The Archons: tools of power

In the earlier article The Archons: the history of emergence we discussed the origin of such phenomenon as the Archons (translated from Greek as “the rulers of the world”) or, to put it more understandably, the secret masters of money. In the same article we considered the Archons’ goals and sense of existence, the facts evidencing their violent activities, and some obvious results of those activities for our entire civilization. Our next article represents an attempt to substantially look into the Archons’ tools of power, by means of which they endeavour to implement their world supremacy plans, i.e. to enslave us, dear readers, once and for all.




For those who still “gather dandelions” or doubt the Archons’ purposeful destructive activities, let me present some statistical data on the current state of affairs on planet Earth:

  • According to various sources, as of the beginning of 2016 the world population made up 7.3 billion people.
  • Over the last several years financial inequality in the world has reached a stunning level. The fortune of 1% of the population of the Earth exceeds that of the rest 99%. Such data have been made public by Oxfam International in their report at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The capital of 85 richest people equals to the aggregate fortune of 3.5 billion poorest inhabitants of the planet.
  • Representatives of Charity: Water have estimated that nearly 800,000,000 people in the world have no access to potable water.
  • According to UN data as of December 2008, the number of starving population across the planet exceeded 960 million people.
  • In 2000 UNESCO experts counted 877,000,000 illiterate adults and 113,000,000 illiterate children in the world, which makes up almost 1 billion people unable to read and write, while literacy is the basis of sustainable development and peace.
  • Over 100,000,000 people died in the wars in the 20th century before mass production of nuclear weapons started.
  • According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the total world military expenditure in 2011 made up USD 1.74 trillion.
  • As of the beginning of 2016, there were about 40 places in the world where destructive military conflicts took place.

This is only a small share of what is taking place in the world as if “accidentally”, for the aforesaid is only minimal general data, not to mention environmental conditions, the situation in medicine, culture, education, and science. Clever people can easily find and compare relevant information. However, these are mere consequences of the purposeful actions of a group of people who call themselves the Archons and claim to have total supremacy over entire humanity. This article is intended not to list and analyse the consequences of their activities, but rather to spread information and reach understanding why such situation has become possible in the modern advanced 21-century society. Furthermore, we try to find an answer to the question: is it possible to change the situation and redirect the development of our civilization along a constructive course?




What is a human being? What is the sense of human life? What does the world around represent? These are questions from which one’s self-determination starts, and which form the basis of one’s worldview and vital values. If we project this on the society as a whole, the values of each individual will contribute to formation of all processes in the society’s life. Moreover, it should be mentioned that this process is accompanied with continuous mutual influence of an individual on the society and of the society on such individual. Hence, we can single out one of the major pivots of formation of the society and every individual – these are the values that make the life of each person individually and the society on the whole. It would be logical to assume that for an organisation seeking world supremacy one of the principal vectors of influence is the influence on human values. Is it true, and if so then how is such influence maintained? Let’s consider what people knowledgeable about the state of affairs in the world say and write on the subject. 

For instance, in Sensei of Shambala – Book IV and AllatRa by Anastasia Novykh there is the following information:

“Much in the lives of people and in their spiritual development is based on who actually governs them. In the countries covertly ruled by the Archons there reigns falsehood, deception, and material nature that aggressively replaces spiritual aspirations and values of peoples. Against the background of fine words people are turned into dumb, obedient slaves. The more of such countries get under the rule of the Archons, the more humanity sinks in the mud of matter, tipping the scale in favour of the Animal Nature. Naturally, in such case civilization approaches its own destruction further quicker, while the main sense of existence of humankind is perfection of the Spiritual Nature and a chance for every individual to become a Human. As for the flock of obedient bipeds preoccupied about matter, it is probably needed only for the Archons, namely for their purely egoistic and ambitious goals. But I emphasize once again: every person has the right to make his or her own choice!”


