.

Oh, I wish she then prayed for salvation of her soul! He would have picked her up and taken to the world where there’s no pain.

He was ready to implement any desire of hers, but she only wished to pay for those stupid eggs.

Oh, how great You are! Where do I find words to communicate to people what You have revealed to me?

How can I correctly type Your entire Beauty and Might on my plastic keyboard?

How can I help people understand that You are closer than breath, that You are always near and present in every millisecond, that you are higher and broader than the heaven? The King giving away the Kingdom every second!

No, I lack power to describe this... I am sorry...


Received from Natasha (Deutschland)

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