My wife and the unclosed cupboard in the kitchen

This catharsis will be short, but revealing.

My dearly beloved wife suffers from a noticeable shortcoming: she regularly fails to close a cupboard in the kitchen. Moreover, sometimes a wardrobe in our bedroom also remains unclosed. This seems to be a trifle, for is there any real problem with unclosed furniture? No! This is a typical provocation: she didn’t close it once, two times, three times... twenty times... forty times... sixty times... one hundred and fifty times, etc. Do you feel what this entail? Irritability and regular quarrels; and if I was ten years younger and didn’t possess the primordial knowledge about the animal nature, God knows what the outcome would have been!

Well, according to the human tradition, in the past I was fairly and loudly outraged, then was quietly irritated, then remarked aloud. I talked, asked, closed furniture doors myself, but the situation didn’t change anyway, and that started shattering my composure. Is it so difficult to close that damned cupboard? Why is this happening every day again and again? Generally speaking, thus it’s totally possible to go crazy, if there’s no understanding of how the system operates, while its operation is elementary: through the animal nature provocation!

I won’t consider the reasons why my beloved wife is so forgetful, I will better tell about a method to escape from the power of such an unpleasant delusion. So, I sat down and calculated how much time my wife spends on cooking, i.e. how much time it takes for her to ensure that I (her husband) could reside in this world not being hungry. To my surprise it made up 30 to 60 minutes a day, depending on circumstances, and I admit that’s quite a lot.

Now let’s see the main point. How much time do I need in order to close that damned cupboard with my hand? One, two, three... Coming up, stretching my arm and closing. Three seconds! Can you imagine? Just three seconds!!! Thirty minutes vs. three seconds.

P.S. My dear lady, I know you often read this interesting website intended for the spiritual part of humanity. Thus, don’t bother closing our beautiful cupboard at all. Just leave it – I’ll be closing it myself. But from now on I’ll be doing this with love and gratitude.



Received from Evpatiy K. (Kiev, Ukraine)

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