“… For the mass consciousness, through mass media (first of all, television and the Internet), a myth is created, actively supported and cultivated, which forms a certain perception of the world, creates patterns and in its diversity contributes to mutual strengthening of information. The myth reinforces invented causal relationships between real objects in one’s individual consciousness, generates legends about events and public persons of the past and the present, forms or presents a ready-made invented model of one’s attitude to reality. Such fragmental knowledge of the world, yet served in a beautiful wrapper of such a myth, creates an illusion among the masses of the comprehensive knowledge about the world and the events that take place. The same principle of false perception triggers in the masses as in the audience at a show of a magician: “I saw it, so it’s true”, although in fact people neither analyse the received information on their own, nor bother to understand the reasons who and why needs the masses to pay their attention to such information, looping it on a narrow range of the matter of the three-dimensional world. Despite the entire external variety of information, people are actually weaned from independent thinking; the audience’s perception and thinking is rebuilt in a different way. The clip character of the flow of diverse messages alone counts for a lot, where the main aim is to excite emotionally and attract attention to one or another message…” (AllatRa, pages 807-808 –

Now, let’s refer to remarkable analytical materials prepared by participants of the What Is Good online project, namely their video entitled A Systemic View of Contemporary Cinema, which adds several more fragments to our picture.




“By the way, please, memorize that one of the favourite methods of the Archons is to substitute an illusion for what people desire.” Behind the Archons’ nice phrases there is in fact a change of people’s way to the opposite direction, towards the matter. A person might not even notice it due to the lack of knowledge and think he or she follows the spiritual way like many people who, for example, praise the ‘hermetic science’. He or she does not even conjecture who the organizers of this process are, to which Archonian organizations they belong (and what the true goals of such organization are), as well as why  they need all the mass spreading of exactly such point of view among people…”

вред алкоголя

"…In the times when Jesus was preaching, if someone wanted to be His disciple, such person didn’t have to burden oneself with fulfilment of special rituals or practice any symbol of faith, nor limit oneself with any imposed rules and orders. One had just to be a Human with a kind loving heart and to sincerely strive for God. Jesus taught people to feel God inside themselves, since every human being is a Temple of the Lord. He taught to feel the soul and to live for the sake of its salvation, whereas people appointed by the Archons turned one’s internal self-improvement work into external formal worshipping. Moreover, the Archons ensured that their people became ‘intermediaries’ between God and a human being, and introduced a false affirmation that a person would have no chance to save one’s soul without their involvement.”


"The Archons’ methods don’t change, be it at that time or nowadays. Look how they now work on influencing people’s minds, including newborn religions, sects. What is peculiar about these religions and sects? First of all, they persistently suggest to their flock that they are the only ones to be saved, while all the rest will perish. Secondly, those who are beyond a given religious organization or oppose it are declared to be under the influence of Satan. Thirdly, as a rule their organization is headed by a man who is declared for the flock as a ‘Prophet’, ‘Father’, ‘Saviour’ etc., and they intentionally form a special attitude of the flock based on fear and slavish love for him. Fourthly, they strictly control minds of their followers and often appropriate the property of these people. Fifthly, they usually build up a whole scale of ranks and give only dosed information about the organization and, correspondingly, its doctrine, according to one’s level of initiation. At that, if we figure out what the true reason of establishment and popularity of such latter-day religious organizations is, everything turns out to be quite simple: expansion of the sphere of influence, and thus additional political electorate, power and money. The Archons simply play with people’s faith, using it as a fig leaf for hiding their true intentions. Be it at that time or be it now, it is one and the same principle. It is so simple, you should just compare and analyse.”

православные шутят

Human values represent the basis of the society. Manipulating and replacing values, the Archons skilfully direct the society to the course they need. The global community is impelled to decrease its intellectual level in every way possible; moral and ethical values are being diminished, while unnatural and inhuman modes of behaviour and consumer thinking are being promoted. The purpose of this entire process is to transform Homo sapiens into an unthinking inhuman being, and to turn the society as a whole into a herd of weak-willed slaves controlled by the animal world laws.




