Hatred for political leaders

Well, let me continue talking about the “hooks” previously used by the Animal Nature to shatter my composure. Maybe, this information will be helpful for someone. Life is life after all).

Recently I wrote about politics of the times of the “revolution of dignity” or rather coup d'état in Ukraine, whatever each person might call the event. At that, I would perhaps call it “another archons’ fraud” where another nation found itself duped. However, I’m not going to rummage in geopolitical interests and other peoples’ patriotic views. Today I will tell what hooked me up in those times, and that hook were political leaders ruling the country.

There is no need to name all those people, for someone might today hate Putin as strongly as I then hated Poroshenko. The whole point is not whom exactly you hate and for which deeds, but rather why you hate at all? That is, the whole point is within oneself.

Generally speaking, what happened then, and how do I see it now? The Animal Mind System played a game set in which certain events were manifested in three-dimensionality, provoking hatred and aggression towards certain personalities in the masses. I was hooked up, too, that’s why I’m writing this now.

For me personally in such situation it was necessary not even to understand why I hated, but rather to get rid of a severe emotion of enmity towards those who, in my opinion, were the reason of the country division and the aggravated life conditions of the absolute majority of the country population. I won’t expound my relevant thinking and reasoning, since politics can be discussed endlessly, but will only state what I did in order to get rid of that powerful source of negativism. Someone might say again: “This is not the way. We need to continue fighting for peace”, but on that stage of my spiritual evolution I needed emotional stabilization only… So, what did I do?

I simply switched off the visibility of political leaders from my reality broadcast. In other words, I ceased to feed tyrants with my attention. Pardon me, maybe someone has the president’s portrait above his bed at home and sleeps in camouflage clothes. Hey, guys, your patriotism is your own business, and I don’t impose my views on anyone. At that, my issue with negativism is my own business. In this article I merely describe my inner self-improvement work. So, I simply ceased to pay attention to what used to drive me out of my wits. This inner work lasted for a while, maybe six months of a year, and finally I totally lost interest to those whom I had hated.

Question: what’s more important – to sort out “why I hate” or “to stop hating”? I can’t answer anything for everyone, but for myself I choose the second option. As time has shown, in my case it has worked perfectly.

What have I understood? Existence of any Animal Nature stereotype or pattern of behaviour, which the Animal Mind System uses in order to draw a person into negativism and to pump energy (Allat power) out of him or her, is supported solely by the person’s attention, i.e. his or her own choice. In our life there exists only what we pay attention to! If you are afraid of falling ill (this is attention, too), you will fall ill. If you fear robbers, you’ll be robbed. You think of any troubles, and you attract them. You think of problems, and problems emerge. You feel drawn to anything, are a prey to doubts, etc., and all this manifests itself in your life to a certain extent in relevant daily events. Thus, in order to eliminate anything from your reality, you should just stop feeding this with your attention. This is the conclusion I have arrived at.

As Igor Danilov said in The Meaning of Life: Immortality programme (on the 57th minute) attention plays a major role! “Investment of attention means endowing power to certain programmes…” And I got convinced of this by my own experience.

Today I breathe totally at ease looking at the political top of our country. Moreover, I have come to feel sorry for them all. They are poor, miserable hostages of their own deeds and aspirations. Their delusions and decades-long fighting here will make them suffer for millennia there.

What else can be added? To all appearances, attention is what everything is based upon in every person’s life, and so the subject of attention should be explored more seriously. Most probably, I will write more about it.


Received from Evpatiy Kolovrat (Kiev, Ukraine)

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