Given the current level of materialization of public consciousness and prevalence of material values, the sense of human life now is consumption and money, whereas all processes in the society are managed by means of capital. Let’s consider several examples associated with the rate of globalization of the world capital. Thus, the 10 largest corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kraft, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, Mars, Johnson & Johnson, and General Mills form the demand for, control and manufacture nearly everything we buy in the market. At that, owing to the control and enormous influence of such giants as Apple, Google, Facebook, Yandex, and VKontakte, our entire private life becomes a public part of the global process. 90% of American media companies today are controlled by 5 entities only. The financial field is managed by transnational banks, including the Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo.


“Is that true about the Archons?” Stas asked.

“Yes,” Sensei answered.

“So, are they shamans, healers, and priests?”

“No, they were like that before, in ancient times, moreover not all of them, whereas now they are those who bind together world capital, politics and religion in their lodges and secret societies.”

“You mean the world bankers?” Volodya was surprised about his guess.

“I mean those who control them,” Sensei specified…

капитализация мира


The two videos below contain information and analysis regarding the capitalization of the modern world. The Archons. Who are they, the material world masters? Myths or reality?





Politics, politics… Nothing takes place without it. Walking in the street recently, I saw children playing a game and distributing the roles of famous national politicians between them. This would be funny if it were not so sad. Even kids since their early childhood know this word and along with their parents observe the course of events in the political soap opera for years. The soap opera is very similar to Santa Barbara series the whole purpose of which is to hold viewers’ attention on what does not depend on the viewers at all. An illusion of involvement is created, although all the events take place outside people’s homes. There is even freedom for a viewer in the soap opera: he or she can endlessly curse on the TV set or newspaper, tell politicians, “the people’s servants”, what they should do, be amazed with their stupidity, and take pleasure in one’s ‘involvement’ and the illusion of one’s ‘influence’ on relevant processes. However, the goal of actors and directors of this soap opera is not to improve viewers’ life at all, but to improve and secure their own life. Therefore, we observe the endless series called politics, which in fact has nothing to do with what takes place in reality, and the series will continue for as long as there are enough viewers. Let’s see closer what politics actually is.

“… Anastasia: Please, tell what should the model of society be? As of today, there are many forms of the state and political structure (governance of society), political regimes, and ideologies. However, when one begins to examine closely each individual ideology or such a form, one comes to understand that everything is built on the Animal Nature, not in a human way. While theoretically everything is beautiful, in practice, judging by historical events, it turns out like in the saying: “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Rigden: That is because everything you have listed here is built on politics, i.e. on management, power, and undivided rule of politicians and priests over society… Yet, do you know the origin of the word politics?

Anastasia: Well, as far as I know, it originates from the Greek words politike (techne) meaning the “art of ruling the state”. Then some give references that these words in their turn are derived from the Greek words poly meaning “many” and techne meaning “art”, “craft.” Others consider that it originates from the Greek word polis, which ancient Greeks used for their city states.

Rigden: Such answer is quite predictable. This information is introduced to the human consciousness through many textbooks and books. But let us go into detail. Where from did Ancient Greece receive such a form of social governance, moreover with the self-name of the highest official in ancient Greek city states – the archon? From Ancient Rome, from the then forming supporting “nest” of the priests of freemasons, who were exactly the ones who established religious cults and forms of social governance for their own purposes, who created craft guilds, and so on. From where did the Greeks get such a form of government as democracy (from the Greek words demos meaning “people” and kratos meaning “power” or “rule”, i.e. the “rule of the people”)? From the same place where the Romans got republic (from the Latin words res meaning “affair” and publicus meaning “public”; res publica is “public (common) affair”). All these forms of government were devised by the priests of freemasons (the Archons) and promoted among peoples through public figures.

You may think why under the so-called “public” forms of government and political regimes, which republic and democracy represent in the world today, peoples themselves are basically removed from ruling their own country, although on paper everything is written beautifully, and the law takes into account the methods of collective decision-making, including “equal opportunities”, “granting personal and political rights and freedoms to citizens”, and so forth. In practice, we have actual occupation of the “people’s power” by local and central priestly and political elites of the governing bodies, and their arbitrary rule. These self-appointed “elites” almost openly divide public property among them, exploit people, neglecting their interests, and use resources of the state for their own or their clan’s selfish purposes, simply for the sake of profit. At that, the masses are fed, as always, with promises from elections to elections. In practice, there is an ordinary behind-the-scenes struggle of financial and political groups, semi-feudal “princes” and “grey eminences”, fighting for extension of their spheres of influence, i.e. their “feeding trough”. This is happening all over the world and, first and foremost, in “civilized” countries. The same applies to ideological models of political power, for example, liberalism (from the Latin word liberalis meaning “free”) with its implementation of individual freedoms as well as socialism (from the Latin word socialis meaning “social”), which is based on the public ideas of social justice, freedom, equality, and so on. I don’t even mention ideologies with aggressive trends, political regimes and forms of power based on single-handed rule – tyranny (monarchy) or minority rule – oligarchy (aristocracy).

So, why does such a phenomenon occur in the modern world? Because everything was initially developed on two incentives of managing the masses – faith and fear, under the laws of materialism, or rather the Animal Mind, in favour of human lower instincts and earthly selfhood, where the spiritual goals proclaimed on paper served (and still serve today) only as a cover for the actual absolute power of politicians and priests. That is why today everybody is only talking about an ideal, humane human society. But is anyone actually establishing it in practice? Even the very way of posing the question about the establishment of an ideal society is invariably connected not with society as such, but with the form of state power over that society at the background of preservation of the same global system of governance over peoples by, again, priests and politicians.”


“… Those clever politicians who manage to see the global bluff, to understand the current destructive direction of movement of the world community along the “reverse swastika” and realize from where the root of all the evil of formation of negative world events grows, in their turn do not know what should be done either. They are looking for an answer to the question how to actually get rid of the “old, sick tree” of the system of power of the world priests, the infected roots of which have entwined the whole world like an octopus.

Actually, there is nothing difficult here if you understand the tools used by the Archons, in whose hands most of the Earth’s capital is concentrated. The task of the Archons is to impose another illusion, an ideology of the Animal Mind upon as many people as possible, so that the masses would believe in it. For example, to convince the public in the advantages of the material way of thinking and the consumer format of public relations, to frighten people with another world crisis, to convince them of the necessity of starting a war or an ethnic strife, to set followers of different religions at loggerheads, to arrange bloody strife, conflicts, colour revolutions, etc. Thereafter, when masses of people get infected with such ideas, people themselves materialize them, starting to do all this disgrace with their own hands.

The main thing for the Archons is to activate the Animal Nature in people, or rather their collective Animal Mind. After all, they only write scenarios and sponsor their politicians, and it is their overall world political web that is an active tool to influence the masses. As a matter of fact, who is a politician? It’s an actor who plays the role written for him. His task is to make frequent appearances on TV screens of his country as well as in the press, speak beautifully and inform people about certain ideas. Politics is the art of lies from Ariman; it was initially formed so by the Archons and still continues to exist in this form in the global society. Hence, a politician is basically an actor. On the public stages of their country politicians who work for the Archons convey the ideas of their priests – “script writers”, “producers” and “sponsors”, the existence of whom people do not even suspect. Listening to the performances of such “actors”, the audience thinks everything they say is a “great idea” of these politicians, which so convincingly calls for war or ethnic strife, supposedly in the name of a “happy future of this people”. Yet, none of them mentions that war brings death, while any strife brings instability and economic recession in society. The crowd listens and harks to illusions, catching the ideas which activate the Animal Nature and by and large come from the programs and purposes of the Animal Mind Will.

Imagine the Archons telling each sensible person on the planet individually that he or she should go to war with his or her brother so that the Archons could live well. Where would each person send them? That’s right, to a certain well-known address. What intelligent person would want to destroy peace and rest of his family, relatives and friends? What is war for most people? It is death, destruction, and grief. Yet, what is a provoked war among peoples for the Archons? It is not so much a method of quick enrichment as a political game and creation of conditions for greater control, expansion and assertion of their power over the population of the countries at war. After all, during the war the warring states not only deplete their resources. When the war is over, the survivors still live in fear, and the countries are politically and economically dependent on “the mighty of this world”. People on both sides continue to be afraid of each other and feel hatred even towards new generations born after the war. In other words, the masses live in the constant fear of a threat of a new war. Hence, any war is a way to divide, break up the society, a method to intimidate peoples. It is not people who want war, but politicians and priests. It is not one country that attacks another one, but a bunch of politicians and priests who play their game at the expense of lives of millions of ordinary people. However, if friendship flourishes among peoples and people themselves actively contribute to it, the process of unification of the entire world community will begin. Together people will be able to prevent any war, since all the conflicts in the modern world take place first at the level of information, i.e. first and foremost in the heads of people and the world community, and only thereafter the conflicts start and get implemented with the community’s hands. First comes information, choice and change of consciousness, and then action follows from all this.

People should not only understand this, but to the best of their ability actively oppose the launch of any war, especially at the stage of preparation of public opinion in the Internet and mass media. Otherwise, the Archons will continue using the effect of “infecting” the crowd through the army of their politicians and priests, playing public performances, intimidating billions of TV viewers and enslaving their minds in fear and obedience to the material system.”


“… It refers to the Latin word elector, meaning ‘the one who chooses’. Thus, politicians oppose each other only in public, but when their speeches are over they all go together, roughly speaking, to take a steam bath, because for the most part these are the games of the same people – the Archons. Their puppets only produce the show of active measures and protection of people’s interests. However, in reality they just keep masses of people with different views under control for the Archons. When certain sects, parties or movements die out and discredit themselves in opinion of the society, they will establish new ones, they will preach new views, but the Archons’ striving for the absolute power will remain the same.”

 тайные хозяева




Unlike ordinary people who live by a short moment, the Archons plan their activities centuries in advance. This is not because these people live a long time, not at all! They live an ordinary earthly human life, but the goals and tasks of their organisation are long-term. Below there is a sample description of events which we can already observe taking place in the world:

“... Third, and most important, they are going to finance and arrange several wars, needless to anyone, with some Third World countries, but with involvement of the USA as the ‘world policeman, fighting for democracy in the whole world’. During these wars, naturally, people will lose their lives, including American guys, who actually, not knowing all the underlying reasons of such wars, will think, dying, that at the cost of their lives they are defending democracy and interests of their country in a foreign land. People will perish; therefore, discontent among the American population will increase. Using the civil unrest, at the right moment the Archons will accuse one of their puppet-presidents of all the troubles, writing everything off to his ‘unsuccessful policy’. Simultaneously, they will try to incline their allies and people in their country to an opinion that regular wars are not effective: warfare runs into money, and such wars take longer than planned (although the Archons finance the opposing party as well), people lose their lives in them, so there is no sense in this. In other words, money and human resources are wasted, and there is no use in such warfare. Consequently, public opinion will be formed that the USA must have the right to deliver the first nuclear strike at the ‘unfair, undemocratic’ countries that in no way fit into the Archons’ policy. An opinion will sink into people’s heads that Americans as a ‘free nation’ and ‘world power’ must have the right to deliver the first nuclear strike.” (Read more here.)

“… Perhaps, now I will tell you something that will be known to millions of people soon. I’ll tell you about secret plans of the Archons, so that it won’t be ‘boring’ for them to work afterwards... So, the Archons plan global wars by generations, and according to their estimations this generation is to witness the 3rd World War. The Archons plan three dates for the beginning of the global war, depending on the geopolitical situation as well as on the level of the population preparedness to such events. The first date is 23 December 2012, which is already indirectly promoted all over the world as a possible doomsday. The second date is the year 2017, and the third is 2025. These are the major dates they orient themselves to and base their estimations on, although there surely may be changes like in any plan... In principle, their preparation for these events may be easily seen and tracked...”





How many chiefs, emperors, kings, princes, presidents, and other rulers were there in the world in the history of humanity? Many, I can say. As history indicates, in most cases their destiny was typical and dismal. As a rule, they came to power via conquest, insidious or coercive seizure and left power usually through premature death caused by the hands of aspirants to their title, of other conquerors or their own subjects. Hence, within the framework of our topic a reasonable question arises: how can one achieve absolute power on the planet when power in the human society is so changeable and transitory? The answer is single: such power should be real and never depend on people’s views and moods. So, how can it be achieved? The example of the Archons’ activities makes the answer quite clear. Those in power have made themselves independent of people’s moods and preferences via establishment of secret societies where chiefs, emperors, party leaders, heads of states, etc. are nurtured. Through the secret societies the continuity of power is ensured. Under such circumstances, no matter who wins or loses in a certain event, the organisers are always the gainers and preserve their power over the secret societies. Since such societies are indeed secret and their activities are concealed from the masses in every way possible, humanity knows nothing about them and thus is unable to change the situation. The masses are satisfied with a legend imposed by the Archons that the “imperfect human nature” begets tyrants, wars and struggle for power.

The books by A. Novykh contain comprehensive information about the existence, establishment and functioning of such secret societies:


“… I wonder what kind of secret societies are those?” Volodya wondered.

“In different times they were known under different names. For example, one of the first powerful circles of the Archons was known since ancient times as Freemasons. Many branches originate from this trunk. There are the so-called Brotherhood of the Snake, Brotherhood of the Dragon, Illuminati, Masons, and other secret societies. Historians still try to figure out which one originated from where, but they get further more confused. Why? Because the goal of the Archons is to mix up and confuse everything so that nobody would be able to find out and get to the roots of the true essence of all such secret societies. At that, their essence is simple. The uppermost majority of secret societies are only pawns in the Archons’ hands, intended for Ariman’s manipulations.

Ariman simply plays on human weaknesses. One of such weaknesses is people’s subconscious inclination to secrets. This way, not only a person’s spiritual impulse and desire to break the chains of reincarnation via secret knowledge is touched, but most often one’s primitive egoistic ambitions to possess such knowledge for the sake of power over other people. For this very reason, the overwhelming majority of secret societies flourish under the Archons. Moreover, taking into account that people want not just to possess secret knowledge, but to create their own “empire” around them, we see that today practically the whole world is ruled by the secret world government – the Archons.”



“… What do people know about Ariman? Mostly, due to activities of the Archons, they are given the information corresponding to the level of a six-years-old child, something like, “Satan is a bad awful monster, with horns and hooves, who will drag you to his dark kingdom and boil you in a pot with pitch, if you don’t obey us and do everything we tell you.” By the way, not only in religion, but in politics as well, the Archons use the same technique of information presentation to the majority of people throughout the world. This happens so because serious information, especially political one, isn’t apprehended by most people. It leads to a paradox: each individual considers oneself to be smart and reasonable, but most of them understand serious information only at the primitive level of explanation typical for a little kid. It was so in ancient times, and it is so now. That’s why the Archons always used and still use this, appointing their people as interpreters…

For you to better understand it, I will tell you in detail about the structure of the current pyramid of the Archons. So, under the control of Ariman (who in very narrow circles is called the All-Seeing Eye, and in wider circles is perceived more abstractly as the ‘leading spirit’ or the Eye of Lucifer) there are twelve Archons. This closed ‘priestly circle’ forms together the Council of 13, six members of which are empowered also as priestly ‘Judges’ headed by Ariman. This is basically the main core of the Archons. Then, under the Archons’ control there is the Council of 33 where the highest ranks of Freemasons are represented, who have wide spheres of influence in world politics, economy and church matters. The Freemasons in their turn compose the elite of the Committee of 300.

I would like to emphasize that at first this committee, founded in 1729 by the organization called the British East India Company, was intended for various commercial enterprises, in order to support opium trade and provide transactions with international banks. It was managed through the British Crown. However, when Freemasons brought it under their complete control the situation changed considerably. Today the Committee of 300 includes more than three hundred members, including the most influential representatives of western countries. It includes a major part of the world banking system.

Next, there are numerous other secret organizations which compose each other like onion leaves. These ‘leaves’ basically go from a certain group of people who at once create several different branches which they join themselves. The Archons find it comfortable that one and the same influential person of theirs, apart from the fact that he owns some big international companies or corporations or holds an influential post at the international level, is a member of several secret societies at once, where he covertly controls its members and at the same time provides a link to other branches of this unified system.”




Now we have come, so to say, to the final part of our article and the main question that has interested people at all times: what should be done? The very first answer to this question is – don’t panic, since there are no hopeless situations. The first and most important thing in any affair is to know real circumstances and understand what happens around. As they say in medicine, “correct diagnosis is a half of successful treatment”. After all, the Archons are strong owing to the secrecy of their actions, while we already know and understand what takes place and in which way. Speaking in medical language again, correct treatment should now be applied, and there is such a treatment available. At that, taking into consideration the accuracy with which contemporary humanity has been diagnosed in Anastasia Novykh’s books, we can make no doubts about the methods of “treatment”: 


“… Slavic mentality is the most fearful for them. It is no joke if Slavic generosity of soul will touch the minds of other peoples and really awaken their souls put to sleep by sweet stories and promises of the Archons. The world of the Archons is built upon egotism and the Animal Nature. They control the whole world by means of money. This means that the empire of Ego created by the Archons, where the chief god for people is money, will be destroyed! Hence, their personal power will be ruined over those countries and peoples that will turn to their spiritual sources not in words, but in deeds. Does this mean the story of Imhotep will be repeated, but now on the scale of more than one country? For the Archons such a situation is much worse than death!”



“… The Archons are making a mess?” Sensei chuckled. “Let me explain once again: those Archons are a pitiable handful of people compared to the whole humanity! If people spit on them, they would sink in that spittle. The Archons only plan, while it is up to us, people, to decide whether to agree with their choice or to stand up for our own. After all, people’s collective choice depends entirely on a personal choice of every individual based on internal outweigh of either spiritual desires or animal delusion. Why do the Archons drive us on wars, revolutions, international discords, and we go like a flock of sheep and kill ones of our kind, not even thinking about the consequences? Because the Archons are interested in shaping people incapable of independent thinking, search of regular occurrences, and action. They are interested in slaves who can be manipulated through mass media and suggested the Archons’ standards to them: how to look, how to act and think, which political and life guidelines to adhere to. They hold people in permanent fear of poverty, famine, material deprivations, fear for their own life and health. A person starts to believe that such is real life, and such is his or her destiny.

Nothing of the kind! A human being is always free in his or her personal choice! All fears are begotten by the Animal Nature, due to its total fear of death. Yet, any matter is mortal – this is the law. However, a human being is great because he or she is neither a mere piece of matter nor a slave. A colossal spiritual force is hidden in him or her, capable of transforming him or her into a Real Human, in a being much higher than this material world. Freeing oneself from falsehood, a person gets rid of stupidity. Getting to know the Truth, a person becomes stronger and smarter. The more clever and spiritually free people are in the world, the harder it will be for the Archons to implement their plans, and the weaker their influence on people will be. At that, if everyone knows the Truth and people make their right choice, there will be nobody for the Archons to dictate their terms to. In reality they are empty spaces. There are only a miserable handful of them. The decision is in people’s hands whether to give in to the Archons’ provocations and bring the planet to a global war or to throw down the Archons’ authority and create the golden age of this civilization. The future of the world is in people’s hands. Everything is very simple. You need to be the one whom the Archons fear. You need to be a Human!”



“… People should not only understand this, but to the best of their ability actively oppose the launch of any war, especially at the stage of preparation of public opinion in the Internet and mass media. Otherwise, the Archons will continue using the effect of “infecting” the crowd through the army of their politicians and priests, playing public performances, intimidating billions of TV viewers and enslaving their minds in fear and obedience to the material system.

If the activity of the world community is awakened in the matters of self-government, if the very process of governance and any of its information is made open, and if such tool of the Archons as politics and priesthood is eliminated as world systems through which they influence the masses, then much in the life of society can qualitatively change. The Archons are just a small pitiful bunch compared to the entire mankind, and they live with deception alone that cannot last forever, like everything mortal. For the one who has once betrayed himself and his spiritual nature, the Truth seems stinking. He lives, deceiving others, and basically deceiving himself. The reason of falsehood is not in a word, but in one’s desire to deceive one’s nature.”



“… If previously a person, being in a physical crowd and understanding the entire absurdity of actions made by it, practically could do little to change the situation, now every active person is given such an opportunity. In other words, owing to Internet technologies, even one Person in the field is already a Warrior, since he or she alone conveys the spiritual Truth to many people. Everyone gets an opportunity to reproduce information, quickly transmit and replicate it. Everyone who has received such information is given the right to make his or her own conscious choice: to continue serving the destructive Will of the Animal Mind or to materialize the generative Will of the Spiritual World.”


“… Now unique conditions have formed, under which mankind can use its chance and turn over the monad towards spiritual evolution of the civilization. Humanity can create an entirely new social world order, using the tools of the Animal Mind’s informational influence over people in the purposes and direction opposite to it – the development of humanity along a spiritual and constructive channel. Personal contribution of each person to the common affair of spiritual and moral transformation of society is very important. It may be said that every, even the most seemingly simple and “small” thing done for the purpose of disseminating the Truth, in the end, one way or another affects the global situation in society and forms its future. Like the sea is formed of many streams and rivers, so the global creative information field is formed of thoughts and actions of many people who have apprehended the Truth and become its active conductors. If a person, possessing all this information, wishes to disseminate it, it is necessary for him or her: 1) to provide people with the entire scope of Knowledge outlined in these books, as well as to endeavour to disseminate it to the maximum number of people across the planet; 2) to contribute to the processes of unification of people on the basis of this information, which will invariably entail a change in behaviour and attitudes, and formation of new values and spiritual self-education of the community. Provided that these tasks are implemented, it is inevitable that a self-sufficient world society will be formed, capable of organizing itself, solving important issues, and implementing the decisions taken. Active communication of its every participant will only strengthen, support and expand the impact of this information, convey a certain emotional and psychological tone to other people, inspire them with an example of behaviour, the general idea and actions. Generally speaking, there is nothing difficult here. The main point is to convey information to people in its pure form, be an active participant of the process of formation of a new society, and constantly improve oneself.”


There are very many good and honest people. Moreover, all people are such by their internal spiritual nature. We are totally able to change the situation in the world. It is important for everyone to know and understand what is taking place, to make conscious choices in one’s life, and not to let oneself being manipulated. One should be interested in the life of the global community as a whole and do one’s best to contribute to friendship and unity between all people, based on moral and ethical values. We should not allow egoistic ambitions of a small group of people to divide us and cause between us clashes and conflicts beneficial for the Archons only. We should live according to our conscience, since our thoughts, deeds and choices form the reality around. Peace and prosperity on the planet is everyone’s business, and everyone should start, first and foremost, with oneself. Let’s recall nice words written by monk Vitaly in 1905 on sacred Mount Athos:

“… That time is coming soon,
and the road to eternity is approaching…
Remember the lesson of wisdom:
learn yourself, and you will learn God…”


позная самого себя


Prepared by Vasily Gavrilov (Poltava, Ukraine)

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